Monday, April 8, 2013

Going Vintage Style

                                                                Hello everyone,
                              I hope you had a nice Spring weekend. I have enjoyed seeing our garden slowly starting to wake up. I love taking a little stroll around to see what is popping up as each day brings new growth.
      Last week I did a little photo shoot on "Going Vintage". I found this old suitcase up in our attic awhile ago that I had forgotten was there. I gave it a coat of white paint for starters but I would like to reline the interior of it someday.A vintage crinoline,hand crochet linens and tulips complete this picture.
                                     Image you are living at Downton Abbey and going by train to London for a few days. The antique tea dress hanging on the hanger is from the 1920's so we better pack it for an afternoon tea in Auntie's garden.

                                                         Close up of the delicate details.

                                  The dress below and the camisole above both came from Time Worn Treasures and Antiques one of my favorite shops in town.
                         Just so you know it even came in my size so now I am all set for a Downton Abbey Tea - I am hoping to do a fundraiser Downton Abbey Tea in our garden this summer. I will keep you posted later on the details for any of you who may be interested in attending.

                 Well, I had fun going away in Vintage Style-hope you did too!

                     Thank you for visiting,


Angela said...

Lovely antigue clothing. I am amazed of how pretty your geraniums look in the window. My is indoor but there isn't a flower on it. Thanks for sharing.

Victorian1885 said...

Beautiful Romantic post Carolyn! I can't get enough of Downton Abbey and you did an excellent job sharing your version with all of us.
Have a great week.


Amy Jo said...

I love your dress!! That is simply lovely. How wonderful that it came in your size... I also love the suit case. I have a few I have been debating on painting.

Amy Jo

Marikki said...

Dear Carolyn,

Thank you so much for your lovely comment and being my reader.

I wish you happy week!

Hugs, Marikki

janice15 said...

Very lovely Post..I love the vintage dress, it's very romantic and dreamy..Have a great Monday with love Janice

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

So, so very pretty! How wonderfully petite you are! Everything looks wonderful together. The dainty clothes are gorgeous. And of course I love that suitcase! Your garden party will be wonderful!

Siret said...

Dear Carolyn,
your wonderful photos are like a journey in another time! The dress is a dream!
I love Downton Abbey, too. We just watch the series on dvd. It is so nice to find these impressions on your blog.
Thank you for this joy! - Siret

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Love, love the outfit... this is definitely my kind of dressing. My closet is filled with these kind of garments... so romantic and feminine. It's a style I can't get enough of and when I notice in your first pictures of the outfit hanging I said to myself boy would i love to wear that and their you are wearing it.... that's fabulous. The gloves is another thing I have a weakness for... in all colors. I try to wear them as much as I can... it just completes the outfit. Enjoyed all your photos very much.... and the white suitcase is lovely.


Cottage and Broome said...

A beautiful post, I love that you painted the suitcase white. What a wonderful dress too, the perfect vintage look. You would make the girls at Downton Abby proud. Wish I could attend your tea, Laura

domenica.60 said...

Dear Carolyn,
your post enchants me !
A big hug

Naturegirl said...

Very pretty and right out of a story book! Delightful and beautiful!

Bernideen said...

Can't wait to see your Downton Abbey Tea!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

What a beautiful outfit, Carolyn! I think you are probably the perfect person to host a Downtown Abbey tea. : ) You've got the clothes and the tea accoutrements ~ not to mention the gorgeous background to have it in.

Susan said...

Ohhhhhhh, so delicate and feminine. Loved every photo. Susan

Mari said...

This is such a pretty post, I'm loving the dress ;) your photos are always so beautiful, hope your enjoying this beautiful spring day....


Linda said...

Ohhhh!!!!!! Carolyn!!!!! You are stunning in that dress, m'dear and it suits you to a Tea! lol When's the date of your FUNdRaiser, maybe I can make the trip. You never know! It's going to be amazing, I just know it. Your shoes are the sweetest...I'd love to walk in those. :-)))
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Stephanie Ruby Feldman said...

Thank you for a lovely visual escape from my stress filled day! Always enjoy my visit here!

Pamela Gordon said...

Everything looks so beautiful Carolyn. I love your vintage dress. A Downton Abbey tea sounds so wonderful especially in your gardens. Pamela

Maple said...

I hadn't seen this blog before our visit today. Carolyn it is just so beautiful on you. Thanks for the lovely afternoon and tasty scones. Your Andrew is so handsome and so handy.

The Zeigler Homestead said...

It's been awhile since I've visited. Love this post. So pretty and romantic. Your pictures always make me sigh... :) -Susie-

Gee Singh Newbanks said...

What pretty things. Luv you attire... and the suitcase. I'd like to come to tea, if only I lived near. We are as far as we can almost get from each other on the continent. You in PIE, me in North central Florida.
Will look forward to the beautiful pictures you will take.
Hugs, Gee

Gee Singh Newbanks said...

ooppss. PEI. .. sorry

Szara Sowa said...

Lovly dress. So sweet details.

Bella said...

Hi Carolyn,
Well you are going vintage style IN STYLE!! Lovely!! The vintage clothing is stunning, how fabulous to be able to wear it! A Downton Abbey Tea, I can't wait to see!!

Alessandra said...

Everything is such lovely! The vintage dress is gorgeous.

Elzie said...

I would love to be able to attend that Downtown Abbey thing but I guess it's a bit to far away, lol.
Beautiful things you show. Just love the lace on everything.
Hope you have a nice day.
Love Elzie

Cindy said...

Beautiful photos and Carolyn you look very lovely in the sweet vintage dress.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Carolyn,
I love your little white suitcase and all the lacy things. You look lovely dressed in your pretty frock! Still a little camera shy though, eh? ;) A Downton Abbey Tea in your garden sounds delightful.


Maggie Ann said...

What sweet and lovely things....the Downton Abbey tea sounds like a treat!

Jackie Manning said...

Morning Carolyn

A lovely post, will you be visiting Highclere Castle ( Downton Abbey) when you are in the UK? I would love to wear all that lovely lace but I think you have to be very slim, and for me that was a long time ago!!
Still quite dull weather here although Sunday was a bit better. Forecast for next week is the temperature will be rising, about time too! ;-))

I love afternoon tea in our lovely hotels we have here, been to the Ritz three times and the Savoy once.

Love Jackie in Surrey, UK.

Carol said...

Dear Carolyn, I am always so enchanted when visiting your charming world so aware of fine detail and beauty.
I am also impressed that you can fit into these vintage dresses! As always exquisite photographs. Happy Spring! I agree it is so much fun to walk about our gardens hearing all the returning songbirds and seeing all the little shoots of green struggling through the crusty earth.

Carol said...

Dear Carolyn, I am always so enchanted when visiting your charming world so aware of fine detail and beauty.
I am also impressed that you can fit into these vintage dresses! As always exquisite photographs. Happy Spring! I agree it is so much fun to walk about our gardens hearing all the returning songbirds and seeing all the little shoots of green struggling through the crusty earth.

Lavender Cottage said...

Hello Carolyn
You are lucky to have a shop close enough that sells nice vintage clothing. I think a Downton Abbey themed tea will be very popular.

Jonell said...

Carolyn You always inspire me ! Wishing I had a room I could transform awhite room/.

Like Gramma's House

iris said...

que de tendresse dans ce billet
du romantisme , de l' élégance
un autre siècle ou il faisait
bon vivre
j'adore le feuilleton
Downton Abbey
je l'attend avec impatience en version Française
tendresse edith(iris)France

angie said...

looooove your beautiful pics!!! angie

Sara Jones said...

Everything from the entry doors to the beautiful beds. I adore this. What a cute place, I want to see more and more please!!