Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Afternoon Tea with Friends

                                                   Hello everyone,

  It was a beautiful sunny day today and I enjoyed hosting a small afternoon tea with a few good friends.
           We enjoyed chatting by the fireside for awhile before our tea.
                  Janice and Veronica talking to Sharon and Margorie- Soory I missed getting them in the photo.
      And later we moved out to the kitchen to enjoy hot apple cider and scones with clotted cream,sticky date pudding with caramel sauce and Christmas cookies.
  The scones are cranberry orange scones and raisin scones. If you would like the recipe click here. It is the same recipe for both just adding dried cranberries and orange jest instead of raisins.

 Come and sit by the fire for awhile and enjoy yourself!

I really enjoyed my afternoon tea with  my friends.

Thank you for stopping by.



ellen b. said...

I think I recognize one of your friends!

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

How lovely. I love having my friends over :)

The Comfort of a Safe Place said...

Awwww Carolyn, this is lovely. I so enjoy having friends over for Tea.

Your home reminded me of a dear friend's house, where she always had a special evening every Christmas, for Tea with her friends. This year, I'd like to think she is doing her Tea Party in Heaven - her first ever.

Jan ♥

The Zeigler Homestead said...

That last picture is exquisite - post card like. Your mantel is beautiful!

Bernideen said...

Both this post and the one below - lovely! Your teatime treats looks wonderful! All A+!

Sharing Shadymont said...

Fabulous! Isn't it fun to do this. I would still be sitting beside that lovely fire. :)

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

What a truly wonderful way to spend time with beloved friends.

Your treats and home/hearth look warm and inviting, and they are lucky ladies, indeed, to have been invited.

Just lovely!

Karen Albert said...

Carolyn you created a lovely day to cherish for your friends, I love your serving pieces and cake stands!

2012 Artists Series,

Mary Ruth said...

I just discovered your Blog and will follow on Google reader.

I am originally from Nova Scotia (South of Digby) and it is a treat to view your blog and photos!
I miss going home, not been able to do so for a few years now.
I currently live in Florida, USA.

Pretty blog you have here, looking forward to reading more as I visit here.

I love scones and that photo drew me to this blog with hopes of viewing recipes. I recently made clotted cream... It was just like grandma used to make.

Susan said...

Oh Carolyn, what a lovely tea! Lucky friends. Everything looked fabulous. Great job! Susan

Maggie Ann said...

How lovely! I like your teapot with the warmer very quaint! I wonder when I visit your blog what it must be like to live on Prince Edward Island. Does L.M.Montgomery's writings influence your lives,even yet...or is it just a beautiful place to live. I love it here in my Pennsylvania....but the 'Anne' books swept me away when I read them and watched the Sullivan movies about them. Timeless...treasures. =) Warmest wishs for a Happy Christmas to you and your family!

It's me said...

Always good to have friends on your home....12 days to

Beth said...

Your home looks lovely, and the food very good. You are the consummate homemaker, hostess, cook, and gardener, Carolyn!
Christmas blessings, Beth

Loraine Living said...

So nice ... precious moments Carolyn. It looks lovely!
Greetings Diana

Pamela Gordon said...

A lovely tea with good friends. The scones look delicious and I'm sure everyone enjoyed it all.

Jeanne said...

§€NDiNG Լ♥ƔЄ & BL€§§iNG§ *♥*

And I enjoy your blog so very much indeed. Love and hugs and blessings
from Ontario Canada