Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Winter Beauty

                                                         Welcome to the New Year!

               We had a winter storm here a few days ago and so I am enjoying the beauty of winter here on Prince Edward Island. The photo above is the new 'boathouse' that my husband and son built last fall.It is still a work in progress but definitely in the homestretch. So, this is just a little peek today. We used old doors and windows that we collected over the past few years.I love the rounded windows and the old church door.
                           This is the little veranda on the front.

                              I am ready for a skating party when the weather and ice allow.

                            You can tell it is cold out there now-winter has arrived!
   My husband and I are taking the day off to go to some of our favorite haunts. I love the Christmas season but when it is past I enjoy the quietness of winter for awhile before looking forward to spring. So,while we are out and about if I see anything pretty,I will share it with you! Ha!Ha! ~ you know I can't go anywhere without my camera!!!

Enjoy your day!



Jeanne said...

Enjoy your beautiful Wednesday..

"Go out into the world today
and love the people you meet.
Let your presence bring new light
in the hearts of people."
~ Mother Teresa~

Your blog is so lovely to visit.........I always leave smiling and happy. Much Love Jeanne

Naturegirl said...

Carolyn: Your blog is like a favorite magazine which I never want to miss and issue! I get inspired, drool, sigh over each and every post. Jeanne has left you a poem and this post and your previous post surely deserves this poem from me.
~Climb, then into this paradise, this epicurism of pleasure, this pretty world of peace!~

Describes your blog to a tee!
Happy New Year may you continue to be inspired! love and light Anna

My Little Home and Garden said...

I love those rounded windows too and even your little touches, like the pinecones hanging from ribbons. Have a wonderful day, Carolyn.

erin's art and gardens said...

oh carolyn, your little boathouse is so charming and that blanket of snow is like the icing on the cake!! please send some snow my way, please.

lory said...

buon anno!!!!!! guardo le tue immagini e...sogno!!!!!!!! Lory

Sanna - My Blueberry House said...

I have to admit, I´ve been very curious about the pictures shown at the top of your sidebar for a while ;)

The boathouse is so very cute! I love every little detail of it. The blue colour on the door is so nice and the windows, I like how they mimic a roof top.

Have a great day,

Siret said...

Dear Carolyn,
at first I wish you and your family a happy and wonderful 2013!
Oh, I enjoy the quietness of winter, too! It's a good time to take a breath.
Thank you for your beautyful posts and photos, they delight so much!
All the best wishes, Siret

Marina said...

Happy New Year

Pamela Gordon said...

Beautiful! I love your boathouse and the windows and door. It is so sweet! The views from inside looking out are wonderful. Have fun out and about. It certainly is cold!!

shabby chic og lavendel said...

What can I say... Your photos are so beautiful!! And I just love your "little" gorgeous house in the garden :)

Have a great new year!

Hug from Catharina

Lady of the Woods said...

ooohhh beautiful clean snow, I miss it. So gorgeous your pictures as always and I love coming here. Thank you for sharing, and for being a part of my new White Bohemian Beauty. blessings, lady

Susan said...

Love it, Rebecca. Susan

All things nice... said...

Wow, what can I say, that house is adorable, I love it :) Looking forward to seeing more photographs. Wishing you all the best for the new year...

All things nice...

Unknown said...

Felice Anno Nuovo cara Carolyn,le tue foto mi fanno sognare,è sempre un piace vedere tante meraviglie!!
Un abbraccio!!

Linda said...

Hi Carolyn,
What lovely, lovely comments on your blog today, as always. I have to agree with every one of your dear readers. Loved the quotes...
Your men did 'some job' on your boat house m'dear! How satisfying it must that your family shares in helping to make your dreams a reality. You are one lucky woman. Lol
We all could have gotten together today as we were of like minds...Hubby and I took the day off and spent it also going to some of our favourite haunts: first for a walk in the park to say 'hello' to the swans and ducks, then to the museum to see an exhibit of 'Christmas Past' and to lunch there, then the antiques shop. We finished up at the floral studio where I scored some great deals on trims - liked I needed any more! Lol It was sunny here and the quiet beauty and pace of the day was most welcome. Hope you and Andrew enjoyed your day together as much as we loved ours...XO
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Larry said...

Love the project and the photos you've shared! Spring just wouldn't be the same if there was no snowy winter to set the stage! Larry

Shabby chic Sandy said...

The snow looks so beautiful--and I love your blue door. I am looking forward to spring too :)

Wendy@Once upon a rose haven said...

Hi Carolyn,
Your boathouse is beautiful! I love small houses, I think they are so enchanted.
Wishing you the very best for the new year!

Gilda - Sweet Sweet Home said...

Hi Carolyn ! I apologize if i have not made ​​more alive, but i was very busy with my new online store that i opened in early December. I wanted to make wishes for a fantastic 2013. You're always in my heart. kisses