Friday, January 4, 2013

My Garden Calender

     On this beautiful sunny winter morning, I am enjoying going back and looking at some of my older photos taken in our garden throughout the year. So,I have made a calender again but this time of the garden.





 I think I may have taken a little liberty with my April shot as it was actually May here as we don't get those early springs but I can always dream!

Hope you enjoyed a little walk through my garden year.

Have a wonderful weekend,



Claudia Kraeft / said...

Hello Carolyn!
Yes, I enjoyed this little walk! It is so wonderful!!!
Have a wonderful day,

Zwergenwelt said...

Hello Carolyn,
I enjoyed too the walk through your wonderful garden in every season.
Your garden ist like a dream, my favourite is the small boat house, so cute, so pretty.
Here in Germany it is only a rainy, grey heaven, no snow, no sun, ugly weather.
I watched on google earth where you live, so far away... I wish you a wonderful weekend and so much luck in the new year.
Have a nice day, cornelia

Pamela Gordon said...

I sure did enjoy your calendar. And yes, we in the Maritimes all dream of an April that looks like that! Enjoy the weekend Carolyn.

A Garden of Threads said...

I was a wonderful walk. Thank you for sharing it with us. A stunning garden, I now wish for flowers here.

Nails Beautiqued said...

Your garden looks so peaceful I can stay in it all day :)

Nehire said...

Very very nice, have a different part of autumn.
The colors were amazing, thank you for the picture frames ...

It's me said...

So nice !!...lovely

Stephanie said...

I very much enjoyed your beautiful calendar. Your pictures are always so stunning and breath-taking.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Maria Christensen said...

I LOVE it! Thank you - from Denmark

Den eksperimenterende have

Szara Sowa said...

Carolyn! Your garden is wonderfull in every season. I admire Your photos. Have a good year in Your garden!

Anonymous said...

So Butiful!

Liebe Grüße von Danny

impresja said...

Wow!! amazing!!

It's Wonderland!

janice15 said...


Bernideen said...

Hard to choose which one is the "mostest" - they are all delightful!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! January and October are my favorites! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! Wow..

Although I am a real fall-favorite, I really do love your March photograph!

Love from Holland

Lady of the Woods said...

pure enchantment! and you, my dear, look absolutely picturesque in Winter Whites! soooo beautiful.

LENNU said...

The garden is very beautiful. I enjoyed so much.
Lovely weekend to you!
Lennu from Finland

Merlesworld said...

It is amazing the changes between winter and summer in your gaden here the leaves fall off the tree that's about it and we get flowers in spring and summer.

Lee Albrecht said...

Belas fotos... as imagens em cada estação... primavera, verão, outono e inerno.
feliz Ano Novo!

Lee Caroline said...

Your garden is one of the most delightful gardens I have ever seen. The photos with the snow are beautiful. Sadly we do not get snow in Auckland and strangely it is our Summer right now. For me originally coming from the UK I still haven't got used to Christmas in the sunshine, even after 30 years living in NZ.

Beautiful images!

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Beautiful, many of your shots make me long for Spring!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Shabby soul said...

The beauty of your marvelous garden is long lasting. Even in wintertime it's so evocative... And your photos stunning!
Happy New Year darling Carolyn

Linda said...

GLORIOUS! I enjoyed them all, Carolyn, but April is my favourite! :-)))
Hope your weekend is nice.
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Shirley said...

With a beautiful garden like this, how can one pick a favorite month?
Each month holds such beauty!

podso said...

I'd love to have such a calendar hanging in my house. It makes me wonder who publishes calendars and how that all works. Is it like getting a book published? You should go into business!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! It is always an inspiration to visit your pages. I am so encouraged. We just moved to the country and our land is very bare. I have no idea what to do - but, your gardens inspire me. Thank you!!!!

nadine said...

magnifique jardin

Karen Mary Butterfly said...

Please tell me this is an actually calendar I can purchase!!! I would love this :) Just beautiful.

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME/Doublewide Decor said...

what a great idea to make a calendar....beautiful pics as usual!

Maruxa said...

Absolutamente bello.
Un saludo

mimi muffin said...

Dein Garten ist traumhaft schön.Du hast ihn herrlich angelegt und deine Idee vom Garten Kalender Jahr finde ich grandios!!!
Danke für deine Einblicke:O)
libe Grüße Sabine

Jeremy Beauregard said...

No doubt your garden is beautiful! Those photos look like they were from postcards. It’s not yet too late for me to try this garden calendar, right? And with that, I would have to be keener with gardening. So much for my late New Year resolution. :P -->Jeremy

vintage-rose Cottage said...

i love this post,Belinda

Tinkerbell of Laka said...

Great photos:)