Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tea & Scones

 Hello everyone,
           It is another beautiful day here so I am whipping up a batch of strawberry scones to go with our tea.
 I just used my regular scone recipe and substituted fresh strawberries for raisins and left out the orange zest. You can find the recipe here
 As many of you know I love red and white transferware and so I am using my Mason Vista teacup today.
 I got this pretty biscuit jar at the thrift shop for pennies.

 This beautiful journal was a gift from a friend.

 You know I have to show a peek of the garden as I enjoy the view with my tea.
Well,now it is time to do a little work in the garden-would you like to join me or linger over tea?

I am joining Rose Chintz Cottage for Tea Time today.

Thank you for stopping in for tea and I hope you enjoy your day.



Rosetta said...

La tua cucina con questi oggetti deliziosi sembra la cucina di una fiaba!Bella e romantica e i fiori che si vedono nel tuo giardino sono meravigliosi!L'estate da te deve essere dolce,qui in Italia,troppo calda e umida,i fiori si bruciano al sole e tutto diventa polveroso!Non mi resta che sognare e guardare il tuo blog!Saluti,Rosetta

Ruthie Miller said...

Oh boy, I always love your pictures. That one taken through the screen door is a special one!
All the best, Ruthie from:http://www.ladybstimefortea.blogspot.com/

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Just beautiful, Carolyn! I love the transferware and look at how great your journal goes with it. What a wonderful view! I'm so glad you shared it with us ~ everything looks so lush and green.

Lavender Cottage said...

Hello Carolyn
Nice to join you for tea and scones with the nice view of the garden through the grandma door.
Ever wonder how many batches of scones you've made over the years? Sometimes I make them 2 or 3 days in a row if family is around. :-)

Rosewalk Cottage said...

Beautiful post Caroline. I love red transferware and your scones sound delicious. Thank you for the recipe. Also what a lovely view for tea.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flower basket filled out nicely and providing a cascade of blooms, sipping tea with scones. .looks very perfect. A week ago when I visited my old friend, she made the iced mint tea with floating some of fresh leaves and served, it was very nice, then I learnt how to made it. For last two weeks, here the temperature arose around 34~35°,I quenched my thirst with the iced mint tea.
What kind of tea you usually enjoy? Making a tea made with teabag in a cup? or brew a black, green, oolong tea and any other herbal tea?

Susan said...

Yes, I would like to linger ALL DAY at your house and in your garden forever. (In the spring, summer and fall only. Not the winter. ha ha) Susan

Deborah said...

OH Carolyn lets linger over our tea and then we can head off into your beautiful gardens together!
I am in love with s c o n e s! And you've made strawberry ones~how delightful!
Loved this post...I feel like I'm right there with you!
Blessings on your day my sweet friend xo

Deborah xoxox

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Your scones look delicious and your garden is exquisite but what I really envy is your lovely weather...it is hot, dry and horrible here in August and your lovely flowers and all of the green looks like a wonderland.

My Little Home and Garden said...

The scones looks delicious and I adore the view through your pretty screen door.

My Little Home and Garden said...

The scones looks delicious and I adore the view through your pretty screen door.


I'm sure your kitchen is smelling so sweet! Wish I was there to have some tea in the lovely red transferware teacup and with one of those yummy looking scones!! Enjoy them!
PS: I just found a tea set for 12 in Eng. red transferware which makes me so happy too!

Sanna - My Blueberry House said...

Hi Carolyn,

The strawberry scones look delicious and the biscuit jar is so cute. A perfect match. Beautiful photo through your screen door. It´s like a painting!

Enjoy your day,

Linda said...

Just popping in for a bit of calm in my crrrazy day, Carolyn, readying for my big event tomorrow. This is just the break I needed. I can taste those scones!!! Luv your baking :-)
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Pamela Gordon said...

I enjoyed this post as I'm about to have a cup of tea and a square this afternoon. I will look up your scone recipe and copy it down. Thanks for the tea today. Hugs from Alberta, Pamela

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Carolyn, I love the view through your pretty door! Your scones look wonderful and I LOVE your red teacup!
I wish I could find a red set. I have three cups but no saucers to match. The red is so very hard to find around here. Do you find that? Thank you for joining me for tea today. It was lovely!


akwamaryna said...

Carolyn, delicious and nice looking start to your day. I think that the whole day was like that :)))
And now I wish you good night:)

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Carolyn,
Such a pretty post!and thank you for the scone recipe it looks so good!!! I have enjoyed my visited with you.
Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

Cotton Peony said...

Misty mornings, breezy afternoons.. makes a perfect day for tea and scones. Thanks for the recipe as I do have some fresh cherries to use and soon some figs too.

Say, have you ever posted the 'garden prints' (or blue prints) to your garden design.. showing what type of flowers are where and what goes well with others? I'd love to pick up some very good tips as I am growing tired of moving spring and fall the plants from here to there due to sun, flowers and other issues.

Please please pretty please??

I would be most thankful, which I am every time I come to 'roost' for a spell.

with much love,
Cotton Peony

Bernideen said...

Oh how lovely - the view out the Victorian Screen Door! And the scones....and.....

A Garden of Threads said...

The garden looks very inviting through the door, but I think I will linger with some tea and those yummy scones. Jen xo

Cotton Peony said...

BIG HUGS Carolyn! I sent a reply to your email.

Cotton Peony

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

I admire the time you take to bake in the kitchen, Carolyn. It's something I rarely do. What a lively summer we have all had! Even here the season suddenly feels different. But I won't be letting summer slip away too soon. I know you'll get at least one more gorgeous tea in with your little ones!

Minnie In NYC said...

I love to go on a virtual mini vacation each time I visit your blog! I know my mother would have loved to visit your gardens! Your apron also red transferware,awesome! Such a joy to visit here so peaceful, warm and welcoming!

God bless your family!

collarcitybrownstone said...

Oh I love scones and fresh baked are the best. They are perfect with tea. I am definitely trying out this recipe.

Thank you!

Sharon said...

Everything about this post is delightful Carolyn! Seeing as how I have 2 containers of strawberries in the refrigerator right now, strawberry scones might be in order. Thank you for the recipe!

I hope you are enjoying August and all its bounty : )

Sarah said...

Would love to join you for tea in this perfect setting with a view of your garden. I'll even bring my own Vista Mason tea cup. I was thrilled to happen upon such a find at a local estate sale last week. My first piece of the red transfer ware. ;-)