Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Little Details

                                                               Hello everyone!
                          It was a cool Autumn day here today a good day for comfort food and indoor projects.I did take some shots of the little details in the small bedroom upstairs that got the new dresser/vanity in yesterdays post.
                               My pretty rose bouquet is a bit droopy but still pretty.
                                 The green and cream toile wallpaper has been here for several years but I still love it. The green damask lampshade and lamp came from Winners a few years ago.

                            Love this little antique child's dress that came from a shop in Florida.
                               The little ballerina slippers are filled with a rose.
                            Lace ,pearls and transferware-some of my favorite things! Thank you, Wanda.

                                              The little window seat nook has some toile pillows.

              I just added a few more pieces to my green and white transferware collection that I will have to share with you soon.

I am joining A Delightsome Life for A Return to Loveliness.

 Thank you for stopping by,


Kristin_Texas said...

What a beautiful room, and I love that green striped pillowcase.


Cotton Peony said...

Unseasonal chilly here for the past month.. never hit 50 today, cold winds from the north and as soon as the sun set, well now in the low 40's.. and that's a southern complaint! *wink.

I so adore weepy roses as they still have a special joy to them.

I love that wee surgar bowl my dear, just darling.


Cotton Peony.. (pewped here again as the flooring prep work continues for room #3! Had to end early on Sunday due to boo boo to hubby's finger.. don't ask, and I won't tell. *wink

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

Love the toile wallpaper! Toile never goes out of style. I also love the ball fringe on the curtains. My bedroom has white curtains with ball fringe. :)

Karen said...

Everything is just really pretty, from the wallpaper to the smallest ornament. Best Wishes Karen.

Pamela Gordon said...

This room is so very pretty. I could imagine sitting at the window and reading or taking in the view of your gardens. Beautiful post Carolyn!

Shabby chic Sandy said...

So pretty! The roses are especially lovely--my favorite photo being the one in the window with the pom pom edged curtains. Perfection!

Heaven's Walk said...

You know how to add the details in such a beautiful way, Carolyn. :)

xoxo laurie

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Everything is so pretty, Carolyn. I guess Autumn has finally arrived and it's time to snuggle in. I must say that I miss my walks on the beach. But Christmas is a-comin'....


Victorian1885 said...

You are so very welcome Carolyn, I just knew that the green transferware pieces belonged in your Guest Room. I am so glad you are enjoying them. Have a wonderful week!


Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Such beautiful details in this room. I think that lovely little vanity dresser is so much prettier in white! I can't wait to see those bulbs next spring!

jeanetteann said...

I could just get lost in this sweet little room. So fresh and pretty. I scrolled through twice. x

satyam twa said...

it's a lovely decorate home with flower's


Barbara Lilian said...

Love your style & your droopy roses make the photo shots even better . Anyone who stayed in your guest room could not love it. I live in France & very rarely see this style where ever I stay on my visits. Best wishes

Bonjade said...

Also my favorite things....love the atmosphere you always create.
So romantic.

Fine day


Beautiful! So romantic and sophisticated!

denise jane said...

The details gives life to the rooms. All those whites and soft colors are really relaxing. It makes me calm just by looking at it.
Designer Gumboots

lory said...

i tuoi post mi fanno sognare!!!!!!!! è tutto meraviglioso, un abbraccio a te Lory

Susan said...

Enjoyed all your lovely photos, Carolyn. Love the roses in the ballerina slipper!

Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog, too.

I love transferware of all kinds. Wish I could find a set of those red designed ones with the Christmas tree in the middle but so far, no luck.

Take care and have a wonderful day! Susan

Egretta Wells blog said...

What a fresh and clean, inviting room! Your roses were lovely, but here is a hint I have used many times for droopy blooms.....cut the stems a bit and place them back in very, very hot (just under boiling) water. Most of the time, the roses will straighten right up and one can get a few more days of enjoyment from them!Enjoy your autumn days, Egretta

domenica.60 said...

What a wonderful,wonderful small bedroom !!
A big hug

Janneke said...

Your so called droopy rose bouquet is still so beauty, beauti, beautiful!
It's a lovely romantic bed room.

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

That is such a pretty room~I think my favorite pic was the one with the pom pom trimmed white cotton curtains next to the sedate green toile!~all so restful and cottagey.