Friday, July 27, 2012

The Summer Garden

 Hello everyone,
          It is time for another garden tour-after all it has been a few days since I drug you around! The daylillies are putting on a great show now. I have hundreds of them so I don't know all of their names.
 I love this rose!

 I love clematis and roses together. The rose is William Baffin and I think the clematis is Multi Blue.

 Martha's Garden-Martha is the statue. this is mainly a white garden.
 A garden variety of loosestrife and white monkshood.

 Julia Child again.

 Our Hillside Garden.

 This is down toward our pond.
 Don't you love this beautiful blue phlox???
 Monkshood and hydrangea.
 A pretty rose pink clematis-sorry,her name escapes me.
 Love this Abundance clematis too.
 This was my favorite shot on my early morning tour of the garden- see the dew on the roses?
 Shooting from our balcony toward the hillside garden.
 Well, that is our tour for today but don't worry it won't be long until my next tour! Ha! Ha!

Last week I had my very first photo shoot of a couple of other Island gardens for a Canadian magazine-Saltscapes!  I was so excited(and a bit nervous) to do this! I am looking forward to seeing them in print soon.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



Deborah said...

Gorgeous Carolyn!!!
I love walking through your gardens!
Congrats on your photo exciting!
Aren't you just loving summer?!
Have a great weekend!

Deborah xoxo

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...


What amazing colour!

Looks absolutely stunning - thank you for this wonderful garden tour!

M.Arta said...

Blue flox? I realy did`nt know, that they are;-))
Beutiful garden,Carolyn.

Sanna - My Blueberry House said...

Hi Carolyn,

The Julia Child rose in early morning is beautiful. Love the soft yellow color. So excited for you and the photo shoot!

Have a great weekend,

Vigdis i Romerikshaven said...

As always I enjoyed a Garden Tour with you in your garden! The daylilies are so gorgeous!

jankasgarten said...

The summer in your garden looks wonderful. A beautiful weekend! Dorothea

The Country Nest said...

Carolyn, Thanks for the garden tour....I do so love an early morning walk in the garden. Yours are so beautiful. Have a great day.

Monica said...

WOW! I miss my daylilies... but I could paint some, uh? ;)
Hugs! Congrats on your photo shoot!! You go girl!

Linda said...

I hope you will have a lovely weekend too Carolyn!

I love strolling through your gardens since I really don't have any of my own!

I appreciate the beauty so much. Thank you so much for sharing!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Beth said...

Your gardens are absolutely stunning! I really enjoyed the tour today. You have a lot of beauty, a lot of color, and everything looks lush. Our gardens are past peak - more like late August than late July - it's because of our heat and drought. Have a great week, and congrats on your magazine photo shoot!

Anne's House said...

How absolutely, wonderfully lovely! Your gardens are perfectly heavenly! Thank you so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Pure bliss, all looks wonderful♪ Absolutely beautiful photos of your lovely garden. in my personal your blue garden toward the pond is my dreamy. mostly.. blue, purple and white, they are my favorite colors because I seemed to feel a very serene atmosphere and I think they look so lovely against all the green, so I am very fond of your blue garden. With many stunning photography,close up from distance and all details which I can immage the map of your plants, you are a fabulous landscape artist.thumb up.

Heaven's Walk said...

Breathtaking and absolutely gorgeous, Carolyn! What a wonderful visit I had in your garden tonight! :) I think the name of that clematis you couldn't think of is 'Nelly Moser'?

xoxo laurie

kay Moser said...

I am spending a month in Washington State, Carolyn, and because the climate is similar to PEI, I am enjoying some of the same varieties and colors in your gorgeous garden. one photographs flowers (and china) as exquisitely as you do!

I'd love to see your photos for the magazine. Please let us know when it is available.

Have a blessed weekend!

Kay Moser

Linda said...

Thanks for the quick and looovely stroll, Carolyn! Just heading out for some PINK ball at the Pink Days In Boom Softball Tournament of Hope. We'll talk sooon....But first to a family post-wedding brunch! Beautiful wedding yesterday...Busy weekend!!!
Wishing you and Andrew and the family a beautiful day,
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Edith DUTERTRE said...

c' est tout simplement
tant de couleurs
à bientôt

Miss Jean said...

Your garden is lovely as always. We've moved to Colorado so I have to start over on the garden. We are in a drought so I'm not going to do much till it's over. I would feel guilty watering extra when the ranchers and farmers are sacrificing. Hopefully next year. I'll have to get someone in here to rototill for me as from what I hear, the soil is rocky past 10". In the meantime, I have two pots of petunias and one of impatiens.

So in the meantime, I'll admire yours!!!!

Kirsti said...

Can I take the picture of The Julia Child rose in early morning, to my grandchild, named yesterday christening Julia??

Thank you very much!!

Terri said...

We had wild phlox where I lived as a child. I still have a soft spot for phlox.

Absolutely gorgeous garden!

Two Cottages And Tea said...

Hi Carolyn,
I enjoyed your garden tour and always look forward for more! I have the Willian Baffin rose and just love how it is disease and bug free! Congratulations on your photo shoot, I know you will do wonderful! Have a great week.

All Things Chic 2 said...

Love the shot with the window box...
Blessings Lori ~
P.S I finally got a chance to do a post hope you get a chance to check it out...

Susan said...

Gosh, Carolyn, despite the hot weather, your garden look divine. I love those clematis, especially. I'd like to get some of those some day. Susan

Bonnie said...

Just enchanting. Over the top.

Jan said...

Beautiful! I'm never disappointed on my visits to your lovely blog. Have a wonderful day!