Friday, June 8, 2012

Martha's Garden in June

 Hello everyone,
         We had a beautiful sunny warm day today and I enjoyed getting some projects done the last couple of days. This evening I took a few pictures in Martha's Garden as the four Deutiza's are starting to bloom in there.
 The Geurney's Cream clematis is putting on a lovely show over the arbor.
 The white umbrella that I added the lace edge trim to looks pretty and provides some share while relaxing and enjoying the song of the finches that like to build a nest in the Deitiza's.
 There are still lots of lilacs blooming so I picked a big bouquet.
Peeking over the fence.

 The deutiza has such pretty dainty white flowers.
 The white bleeding heart is enjoying a shady spot under the shade of the service berry tree.
 Climbing hydrangea growing up the back of our barn.
My Dad's old bicycle has a bouquet of lilacs too and always has a spot in our garden.

 Has anyone noticed the barn has been painted from green to brown. Andrew and I and a couple of our girls painted it one day last week.
Martha's Garden is a mainly white garden but a few other colors have found their way in.

 This is Martha herself still carrying her jugs of water for the garden!
 We enjoy the sound of water in this little secluded garden  from the wall fountain .
 A different perspective.
I hope you enjoyed a little tour of Martha's Garden.

     Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

You have the most beautiful gardens I've ever seen. You always make me feel like I'm right there. Thanks for the enjoyable tour. hugs ~lynne~

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

How lovely and lush your Martha's Garden is! I love the white blooms. The bleeding hearts and lily of the valley are so dainty. Thanks for your visit and I hope you have a beautiful weekend. Looks like summer has finally arrived.


Susan said...

Hi Carolyn...Everything looks fabulous. I just LOVE what you did with the umbrella. SOooo pretty. Take care. Susan

Linda Carswell said...

Absolutey......WOW!!!! A gorgeous GORGEOUS garden!!!!

morkusovic said...

Opravdová nádhera, krásná zahrada plná úžasných zákoutí. Pa pa Zuzka morkusovic

Heirloom treasures said...

I have yet to find such a pretty space. I love the white lacy umbrella. Infact I love it all. xx enjoy

Vigdis i Romerikshaven said...

I enjoyed it very much! Lovely weekend to you!

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Carolyn:
Martha's Garden is absolutely enchanting and perfect in both design and planting. It is, as it happens, everything which we so love in a garden: a strong structure, sense of enclosure, consideration of scale, profusion of planting, repetition, a restricted colour scheme, etc. etc. To this you have added the unexpected, in this case the bicycle, which serves to create a sense of drama, always a necessary element, as well as a touch of humour.

The fact that the overall scheme of green and white is broken on occasion with a hint of another colour simply adds another dimension whilst avoiding what could, in less professional hands, become tedious.

jankasgarten said...

A beautiful garden. Who is Martha? Have a nice weekend. Regards
Dorothea :-)

Naviana said...

This is so nice. I would love more posts like this, with lush green gardens, beds, statues, canopies, lights and everything enchanting. Have been reading through all your posts. Keep up the good work!

Rowan said...

Martha's Garden is delightful, I love white flowers especially the white Bleeding Heart - sadly I lost mine this last winter:(

Rose Garden Malevik said...

Hi Carolyn
what a wonderful post...I just Love it :)
I hope everything is ok
and do not miss.....




it is FUN :)
Håkan ( The Roseman)

CEO Lisa Anne - L.A said...

Hi Carolyn,
What a beautiful garden! Martha looks stunning in her enchanting garden. I love the white canopy! Have a wonderful weekend.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I think you have filled all the senses in Martha's Garden, Carolyn! Just lovely. I'd love to be sitting at that table with your beautiful lacy umbrella shading me while taking in the sights, scents and sounds of your garden.

Barbara Neubeck said...

Hi Carolyn,
Martha's Garden is beautiful.I like the mainly white's so tranquil and soothing.
God Bless
Barb from Australia


Olá Carolyn,

Você nos leva a passeios encantadores. É um verdadeiro paraiso.

Aqui está chovendo muito e apreciar suas fotos é um show.

Obrigada por compartilhar de tanta beleza.


Two Cottages And Tea said...

Hello Carolyn,
Your Martha garden is so beautiful with all the white. Your lace edging on your umbrella sets everything off so well. I really like your large mirror in the garden. I was wondering if you have trouble with the birds flying into it and hurting themselves. If you have time would you mind emailing me and letting me know? I've been wanting to use a mirror in my garden for a long time. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gardens. You are an inspiration to us!

Linda Jennings said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Helen said...

I love your garden!!

Helen in Norway

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

Absolutely DID enjoy the lovely tour of Martha's Garden - just beautiful, so tranquil and gorgeous!

June said...

Oh how I love seeing Martha's garden any time of year Carolyn. I would love to have a mirror in the garden someday. I love how it reflects all that beauty.
You give me so much inspiration dear friend. I hope you know how blessed I feel to know you!
Hugs from here...

Candylei said...

Gorgeous with all of the foliage! And the mirror is such a great idea. Do birds ever fly into it? I am beginning to think they don't have weeds in Canada like we do in the States. ;-) Beautiful all around.

Ioana said...

Oh, I could feel the smell in this part of your garden!
Really, at some point, after looking at those pictures, I thought I felt the smell of fresh lilac and bluebells and other wonderful fragrances...maybe the bouquet of roses on my table had something to do with it :-)
Beautiful garden

Anne said...

The lilacs are so pretty.

Jamilah Mohtar said...

Your garden look beautiful...I love it!!..