Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Favorite Color Combinations in the Garden

                                                              Hello everyone,

                                 It is staying cold here but things are slowly popping up in the garden. April is probably my least favorite month here on the Island as far as beauty goes. It is usually a month of brown  mud and patches of dirty snow and barren trees~ not a month I would recommend to come and visit our dear little Island! However, the good part is there is the promise of good things starting to happen in the garden and  more heat in the sun along with longer days and the return of lots of birds to the garden.So, I think I already mentioned that I am a little staved for color lately. In light of that,I have gone through some of my garden photos looking for some favorite color combinations.
                              It will probably be obvious that purples,whites and shades of pink are one of my favorite color combo's.
                                Oophs! not really a color combo but one of my favorite colors and plants a deep rosy pink peony.
                                          Roses, monkshood,mockorange and hydrangea.
                                 I love the tall stately beauty of delphiniums in all the colors but I think this is my favorite with the beautiful purple clematis in the background.
                                                Roses and clematis are a perfect pair.
                            Love these colors together also. This poppy is so beautiful with the veronica and peony in the background.
                                   This wine red rose with the pink rose look very pretty together.
                                                  What could be sweeter then a mauve bellflower(pitchard's variety) and the delphiniums in the background.
                                               I even enjoy some yellow(preferably pale) in the garden with the blues and purples.
                                                    I think this is one of my very favorite combo's.

                  In August we have lots of varieties of phlox but soft mauve with purple is very pretty.
                                Love the combination of light pink and rose geraniums in planters or window boxes.
                                      Even enjoy this splash of color in the late August hillside garden.
                              In spring I am just happy to see any color and the brighter and bolder the better!

                  Although I am not so much a fan of bright yellows and oranges in our summer garden-I do love this combo in spring and can't wait to see it again!
  The last couple of years we headed south for a couple of weeks in April but alas not this year so I will just have to be patient for awhile(please,let it be soon) and know that all this color is just ahead for us. In the mean time I have lots of projects to keep me busy-what about you ,is your garden already blooming or are you like me and longing for it's return?

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Olá Carolyn,

Fico encantada com as cores do seu jardim, e adoro acompanhar com você as cores da primavera. Adorei ver o coração verde na sua última publicação. Fico feliz em saber que você aprecia meus trabalhos manuais.

Desfrute de seus dias.


June said...

I love these too Carolyn. I would love for my beds to look as full and gorgeous as yours. I really love your color and depth in them. I have learned so much from you my friend.
sending hugs...

sweetbay said...


Bernideen said...

You have refreshed our memory with your beautiful flowers! The colors are wonderful!

Sodo Stilius said...

Beautiful combinations, colors, blooms and foto.

Janneke said...

Oh, I am so longing to vivid spring colours and a bit of warmth. We have an extremely cold March and beginning of April this year. So as at your place, grey, muddy, bare branches and cold at the moment.
I love your colourcombinations for summer, I am a Delphinium lover and have many of them together with roses. Your garden looks beautiful!!!

Katy Noelle said...

Oh, goodness, golly, Carolyn! GREEN AND GROWING - sigh! It's just beautiful - a sight for sore eyes, eh?

Most of the snow is gone - although, across the street in the shade of the woods, there are still large patches. The birds are singing away every morning and certain things are starting to green up in the garden. Even the grass has a definite green tinge about it.

Now, if we had seen this in the autumn, we would have thought 'YECH!' Am I right? ;) But, right now, it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! =D

You gave me a thrill of hope with your images - particularly the one with the clematis climbing up around your windows. We have those two beautiful bay windows and I dug a bit of garden (In December, no less - weird as weird can be!) alongside the windows and put in three clematis. I really hope one of them, at least, has survived! Is it beautiful from the inside - to see them around the window?

Well, you always remind me what I'm aiming for!!! =)


Anonymous said...

very beautiful & vibrant colors =)

Carolyn said...

Hi Katy Noelle,
You will love the clematis around your bay window from inside and out. Last summer we had a little yellow finch nest in one and it was so entertaining to watch all the coming and goings!
Thanks for visiting,

Alessandra said...

Oh my God! Your garden is rich of gorgeous flowers. I love them and their combinations of colors...really amazing!

Madelief said...

Stunning photographs of your garden Carolyn. A delight to look at! It's still cold in Holland as well. We even had some snow today! I was in the garden Sunday and it made me happy to see all the green shoots appear. When the sun comes through at last, it will probably grow fast. Can't wait!!!

Have a lovely day!

Madelief x

Beth said...

Your garden pics are stunning, Carolyn! I especially like the deep purple lupine. Lupine is a favorite of mine. My favorite colors in the garden are pink and purple. I don't have a lot of yellows/reds/oranges, other than the daffodils that will be such a welcome sight soon.
Blessings, Beth

Janice said...

Just Beautiful - Your favorites are my favorites - I just want mine to look like yours.
Thanks for sharing the beauty.

Kathy A Delightsome Life said...

I can tell for you gardening is a passion - there are so many beautiful flowers that God has created - seeing them in their glory is such a blessing - I can't wait to see these colors in the seasons to come! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

Fishtail Cottage said...

Wanted to come by to say’s so very exciting to see garden posts again, winter has lasted way too long! Just wanted to let you know Fishtail Cottage’s Garden Party will be starting up again in May (Thursday May 2nd) Would love to have you come over and link up again and again! Hope you have a great weekend! xoxo, tracie

Lori said...

Carolyn, any gardening helpful hints with regards to flowers? Would love to know if you've any special tips. Thank you, Lori

Carol Cook said...

Oh, I am using your garden as inspiration. I had planned to work in my garden EVERY day of my spring break, but a first ever bout with bursitis kept me from my garden. My husband hired the neighbor's gardener to come in and tackle the jungle and I think I can actually do some planting this week after school each day. I will be asking the nurseryman about a lot of your flower choices and whether they will survive my sandy coastal soil.

thanks for the inspiration.

Kathy A Delightsome Life said...

Hello Carolyn, I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday, I will be featuring your post in this week's party,

Katy Noelle said...

I just love this post, Carolyn!! (Do you know which one it is, I hope? It's from over a month ago.) This past month, our family took a vacation back to my home in California - I sang a large solo in a concert (orchestra and all) - and had two photos in an art show. I feel like I've been around the world and back - these things were so engrossing, I felt, actually, gobbled up for a moment, there. But, now, I'm settling back into wonderful home life!! When we left for CA, there was snow on the ground and, now, suddenly, it's tulip time!!

So, I'm rambling on but, what I'm trying to say is... I've just enjoyed scrolling through the posts that I've missed - that white dress made me stop short and GASP! I love your redone garden chair and all the pretty images that went with it!!!!!! and breakfast in bed.... never experienced it myself, alas! ;) So many pretty things and they make me glad and they inspire me, too!!

Well!! I scrolled through and got to this post which, obviously, I've seen before but I just LOVE it and I came to comment and I'm so glad I did because I almost missed your response! And, I'm so happy to hear that my plan for the clematis will work - and the bird in the vines sounds desperately happy!! (It makes life just that extra wonderful, doesn't it?! =) ) And, I stopped, here, to comment because, just yesterday, I was looking at the clematis - all three have survived the winter wonderfully! (I was worried because they had gone dormant in their pots before I planted them. I thought that maybe the drought had done them in!) In fact, all three are thriving and covered in buds!!! Although, all three are still midgets, at the moment! ;)

So, that's the news... I need more coffee (for sure!) and, then, it's out into the garden I go!! Happy days! Hope yours is springy and wonderful, too - I truly do!! =)