Sunday, November 18, 2012

Restful Sunday

                                                                   Hello everyone!

                             I hope you are enjoying your weekend.It is a rather cold and dreary day here today -somewhat typical for November. This past week I made the Christmas cross above for the old door in the fence at the road. I saw this on pinterest somewhere and knew I had to make one. I like how it looks and it is a nice change from a wreath.
                                  I was going through my 'best of Christmas' file from last year and picked out a few photos to share from last year.

                               I made these last year with epsom salts a candle,some lace and a spray of artificial snow.I will do them again this year.

                                                          The cottage at Christmas.

I hope you enjoy a restful Sunday.



White Weathered Hutch, said...

Oh how lovely Carolyn!! Thanks for sharing.

Susan said...

Loved every single one of those photos and ideas. The epson salts candles were my fave! Have a blessed Sunday, Carolyn. Susan

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Everyone of these photos is exquisite. Those are the most beautiful lace trimmed towels in the powder room Lovely.

Karen Albert said...

Wonderful images of soft and elegant holidays! Carolyn I love the cross wreath you made.

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Olive said...

Carolyn, the Christmas cross is striking, different and beautiful. Have a lovely Sunday, Olive

Lavender Cottage said...

Love your winter whites Carolyn. Our youngest daughter is redoing her kitchen and has chosen vanilla coloured cabinets. She's a little leery of changing from wood tones but I've told her about all the bloggers doing this very thing. I'll have to show her your blog for inspiration.

Lori E said...

Carolyn, you have put me in the mood for Christmas. Thank you. I needed that. I may actually get something done now.

Magnolia Cottage said...

Hi Carolyn,
Love your Christmas cross!! I will definitely be making one for my gate. Love it! Love all your wintery whites. Your photo's are beautiful. Have a wonderful day!

Siret said...

Dear Carolyn,
I have never seen a Christmas Cross before - it is wonderful!
Blessings, Siret

Katy Noelle said...

Four more days and I can stop being subversive about Christmas.... here in the States, it's horribly jumping the gun to do anything obviously Christmas until after Thanksgiving. And, I'm both relieved and terrified that it's here... there's so much to do and I don't want it to go too fast... Slow down, Christmas, slow down! I love you so - I want you to stay!!! =D (But, I totally don't mind seeing you at Carolyn's house! heehee! =D)


Madelief said...

Dear Carolyn, thank you for your kind email! It is much appreciated.

Your decorations look beautiful! I find it difficult to wait until Sinterklaas has left our country :-)!

Wishing you a peaceful Sunday as well.

Madelief x

Nicoletta De Cesare said...

che meraviglia queste foto è proprio il Natale delle favole ciao e a presto

Linda said...

Hi Carolyn,
Just popped in to see what you are up to. LOVE the cross. And, the pecan butterballs!!! Lol It's cold here today- 0 degrees. Winter is coming. I am decorating inside where it's warm.

Flori said...

Dear Carolyn,
I love your very special white Christmasfeeling...can you send me this very beautiful Angel!!!
Sincerely Flori

janice15 said...

I just loved them all, pretty photos..but then all your photos are always very beautiful...Happy Sunday with love Janice

Deborah said...

So cozy and inviting!!!
I love the cross beautiful.
I love those dishes and the candles in the epson salts.
Last year I partially filled some wine glasses with epson salts and tea nice.
Love to you Carolyn.
Love every moment of this season..I've started listening to Christmas music already!!! :)

Deborah xoxo

erin said...

oh carolyn, i am always so super inspired after visiting your gorgeous blog....

Leann said...

Oh Carolyn

Everything is so lovely warm and inviting. Can't wait for Christmas to come!

If you have time, pop on by we're having a giveaway!


Heaven's Walk said...

I just adore the idea of a pine bough cross, Carolyn. A sweet, gentle reminder of what the season is all about. ♥

xoxo laurie

Linda Carole Bloom said...

I love the bathroom sink with all the vintage linens! Surely, you become more beautiful just by looking in that mirror!

Janneke said...

Carolyn I love all your Christmas whites. The linen with the lace, the candles in epsom salts, but when I see the ice skates in your cottage I get so many good memories of long cold days on the ice. I hope we get enough frost to skate outside, much better than on the rink.

Etteb said...


Egretta Wells blog said...

Gorgeous could sell Christmas cards made from your beautiful photos!

Susy said...

Oh yes, they truly are the BEST. Thank you for providing such beautiful inspiration for the season.