Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas Details

                                                                  Hello everyone,
                         It was a mild rainy day here but I decided to give our little sunroom a more Christmasy look.So I will show you some of the little details today and later" the rest of the story".
                             I have been looking for an old sweater to make into a pillow and lucked in a couple of days ago. So,I came home and make a pillow and a few Christmas hearts from the sleeves.
                             I also found this little canning jar for a dollar and put some epsom salts in it with a candle and sprayed it with fake snow same as I did last last year but added a gingham ribbon and a small spruce cone . You can't have too many of these!
                                   I see a lot of sheet music being used these days so I thought this would work good in this frame that I had with the cross on top.
                               Some rosemary and greenery with winterberries.
                               I love my new winter white knitted pillow with the red toile one.
                              I moved these cute little wellies up to the sunroom.
                                Going for a natural look again with birdhouses and greenery etc.
                         I love this angel so much I never put it away so I can enjoy it all year.

                              I am not letting any scape go to waste on that poor sweater- Hope this keeps my tea warm!

Well,now you have seen the little details - hope you can come back later for tea in the sunroom!

          Take care,


Olive said...

Carolyn, the wellies are chock full of whimsy. I need some of that today. Happy Christmas, Olive

martusha said...

Очень празднично и красиво!

Heaven's Walk said...

We ♥ you, too, Carolyn! Your photos are truly breathtaking and I love how you used every piece of that pretty sweater! That cup warmer is just adorable! :)

xoox laurie

June said...

I love your new creations Carolyn. What a wonderful way to put the sweater to use. I love the heart!!!!
All of your Christmas touches are beautiful!
sending hugs...

Karen Mary Butterfly said...

Carolyn, everything you do is beautiful. I love the little teacup cozy. The wellies are so sweet!


Deb said...

Your canning jars made into festive candles are just gorgeous. All your photos are just breathtaking and so festive-looking. The tea-cup warmer just made me smile. Deb

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I love ball jars and yours is especially cute! The tea cozy is a great idea too!

Fiore said...

I love all that white for Christmas. Very well done.

Susan said...

How very sweet, Carolyn. Imagine making a pillow and hearts from a sweater! You are so smart! Lovely decor and simple, too. Susan

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

You are SURE getting me in the mood to decorate, Carolyn!

Thank you! Everything looks splendid - and I adored your teacup cosy!!

Tatiana Platini said...

Очень красиво! Вeautifully!

Petra said...

Hello Carolyn everything look very nice I like the little heart from your poor sweater now I love it. I like all your stuff you show me. For me it is to early for Christmas first we have on 5 dec Sinterklaas, and I like this party very much. And after that I show my Christmas things, but I love your ideas, thank you so much, have a nice sunday from a windy/stormy rainy Netherlands greeting Petra.

Szara Sowa said...

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Farbenzauberin said...

Hello Carolyn,

i really like your blog. Your photos are very beautiful and your christmas decoration is exciting.


lory said...

dear Carolyn, all is beautiful, wonderful!!!!!!! congratulations Lory

Trudy Porva-inn said...

I like you're teacup warmer.
greetings from Hungary.

Anonymous said...

I like your Blog!!!
Wonderful !


Lavender Cottage said...

Hi Carolyn
I've never seen an old sweater put to such good use; the pillow and heart are pretty.
The canning jar transformation is an inexpensive way to add some vintage decor for the season.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Love your Christmas decor, Carolyn! The sweater pillow is perfect for the Winter months and I love that you've used the scraps to make other things. Your red and white toile fits right in with the season.

sabrymagic said...

Cara Coroly è tutto meraviglioso e fantastico!!
L'idea di creare un cuscino con il maglio e fare anche questo stupendo cuore,è stupendo!!
C'è un aria natalizia nella tua casa molto magica!!;D
Un bacio!!

Georgianna said...

Just delightful, Carolyn! All your lovely details really get me in the holiday mood. I can imagine your home is a magical wonderland right now.

Wishing you a festive and beautiful week ahead.


Egretta Wells blog said...

Love your "sweater pillow" and adore the tea cup "cozy" ....what a great idea!

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

I love those darling Wellies!! And the cable knit looks so adorable too~I have seen knit cuffs cut off and just put around a votive candle holder and that was so charming too~

Anne said...

Carolyn love all your creations! That sweater cuff on that mug is such a great idea!All your photos are lovely!

Maria Dolores Lopez Godoy said...

I love it, is marvelous your blog, congratulations. kisses from Spain.

Maria Dolores Lopez Godoy said...

I love it, is marvelous your blog, congratulations. kisses from Spain.

Madelief said...

Your decorations look lovely Carolyn! What a good idea to use an old sweater to make a pillow of. Your little light with the gingham ribbon looks very sweet too.

Wish you a lovely new week!

Madelief x

Naturegirl said...

You certainly have set the stage for the Christmas season!
I am on the look out for woollens to shrink and make up cushions for my outdoor bench!

Poppy said...

Hi Carolyn,

So lovely! Yes, it's the details that make all of these beautiful things special and festive. As always, love the red and white touches. Gorgeous pics, thanks for the inspiration!

Poppy :)

Elzie said...

You have so many good ideas. And to use the jumper like that is one of them! Loved the hearts - and the pillow as well.
Hope you have some better weather today. Here it's rainy, windy and grey!
Love Elzie

Jorgelina said...

Virtual Christmas party at my blog.
What are your favorite Christmas memories?

Snugglebug Blessings said...

Carolyn your house is so beautiful I think we all want to come to your house for Christmas! Ha ha!!! Love all the crafty ideas and want to incorporate a few into my own home. The sweater idea is a wonderful one and am heading to goodwill to find one for my own to get creating. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home and great ideas. God bless.


Karolina Mazurek said...

I love these pictures! A sweater heart and birdhouse are the best :)
Greetings from Poland!

Linda said...

I missed this post earlier, Carolyn! LOVE your sweater pillow. Midge's mom made me one very similar some years ago and I will always treasure it. Isn't it such a cozy addition on a cold winter's day. Hope you didn't snatch some poor woman's sweater! Hahaha
Linda at Beautiful Ideas