Thursday, August 30, 2012

Touring the Late August Garden

                                                       Hello everyone,
                      It is a nice day for a garden tour so let's go shall we!
                            This is my favorite part of the garden right now. It is the Allee garden leading to the pond.
           This part of the garden is a new extension last fall. It filled in quickly as we divided heathly sized clumps of perennials from other parts of the garden for the most part. The hollyhocks I started from seed and they have done well considering the dry summer.
                 We have so many varieties of phlox in the garden that put on a good show in August.
  This shrub Clethra not only looks pretty but has a wonderful fragrance too.

                                               Martha's Garden (above& below)

  The Allee garden again
  Out by the road.
  You can see this is my fav,right now.
                             The virginia creeper covering the arbor going to the front door.
  A different angle of the new extenion.
                        Russian Sage with Julia Child rose on hillside garden.

                             Cosmos make a cheerful filler in the new border.

                              Coneflowers on hillside.
                                        A view of our Chelsea garden
The Gardener's Cottage

Now you might want to go inside and dream for awhile of sunny summer days.

 Thank you for taking the tour with me,now we are off the have dinner with friends.



Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Your gardens are a good example of how much color and interest one can have at this time of year.
I could be happy visiting in any season.

Unknown said...

Just so lovely, everything about you is lovely.

You're inspiring me... I want more hydrangeas, especially annabelles.

Anne said...

Your garden really thrived this year!It looks amazing.I did not have such luck here.The drought was not good to my garden at all.

Susan said...

Hello Carolyn. That was a most delightful tour. It's like being in the centerfold of a luxurious garden magazine-come-to-life.

Thanks for inviting us to your paradise on earth! Susan

Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyn! Your gardens look like heaven! No one has a more beautiful garden as you! :)
Hope you're doing well.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Pamela Gordon said...

Hi Carolyn, your gardens still look so vibrant and healthy. Mine are looking pretty sad after a dry summer and lack of attention in August while I was away. My poor phlox has that powery mildew on them. I should rip them out but they are blooming. Everything else is dry and dying. Maybe next year, with hubby's help, I'll redo that garden. It needs a lot of work! Enjoy the long weekend. Pamela

Merlesworld said...

You have a wonderful garden.

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Carolyn: Your garden looks as beautiful now as it did at the beginning. Mine is starting to go to sleep except the Virginia Creeper and that will be putting on it's colorful coat soon..Happy Thursday..Judy

erin's art and gardens said...

hi carolyn! thanks so much for the august usual your gardens look lush and beautiful!!! your phlox looks so much better that mine since the deer chewed off most of the buds, not to mention our drought. i am really looking forward to milder temps and some rain! you live in a paradise!


Que passeio maravilhoso! O jardim continua lindo, e muda constantemente.

É fascinante, uma doce e inesquecível lembrança.

Um bom final de semana.


Rowan said...

Your garden looks lovely and still so full of colour. My front garden still has plenty of colour with phlox and lythrum and fuschias but the back is very shady and mostly green by this time of year and I need to do something about that especially now I've seen how good yours looks!

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

How lush and beautiful!
I am thinking you did not have the 90+ temps. we had down here in the states??


Sanna - My Blueberry House said...

Hi Carolyn,

I always enjoy a tour through your garden. We´ve had the opposite of dry, so everything is very very green here this year.

Happy weekend!

Pascale said...

Wow you have such a beautiful place. I love to visit your page every now and then.
Greatings pascale

Barbara Neubeck said...

Hi Carolyn,
Thanks for the tour of your end of Autumn garden.....I enjoyed it so much. You have so many beautiful plants. I've never heard of your beautiful Clethra shrub before. I must find out if will grow here in Sydney...I love it!
Have a good week
Barb from Australia

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful garden! I love all its details, including statues and bike!

lorenza marengo said...

Wonderful garden!Pieno di colori,di rose ed Italia è più difficile perche c'è troppo calore e siccità...così io "bevo" con gli occhi il tuo bellissimo giardino!!!
Lorenza from Italy

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Your garden is certainly putting on a lovely show considering the lack of rain we had this summer. Beautiful! Enjoy the long weekend.


Kathie said...

Gorgeous Carolyn!! I planted some coneflowers in our front garden and I love that they're blooming now. I need to get a few more late summer/early fall blooming plants. the Clethra shrub sounds very interesting. I may look into that for next year's garden!

Myplace4tea said...

....Breathtaking.... just beautiful! love all the the pictures. Your garden is to die for! :)

Enjoy your weekend,

Sheila said...

Your end of summer garden is spectacular. thank you for the wonderful tour. I can't imagine how ypu keep up with all the gardening!

Cotton Peony said...


I'm very happy to see that the lattice work has been extended and it looks like a great big picture window! LOVE IT! Hubby says.. "stop looking at her blog.. you get too many ideas from that woman." NEVER .. is what I said.

hugs and kisses for your evening delights as this an early morning at your place is my favorite time.

Cotton Peony

Kathy said...

Hello Carolyn, I found a couple of the books you referred to in your guest post - I have been going crazy at the library with books lately ;)
I love that you share your garden seasonally - it is so beautiful. I hope you have a blessed weekend,

Cindy The Victorian Journey said...

Your blog is beautiful.. Loved the pics... Hugs, Cindy