Friday, September 14, 2012

Blue & White Toile and Transferware

                                                               Hello everyone,
               I am back with' the rest of the story' as we take a look around the rest of the Gardener's Cottage today. This little cottage in our garden has had several looks over the years but this is the first time for blue and white. One of the nice things about a white background is how easily it can get a new look-so,I borrowed a few things from the house. Do you remember my $2. braided mat-it goes well with the toile quilt that I have had for years.
                                                A spot of tea,anyone?
                              It is so peaceful in here with only the sound of birds singing and a warm breeze coming in.
                                Don't you just want to curl up with a pretty magazine?
                                        I love these thrift shop dishes.

             The little blue and white transferware pitcher was a favorite find on a trip to Maine a few years ago.

                              I have just the magazine for you-a Victoria with one of the most beautiful covers. I love the cover picture so much I think I would have bought it just for that reason but there are lots of pretty pics inside too.

 I hope you enjoyed another peek at some of my blue and white in the cottage.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

I indeed DO wish to curl up on that beautiful bed in that gorgeous cottage room and chillax!

I get Victoria mag and that was truly one of the prettiest covers they ever had, agreed - and looks SO PERFECT with your new blue and white look.

LOVE the tea set.

Yes, I could definately stay there a nice long relaxing while, thank you, Carolyn!

Rose Garden Malevik said...

Woow Carolyn :)
You are still Number ONE .....
just Love this post....the china is fantastic...
and do not miss...




it is FUN :)
Håkan ( The Roseman)

Marille said...

Hello :) This bed in the gorgeous cottage is lovely :))) I love it. You take beautiful photos, for example flowers and the tea set.
Congratulations !!!
Greetings from Poland

janice15 said...

So lovely and inviting, like a warm spring day.....curl up with Victoria and day dream...My favorite blue and me there is nothing like blue and white dishes linen so refreshing it is...lovely post thank you...have a most enchanting lovely weekend...with love Blue and pearl Tea Pot cookies would go great here...hehehe... <((+_+))>

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Carolyn, I love Victoria Magazine! Your blue and white cottage is as pretty as the magazine issue... and I've enjoyed my visit even more than reading Victoria!!!

Sarah said...

Blue and white ~ sheer delight! Carolyn, your images are gorgeous.

Deb said...

This is all so pretty. I love the way you display the plates. That is very clever. I will never tire of seeing your blue and white. Deb

Naturally Carol said...

Hi and white is such a favourite of mine too..just can't go past it!

Zuni, Chickadee Home Nest said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely--today's and yesterday's posts. And what a coincidence...I just posted a blue and white table too! Please stop by and visit. I love your dish "drainer." If you visit me, also look for the white wood holder I have on my wrought iron shelf--I use it for dishes as well, for buffet serving too. I love your cottage. What beautiful things you have! ~Zuni

Deanna said...

Plezzzzzz a spot of tea!
Lovely place you've created.
God bless,

Lee Caroline - A World of Inspiration said...

I absolutely love your garden cottage, its just delightful. Toile is my favourite pattern, I am going to put some toile cushions in my bedroom.

I love your china too, I have lots of blue and white myself.

Such beautiful photos.

Love this post

Lee :)

Palmieri Savina Tecla said...

E' tutto così magico e meraviglioso!
Con tanto affetto

helle said...

Love love the toile pattern - and your pitchers! Such an inviting room!

Have a nice weekend!


Edith DUTERTRE said...

je suis une passionnée
de pichets
surtout avec la couleur bleu
comme la porcelaine de DELFT
merci pour ce joli billet
c' est toujours un enchantement
de passer par chez vous
edith de Normandie ( France )

Loraine Living said...

I like to wake up in the lovely atmosphere, with the white and
blue things and nice toile plaid...
It is so calm amd fresh.
Have a nice weekend Carolyn!

Siret said...

Dear Carolyn,
your enchanting cottage is a place for good spirits, dreams and fairytales. It looks so wonderful with the white-blue colours!
Thanks for sharing!
Blessings, Siret

Traffic Pulse India said...
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sajuki said...

Amazing !
Greetings from Poland :D

jankasgarten said...

Very nice pictures. Have a nice weekend. Greetings :-)

Szara Sowa said...

Your blue and white cottage is beautiful. The bed i lovly. You have many wonderful things. Have a nice weekend.

violi igłą malowane said...

Piekna porcelana , uwielbiam niebieski ..

Anne Yusnizah said...

Nice....Love it soo much...

Darlene D said...

Wow, the blue and white is beautiful! I'm in the process of choosing colours for a new room in our home, you've definitely given my inspiration!

Jo said...

What a beautiful little cottage! I've always loved the blue&white look ever since I was 15 and got my may issue of Victoria magazine.

Speaking of magazines, I discovered you via the Saltscapes magazine that my Nova Scotia-born friend lent me. We're planning to move to PEI if/when my husband can find a job there. Thanks for sharing your portion of the island's beauty.

All Things Chic 2 said...

Beautiful Carolyn...
Blessings Lori ~

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Very pretty, Carolyn! Your quilt looks a lot like mine only mine is red. Love the soft dreamy blues. Thanks for your visit and have a nice week.


relevanttealeaf said...

What an absolutely GORGEOUS blog! I love blue toile and blue transferware, so today's post was especially appealing. It must be glorious living on Prince Edward Island! It's on my bucket list of places to visit!
I hosted an Anne of Green Gables tea party on Saturday and blogged about it today. You have so many followers it's impossible to visit everyone's blog, but if time permits I'd love to have you stop by to see my Anne tea. It was so much fun to host. ~ Phyllis at

Tretswelt said...

Hei!Wunderschön in Blau...Toll!Bussi.Lu.