Saturday, April 27, 2013

Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend!
I hope you are enjoying your weekend-it is a pretty cold one here for this time of year but warm sunny days are expected for this week.

                 While it is warm and cosy indoors it was pretty frosty out a few nights lately. I love to go out early on frosty mornings to take a few shots around our pond to capture the reflection.

The first daffodils of the season from our garden with hundreds more to come!
             We have a couple of Canada geese and a pair of ducks that come and go from our pond.
                                                   I did say it was cold and frosty!

I have some very exciting news to share in the next day or two along with my very first giveaway so I hope you will come back to check it out.

                                                Wishing you a cheery warm weekend!



Unknown said...

Buongiorno Carolyn ti seguo sempre,anche se non commento spesso!!
Le foto che ci mostri regalano sempre grandi emozioni!!
Buona domenica piena di Pace e Serenità!!
Un abbraccio!!

Marikki said...

Dear Carolyn,

What a AMAZING outside photos!!!♥
I really love them:)
I wish you sweet sunday, my friend there far away:)

Edith DUTERTRE said...

des couleurs toniques
chez nous aussi en Normandie (France
les jonquilles et les tulipes sont

mais cela reste bien frais
un printemps très timide
à très bientôt
edith (iris)

Ruthie Miller said...

Dear Carolyn,
Those frosty pictures are truly amazing.
Looking forward to your exciting news.
Happy Sunday, Ruthie from:

Pamela Gordon said...

Hi Carolyn, your photos of the pond with the frost and steam are gorgeous! It looks like a beautiful week ahead for the Maritimes. Your tulips and daffodils are so pretty. I can't wait to hear about your news and giveaway. Enjoy the beautiful days ahead. Blessings, Pam

podso said...

Your photos really give me a sense of being right there with you. I can almost feel the chill. I know your gardens will be flourishing soon! Lovely vignette.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Hello Carolyn
Our full size daffodils are not open yet so you must be ahead of us weather wise. The frosty photos of your pond are stunning and mysterious looking. I'll bet you never regret putting it in.
I'm looking forward to your news, something well deserved I'm thinking.
Judith said...

Hi Carolyn,Wow, love the frosty morning photographs. Most of our daffodils are finished here, waiting for the tulips and bluebells to flower!!

We are still having changeable weather here. Yesterday we had hailstones and then a beautiful rainbow in the sky. I missed taking photographs as I was at a friends with my grandson.

Hope you have had a good weekend? Love Jackie in Surrey, UK.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Gorgeous pictures, as always, Carolyn! I love the orange tulips with that teacup that matches.

Angela said...

Goodness!! It does looks cold!
You got some truly beautiful photos! They are breathtaking!

Sanna - My Blueberry House said...

Hi Carolyn,

I love your cold and foggy photos. Very beautiful! I think they look magical and mysterious too.

Hope you have had a lovely weekend. Can´t wait to find out what the exciting news is!


Egretta Wells blog said...

Ditto on your amazing photos, Carolyn. An enjoyable blog!

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

Oh dear Carolyn, your pictures are amazing! I love your use of colour - your vignettes, the flowers and glassware....but the frosty morn pics are beyond description - wow.

I am so excited and can't wait for your news - can imagine it is pretty spectacular....hope you finally decided to publish a BOOK......????

: - )

I'll buy the first copy for sure, but how on earth you would ever decide which beautiful picture to put in it would be much too difficult.

Have a happy week.

Consider yourself hugged.

Susan said...

oOOOOOOO, pretty, pretty photos, Carolyn.

I hope the good news is about a book you are writing, along with your photos! Susan

A Garden of Threads said...

Hi Carolyn, The house reflected in the pond is a stunning image, but my favs are the mist rising off the pond. Keep warm, warmer temperatures are on their way:)

Lorrie said...

Lovely photos, Carolyn, both the chilly ones and the bright ones. So wonderful to see spring popping out all over the place.

Heaven's Walk said...

Spring has been slow to arrive this year, hasn't it, Carolyn? So different than last year. lol The photos of your pond with the fog rising is just ethereal. So beautiful!

xoxo laurie

Christine @ Rustic-Refined said...

Stunning photos...simply stunning. Love them, you did a great job and your yard is gorgeous!

A Romantic Porch said...

Oh your photos are so beautiful. I love the daffodils in the blue vases. How did you get the daffodils to stand perfectly upright in them? I couldn't figure that out!
xo rachel

Nonni said...

I never miss a day (or evening) without checking in to see what artistry you have imagined for all of us over the past two years....I especially love the mix of afternoon tea and food with your outside and inside gardens flowers. I used to live in Alaska so I can really appreciate your wonderful sun room. The vintage furniture is soo comforting to look at! Anxious to see what you have in store for the boat house...(smiley face)!(Gosh, I'd love to win your new book.) Did I mention how much I enjoy the way you bring a friendliness to your picture stories? Like I was sitting right there sipping a lovely cup of tea and eating a biscuit right along with you. Enchanting!

Patti Wagner said...

This is such a lovely site. Thank you for taking me back to a simpler life in my dreams.

Mamarazzi Rosanne said...

Oh my GOODNESS...I've just discovered your incredibly beautiful blog! It blessing me already <3 Thank you for your inspiration <3