Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Winners and our Spring Garden!

                                                                Hello everyone,
          Well, it is now time to announce the winners of my book "Aiken House & Gardens" as we have drawn 2 names out of the hat as promised! The winners are Julie at Julie's Little House and D.Stewart (no blog) - congratulations! As soon as I get your full mailing addresses I will drop them in the mail for each of you and I hope you will enjoy. Thank you to all of you who left such nice comments, I only wish I could give one to all 204 of you!
   Above is a spring bouquet sitting on the kitchen windowsill at Twine Cottage, our little home away from home in England last week.

             The last two weeks made a big difference in our garden as there are hundreds of daffodils and tulips etc. blooming now. This is our hillside garden bursting with the cheerful colours of spring.

             The island stone steps that my husband built are covered in moss now.I planted the new red tulips last fall but I thought they were much shorter so it isn't the look I had in mind but pretty none the less!
 This afternoon was sunny here so I went out and took a few shots of the garden after supper before going to our granddaughter's dance rehearsal.I am amazed at all that is blooming now -we had a few hot days while we were away and that is all it takes to make the garden pop!

Congratulations once again to Julie and D.Stewart.

Take care,


mariondee-designs said...

I love all the daffodils and I think the tulips look lovely! I have just purchased 200 daffodil bulbs to plant in drifts (it's Autumn here) and can't wait to see them grow. Hopefully they will look as good and as natural as yours! take care, Maryann

Down Blueberry Lane said...

Your spring flowers are very very pretty. You have some unique ones. In your collage, there are dark purple ones that hang down. They remind me of a Chinese lantern. What are they called?? -Susie

Michele said...

Congrats to the two winners, yay!

Can't wait till my ordered book arrives! And one day - hopefully not too far off- I can meet you in person to sign it for me!

Your spring blooms are amazing!

My daffs didn't last but a few days, we had ugly weather as soon as they bloomed, but my tulips lasted longer than normal - usually the deer eat them. Weird.

I have overgrown of creeping evergreen ground cover that encrouched on my bulbs and needs to be cut way back.

I think we're going to completely redo the front garden/s.

Bernideen said...

Your spring garden is such a feast for the eyes! I will be ordering a book too ASAP. I know it is wonderful.

Unknown said...

OMG I won I won I won!!! I never win anything. I am so excited. Carolyn - your house and garden are the best. I love following your blog and Pinterest. So so beautiful and you live in one of my favourite places. PEI is heaven. My cousins own a hotel in the province. I would love to get out there again. It's on my bucket (or retired) list of things to do. J

Linda said...

WoWzers, Carolyn! What a beauty you have created. It never ceases to amaze me what you can do with those emerald thumbs! I can see your wonderful Dutch heritage shining through in your and Andrew's magnificent garden. LOVE the daffys and tulips. Such cheer abundant everywhere! And, hats off to Andrew for those awesome stone steps. The moss covering is perfect. That would make a nice subject for a painting. Oh, Heather.....
Love and Hugs,
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Heirloom treasures said...

Your home and garden is breathtaking. I love to see all your pretties. I also love wide windowsills with flowers,like in the little cottage. So pretty. :)

(h)ausblick-(m)einblick said...

Dear Carolyn!
Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures and your great giveaway! Congratulations to the winners!
Have a nice week in the garden!

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Carolyn, congratulations to the winners of your book. I'm know they will positively adore it, as I do. I received my copy already and am enjoying it so much. Your garden is looking more beautiful, what a nice surprise to come home to..Happy Wednesday..Judy

Raffaella said...

Dear Carolyn... long time to hear you... sorry but I'm not on web so often in this period... too busy!
I didn't know about your new book... It's wonderful! I have just bought it on Magcloud!.. It will be here in Italy in about three weeks... I can't wait... ^___^

Chubby Chieque said...

Hello Maam Carolyn,
Wow! your garden is really inviting us for a tour.

I love every inch of your garden. How I wish GH change his mind dealing with our backyard. I want and die for flower bed while he want to have a flat green grass with flowers in the side. I could struggle him LoL* but I just keep quiet to create arguments but he knows am drooling like yours.

Hope you have an enjoyable Spring/Summer 2013.

God Bless.
/CC girl from D´BoX

Hélène Flont , french illustrator said...

in your garden, more than elsewhere, the spring seems even more wonderful. Love the waving formed by the multitude of flowers . ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

Pamela Gordon said...

Congratulations to the winners of your beautiful book. Those beautiful, sunny, warm days sure made things grow and pop and I wish they would return. Your spring flowers are gorgeous. Enjoy the weekend! Pam

Katy Noelle said...

I'm back from my wanderings, this past month, and so, it appears, are you!! =) England??? Oh, lucky!! =)

I cannot believe that you are only still in daffodil days (I thought that you would be ahead of us) but I am happy for you, too. We don't want to rush spring, now, do we? =) And it's beautiful, Carolyn!!!

As I've been rolling up my sleeves to start work on the garden, you've been encouraging me! I think of your beautiful and lush garden and am genuinely heartened when I think of how your 'Rome' wasn't built in a day! It gives me the pip to dig in, once again!

Thank you! =)


Katy Noelle said...
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Beth said...

Your hillside garden is just beautiful, Carolyn. I really like the stone steps too. Spring has arrived on the island!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Spring bulbs just look so much nicer en masse which you are able to achieve on your hillside garden.
Spring has arrived here too and it's so nice to be out in the garden.
Congratulations to your winners, I know they will enjoy your book as much as I have.

Joy said...

Your garden is beautiful. Spring bulbs are some of my very favorite things. Congratulations to the winners!

Alessandra said...

Congratulations on the winner!!! Very lucky! Your spring garden is amazing!

Madelief said...

Welcome back Carolyn! Happy to hear you had such a good time in England. I enjoyed your photo's from The Cotswold's. Lots of the villages you and Andrew visited look familiar :-). So good to see them again. They bring back lots of happy memories.

Your spring garden looks enchanting. All those bulbs....breathtakingly beautiful. Your Japanese guests will love it!

Enjoy your time in the garden! It's too wet in Rotterdam at the moment to do any work.

Madelief x

Janice said...

Hi Carolyn,
What a lovely sight for you to come home to. I'm very happy for the winners of your beautiful book and am excited about getting my copy on May 25th at Lorie's.
Happy Gardening1
xo Janice

Elzie said...

So beautiful with all the spring flowers.
Sorry I wasn't one of the winners, but congrats to you that got this book. Will it be possible to buy it in Sweden?
Have a nice day.
Love Elzie

janice15 said...

Congratulations to the winners! ... Lovely photos with love Janice

One Shabby Old House said...

Oh my that is just breathtaking and I love the moss covered steps.

D Stewart said...

Dear Carolyn,

I am so excited about winning one of your books - however, I do not know how to send my home address to you here in West Virginia. Please send an e-mail to: and I will send you my home address.

You have such great creativity, and I really admire it!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

D. Stewart

Carolyn said...

Hi D.Stewart,
Congratulations! I will send it off to you today.

Yes, Elzie you can buy the book in Sweden through Magcloud.Just click on the book photo at the top of the right side on my blog and it will take you to the site to order.
Thank you for your interest!


Unknown said...

Hello Carolyn, I'm a little bit sad that I'm not a winner of your lovely new book, but I hope it will be published in Germany some day.
Olga from