Monday, May 28, 2012

It's Lilac Time!

Hello Everyone,
     I hope you all had a lovely weekend and a happy Memorial Day to my American friends. With all the sunshine we have had our garden is a couple of weeks ahead of many years. Our french lilacs are all out in bloom now so I have been picking lots of bouquets.

This is the Sensation lilac-I love the white edges.

Lilacs in the terrace.

Lilacs in the sunroom.

Over the weekend I took hundreds of photos so you might be sick of seeing my lilacs before I am done sharing them!

Thank you for stopping in today,



bleudelavandou said...

Hi Carolyn

What a beautiful pictures!!!

I also love lilacs - in my garden I have 4 different lilacs trees.

Have a nice dayt


Gabi said...

Pięknie zdjęcia !!!

Deborah said...

I have also been admiring all the lilacs that are in bloom here in my city. Ours aren't quite ready for picking but I can't wait!
Carolyn yours are just gorgeous!
There is truly nothing like the fragrance of lilacs throughout the home....and I want some! :)
I look forward to more photos to gaze upon...these are wonderful!
Have a great week dear and enjoy the sunshine!

Much love,
Deborah xoxo


Beautiful lilacs!!

Donna Heber said...

Hi Carolyn,

Your lilacs are gorgeous! I just love the Sensation variety. Your sunroom must smell heavenly.

Pamela Gordon said...

Simply gorgeous! It must smell heavenly in your yard and house. Enjoy. Blessings, Pamela

Imm@ said...

Hi Carolin, I love lilac your it's beautiful,by Imma...

Linda said...

Beautiful lilacs Carolyn.
I can smell their delicate aroma all the way here.
Our lilacs did not do so good this year. Bloomers way at the top only.
Too high to pick. It must have been the cold snap we had in April.

Clara said...

Hello Caroline,
Your lilac's are so beautiful and I never tire of looking at them in your lovely settings. I can't grow them where I live because it just isn't cold enough for them. Thank you for sharing and have a great week.

Unknown said...

Carolyn your flowers are a charming, beautiful!
Your Giordino makes me dream!
Thanks for sharing, what nature gives us more beautiful!
a hug

Anonymous said...

What beautiful lilacs, Carolyn, and only you would have some transferware to match! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Anonymous said...

Stunning!!! Wishing you a beautiful week.

A Garden of Threads said...

Hi Carolyn, They are all gorgeous. My display was sadly very lacking, the spring weather has been too extreme and they not flower well. I will enjoy yours. Take care, Jen.

Teresa said...

Not sick, at all.

Lilacs are so happy inducing, in a soothing and calm way.

Hope your week is filled with its color and scents.
Take Care,

Marie Arden said...

What an abundance of lilacs. You must be so thrilled with them. They certainly are so fresh and pretty. Have a lovely weekend

My name is Riet said...

Your lilacs are beautiful and I love the gorgeous color. Your garden must smell wonderful .

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

I certainly won't tire of seeing them anytime soon - especially since that frost prohibited a good blooming season for all of ours this year.....must live vicariously through you and your lovely photos!

Just beautiful - and you have so MANY different kinds, what FUN!

Daniela Augustka said...

Very nice blog, I watch him for a longer time. Lilacs bloomed in Slovakia about one month ago. There is hotter than in Canada.
Ahoj from Bratislava, Slovakia. Daniela

Susy said...

It's possible I've never seen a lilac in person ~ not sure they grow here at the beach. They're quite beautiful, as is your vintage transfer ware.

Galerie said...

So beautiful pictures, thank you.
Have a nice evening

Carla said...

I so love lilacs, but sadly they do not grow at the low elevation that we live in here in S. California. We can get some from the local mountains but that means a trip. You are so lucky to have them growing. Your pictures are lovely and this will do for me now until I can get a trip planned.
Happy Memorial Day to you!

Rita M said...

Just beautiful Carolyn!

Bente said...

Hi Carolyn. The lilacs are soo beautiful, and the chairs are just to die for.


Elzie said...

Beautiful lilac time!
Hope you have a nice day,.
Love Elzie

lavendel mio said...

Beautiful! I love lilac :)
Have a great week, hugs hanne

Madelief said...

Dear Carolyn,

I cannot tell you how happy I am to see your garden lush and green again! I enjoy seeing the photo's of the beautiful flowers you have in your garden.

Your lilacs look amazing. The look great in your jugs. A 'joy to the eye'!

Wish you a happy new week!

Madelief x

Bernideen said...

Your lilacs are gorgeous! Every picture a special delight!

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Beautiful lilacs! I don't think I would ever get tired of seeing them.



Não canso de admirar suas fotos. Não conheço muitas flores que estão no seu jardim. É um espetáculo a cada publicação. Parabéns!

Boa semana.


Bonnie said...

It is certainly lilac heaven there! Lovely, Lovely! I love lilacs but they are not in the picture in our climate.

Thanks for letting us drll over your beautiful pics.

Susan said...

I will never get sick of looking at your lilac photos, Carolyn, so send them on! I just adore lilacs. They are among my favorite flowers, even though they don't last long. Take care and have a nice Tuesday. Susan

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Oh, No, Carolyn: I will never get sick of seeing the lilacs. Keep them coming as mine are all done now. Love the little faces peeping out of the tea cups..Happy Monday..Judy

June said...

Oh I love coming and sitting in your garden Carolyn. Nothing makes me happier than to see your beautiful gardens and your photos of it!
hugs from here...

Rowan said...

Gorgeous photos, all the lilacs are out around here now so although I don't have any in my garden I'm reaping the benefits of other people's as I walk down the street:) I don't think we could see too may photos of lilacs:)

Hjem & Glede said...

Hi Carolyn!
Gorgeous photos!
LOVE your blog!

Have a nice dag.
Hugs from Norway

Gilda - Sweet Sweet Home said...

Hello Carolin! sorry if they are no longer passed from your blog, but I had two deaths in the family. I have become apathetic and do not feel like doing anything. I'm sorry but I will not be sad with my problems. Unfortunately, my lilac is already withered by time. With everything that has happened I have not even thought about taking a foto.I your lilac are beautiful. I seem to feel the fragrance of their perfume. A big hug

Kathy said...

Hello Carolyn,
These are the times that I wish computer screens had scratch and sniff - I truly do miss the wonderful fragrance of Lilacs - we had Lilacs when we lived in Ohio - it is just too warm too fast or not enough cold here in Georgia - I will never get tired of seeing photos of Lilacs - especially yours - your photography is beautiful. I hope you have a blessed week,

Connie in Hartwood said...

This post demonstrates why I love reading blogs so much. Our lilacs have been gone for weeks and weeks ... I get to relive the beauty, and imagine the aroma, by visiting here and seeing your beautiful photos!

The Spanish Dahlia said...

Hi Carolyn~
What can I say, gorgeous, gorgeous, and more gorgeous! I love lilacs as much as you. Right now my roses are in bloom and coming in as we speak. If you'd like to see what my roses and peonies look like here in upstate New York, drop on in to~
Have a beautiful day!
~ Stephanie