Saturday, October 20, 2012

Autumn Days


              I am enjoying the beauty of these lovely Autumn days and as I was walking up from the pond last night just before sunset I shot this photo. The leaves can turn so quickly as only a couple of days ago the maple tree was still mostly green.
  The virginia creeper has been touched by frost but still hanging on.
  Some foliage colors from around the garden.
          A local market decked out for fall.
       An autumn picnic by the pond.
       Even squirrels enjoy a fall picnic. This little guy enjoyed my peanut butter cookies.
        Autumn colors around the Island.

                                               Birdhouses and an autumn bouquet.
                                                        A cute scarecrow at the market.
                                                     Another autumn bouquet.
                                                          Around the Island again.
And back home again.

I am joining How Sweet the Sound for Pink Saturday's Autumn colors theme today.Also joining The Rose The Rose Garden in Malevik for Show Off Saturday.

Enjoy your weekend!



November- symra said...

Vert beutifull and Nice. Greetings from Norway..

Vivi said...

Det er som altid dejlige billeder du viser :-)
Jeg elsker efterårets farver.

Rosewalk Cottage said...

You take such gorgeous photos Carolyn. Everything is just beautiful. I love how you caught the squirrel nibbling your cookie. Have a lovely weekend.

WendyBee said...

I especially love the picture of the squirrel inviting him/herself to your autumn tea party! That picture should be framed and displayed. So many of your pics could be.

Tami Kenner said...

Hi Carolyn..loved your fall tour today! The squirrel was so sweet stealing cookies!
Beautiful photos.
Happy Pink Saturday..xo Tami

akwamaryna said...

Wonderful photo, beautiful fall colors, great shot!

AshTreeCottage said...

Fabulous, fabulous pictures. My visit was like a mini vacation. But you know which pic is my favorite? It's the one of that darling squirrel enjoying his cookie! Precious. Have a wonderful weekend dear Carolyn.

Susan and Bentley

June said...

One BIG HUGE SIGH from me Carolyn!!!!
Me thinks you live in Heaven!
sending hugs...

Nette Cecilia said...

Wonderful your garden ,Nette

jankasgarten said...

Beautiful autumn impressions. Very romantic. I wish you a wonderful and sunny weekend.

Bernideen said...

Your bouquets are gorgeous and that squirrel photo - so cute!

Donna Heber said...

Hi Carolyn,

Your fall mosaics are stunning! How wonderful to be able to capture that squirrel nibbling on your peanut butter cookie - so lovely.

Madelief said...

Dear Carolyn,

How beautiful the Island looks in autumn. It's funny how quickly leaves change colour indeed. I noticed the same thing in Holland. Last week lots of trees were still green, but now they have old turned red or golden. Temperatures are still mild here. Hope it will stay like this for a while. Tomorrow we are off to the garden to plant some bulbs.

Have a lovely weekend,

Madelief x

The Rosegarden in Malevik said...

Hi Carolyn
that is some great are still number ONE :)
Hugs from Sweden and thank´s for linking...

Rowan said...

It all looks so lovely - autumn is my favourite season. I love the photo of the squirrel eating a peanut butter cookie:)

Pamela Gordon said...

Just stunning photos Carolyn! I examined every one closely and drank in the beauty you captured. Great shot of the squirrel enjoying your cookie! It poured rain here all day but has finally let up. Lots of water and perhaps flooding. I hope you don't get as much!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Autumn makes me smile.

Healthy Pink Snacks
Have an enjoyable Pink Saturday!

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Carolyn, oh my goodness. Your photographs are spectacular. What a beautiful and inspiring time of the year..Happy Weekend..Judy

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Photo.

Happy Weekend


Mogis Cottage said...

Wow, wonderful autumn pictures and we love the colors very much. We had a few vacation days in Bavaria in the beginning of October, but unfortunately the autumn colors were not so intensiv at that time.
Have a nice sunday, love Tina

Marie-Ange said...

Les jardins d'automne sont si parfaits et leurs couleurs si belles !
Bon dimanche

Je viens depuis Pinterest lieu d'échanges que je trouve extraordinaire

Linda said...

What a beautiful place to live! You are so very blessed! It is pretty here in Kansas too. I love it when the trees start to change.

Thanks for sharing!

God Bless Your Sunday!


Susan said...

Wow, Carolyn. Loved all the gorgeous photos. The ones with the pond and trees reflected in the water were especially exquisite. Susan

Jeanne said...

Your beautiful property shows me there are still magical places in the world. Your photos of fall are just like the best scenes of where I used to live in upperstate NY. This post especially brings back happy nostalgic memories for me.

Caroline said...

Oh how beautiful...all that color! Nothing delights, for me, quite like the fall pallette.

Cindy said...

These are really fabulous photos of your beautiful Island, such wonderful colour!
Hugs, Cindy

Merlesworld said...

It is truly a beautiful place to live such wonderful colour.

Karen Mary Butterfly said...

Amazing images. I cannot get over the squirrel. I had to look at that one several times. I was convinced at first it was some sort of figurine! What an amazing shot!! Love it!