Thursday, July 19, 2012

Morning Light

 Good Morning!
        Don't you just love to get up early and enjoy the beauty of the early morning light? I took these photos a couple of weeks ago -I have so many photos to share now but not enough time to post !
 I love how the virginia creeper grows over the window in the summer making a living blind and keeping the bedroom cooler.
 The golden glow in the library as the sun filtered through.
 I headed outdoors with my camera.
 The sun was rising through the trees.

 You can see the mist rising off the pond in the background.

 We went for a short drive to enjoy the early morning sights and marvelled that the hay was already cut and baled. Where does the time go?
 This back road is a couple of miles from our home. Don't you love our red clay soil?

 You know how I love making collages!
 Hope you are enjoying some beautiful sunny mornings wherever you are too!

I am joining My Romantic Home for Show and Tell today.

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Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

True magical delight.


And that road of red clay leading somewhere awesome? Kinda makes one's heart skip a little - such intrigue in that photo.

Thank you for this morning gift, Carolyn.

Lady of the Woods said...

I cannot travel the world anymore but I sure do love getting online and seeing the beautiful homes of blogging women who invite us to see through their eyes. Your garden and home is one of my most favorite places. It inspires me and one day I'm going to have a room like your picture...pinks, white, lace, lilacs, cream-ware and a comfy chair, pure lush. It is a plan :D

Moje marzenia said...


iris said...

c' est magique
la brume , le soleil levant
vous avez une belle région
merci du partage
edith ( iris )

Bernideen said...

As always - a delight for the eyes!

Sharon Kirk Clifton said...

I'm just stopping by for a brief visit again today. You are such a gifted photographer. Thank you for sharing your talents. Keep shooting!

Gocha said...

Your blog is the cure for the soul. I love to watch these beautiful places and the roads are peculiar to the novel "Anne of Green Gables". But that's probably ever wrote.
Greetings from Poland!

Maggie Ann said...

No wonder life began in the Garden of Eden....your garden pictures are wonderful! I wish I was an early riser...but...sunsets are beautiful....too....=)

jankasgarten said...

Beautiful pictures and cool morning mood you've captured.

Linda said...

These pictures are just heavenly!!!

Your gardens are simply glorious!

I enjoy coming to your blog and I enjoy all of the beauty here. Thanks for sharing!

Have a wonderful day,
Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Miriam@BeBookBound said...

Oh Carolyn! I seriously catch my breath when I see your lovely pictures. This is truly heaven on earth! Thank you for sharing such splendor with the rest of us. (Especially those of us looking out our window at a lawn that is dying in all the heat...) :)

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

Gorgeous morning light. I wish I was there with my camera. Valerie

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

With views as stunning as yours, Carolyn, I would love making collages, too! : ) Gorgeous pictures and the morning sun catching all this beauty just enhances it that much more.

Tigertina said...

You have such a gorgeous garden! =D

Lisa Mozo said...

how beautiful your place is, don't you love the cooler mornings of summer? love the clay road to your place, it's a nostalgia of my childhood :o) great stories to share Carolyn :o) love it!!

Merlesworld said...

your garden looks lovely, we are just starting to get warm sunny mornings, I'm looking forward to spring and summer this year.

The Zeigler Homestead said...

Oh my!! This is simply wonderful. I didn't use to be a morning person but having children has gotten me there :) Nothing like a brand new day and you have captured it so well. Thanks for sharing.

Linda said...

Heya Carolyn!
A new career is dawning, too! There are no words, m'dear!
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

You have the most beautiful garden! With the mist coming off the pond, it almost looks surreal. So very pretty! And I love the ball fringe on your curtain! My master bedroom curtains have ball fringe, too. :)

From The Homesteading Cottage said...

Those photos look like paradise (: Such lovely colors, textures and what a view! Amazing!

Michele xoxo
The Homesteading Cottage

achter-de-linden said...

I love your photo's! Lovely place to live! Wonderful garden!just like a fantasy world! greetings from the Netherlands, Heidi

IsabelC. said...


Gartenkraut said...

I just love your garden !

Yours Pascale

Katy Noelle said...

Yes, indeed! We've been enjoying some beautiful mornings - this one is really quite chill.... I love late summer and it seems to be here early, this year. ;) Such a beautiful feel to this post!


Athena at Minervas Garden said...

Carolyn: What an amazing, light-filled garden you have--delightful. I'm curious--what plant do you have growing as that glorious cover on your pergola? It's very pretty. Thank you for sharing this with us--I found it very inspirational!

Pamela Gordon said...

Stunning photos of the early morning light Carolyn. I love that time of day in the summer. Great captures of the beautiful countryside too. Blessings, Pamela

johala6@yahoo. said...

What a so beautiful and so romantic garden! A garden to dream and forget the city life!
Hugs and kisses

Hope Filled Living said...

Oh my goodness, your garden is sooooo beautiful. Thank you for the wonderful tour. The countryside surrounding your home is beautiful.

Siret said...

Many thanks for your 'morning lights'!
All your photos inside and outside - looks so beautiful und tell warmly from the beginning of a wonderful day and the delightfulness of your area!
Have a nice sunny weekend!
Best wishes, Siret

Betty Stapleton said...

What gorgeous pictures, your home is beautiful and your garden pictures are so beautiful too. I'm going back to look again. Thank you for sharing...