Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Gardener's Tea

Hello everyone,
      It seems as soon as we turn the calender to March we start seriously thinking of spring and to a gardener there is lots to plan for and dream about.

So over a good cup of tea, I am planning a few changes and additions for the garden.

I always like to grow a few packages of seeds indoors to add little bumps of color here and there.
Love these mauve/pink tulips.
A little finch nest that I rescued from a lilac bush.

I am enjoying some homemade oatmeal bread with my tea  as well today. I can't resist homemade bread hot out of the oven!

While having my tea, this little squirrel  decided to have his own snack on the windowbox.Those rosehips taste pretty good!
And out the other window I enjoy watching the birds and yes we still have snow!It is actually the norm for us to have snow here in March and even some years into April. I love all the seasons but winter is the one that seems to hang around a little too long here.However,I know that soon there will be all kinds of life springing up in the garden and there will be lots of color right through til  early November.
A woodpecker
So while enjoying my tea indoors for now, this gardener is dreaming of balmy summer nights in the garden.
Do you have any new plans for your garden this spring?

I am joining Rose Chintz Cottage for Tea Time today.

Thank you for stopping by,



belly said...

Dear Carolyn,
I love your house and garden sooo much! Thank you for all the great pictures! It's breathtaking! I found you on the book "Summer for all senses"

Greatings from Germany, Kristin

Dirt Princess said...

I will be moving in May and will finally have some dirt to play in :-). I have been making plans for my new garden since I left my old one. I will have 3 acres to plan

Lavender Cottage said...

Hi Caroyn
Great shots of your gardens, the birds and a pretty tea table.
This is the year I have to overhaul a couple of my gardens and I look forward to redesigning them every so often. It's nice to pot up the extra plants for our garden club sale too.

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...


The bread looks divine, care to share your recipe? My DH loves oatmeal, bet he'd love that!

I squealed at your finch nest, because, well, um, you know why!

Your shady outdoor space under your garden pergola is so to-die-for that it gives me goose flesh!

I grew up in the woods on a lake so it is difficult to get used to 2 open acres in my back facing full west. We have planted over 50 trees, but I won't live long enough to see my world shady again. I am trying though with every planting year.

It's just tough with my deer to grow much and we aren't allowed to fence them out. So much of my planning and dreaming is just that. Pipe dreams.

Sorry so long a comment. You hit a nerve I think, haha.

I adore your gardens!!!!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Before I had to go gluten free, I loved having a warm piece of bread with butter, Carolyn! This is probably a good time for your to make your gardening plans as you wait for that snow to melt. My gardening will be limited now since we moved, but I have some plans to bring in a couple of hanging baskets {the hooks are conveniently placed already} and some container gardening.

Priscilla said...

We had snow this morning, too, here in Portland.
Recently, I've seen so many blogs with visiting woodpeckers. All your birds and the darling squirrel are so charming. Love this post. Thank you.

Candylei said...

Look at your outdoor dining green palace!!!! And the Rose print quilt on the table! I have to go and stir around outside.

Pamela Gordon said...

Hi Carolyn, a lovely post today! Great photos of the birds and little squirrel. It's snowing here but I see the sun peeking through now. It snowed all day yesterday and all night. Enough don't you think? The next 2 days are going to be more springlike so I will enjoy them. Pamela

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Yes, this gardener is also dreaming of balmy evenings in the garden again. My roses are beginning to bud now so I look forward to some early blooms soon. I will also be happy to have the extra daylight hour starting next weekend when we "spring" ahead with our clocks.
Your photos of the squirrel and birds are absolutely wonderful!
Have a lovely day.

Elzie said...

I too like all seasons, but mostly fall, and not winter that much. It always seem too long and cold, even the ones we didn't get any snow at all!!
It's so nice to grow seeds inside, I'm doing that too and am looking forward to get some flowers out in the garden this coming summer. That's something to long for, lol.
Hope you have a nice day.
Love Elzie

Willow said...

Beautiful pictures in your post. May I ask the maker of the beautiful teacup? I love collecting then and that one is so spring.

I too am working on plans for our garden. More butterfly bushes and roses.

tarih84 said...


its wonderfull day lovely:)

Terri said...

What wonderful pictures of your wildlife! I love the mauve tulips, too.

giovanna said...

beautifuls,beautifuls photos! I love!
have good week!

Nette Cecilia said...

Our squirrel does not look like that one ,if you look at my blogg you will see the diffrense ,Nette

Sanna - My Blueberry House said...

Hi Carolyn,

This summer I will plant bushes below and around my porch. I´m thinking hydrangeas. I want something lush in green and white that doesn´t grow too high. Any suggestions for me?

I love that you were able to catch the squirrel on camera! Too cute.

I´m looking forward to your spring garden. I know we will see it soon.

Have a nice day!

Jessica said...

I always enjoy seeing your pretty dishes! I noticed that we have some of the same birds here in Missouri. We have a similar style feeder for them, too. ;-)
I do have big plans for our garden this year! We bought a new house and yard last March, and we have added a few trees and plants over the last year, but I am planning on adding a lot of new flowers and vines this year. :-)

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Carolyn, your tea today is lovely as usual. Love the tulips and that sweet finch nest!
The bird photos are spectacular as is the squirrel.
I have a little squirrel who likes to raid my bird feeder and he really does make a piggie out of himself. Hubby has tried without success to shoo him away. It's all rather comical really! He's even tried to scare him off with a broom but the little critter just sits there and defies him! The squirrel always wins out. LOL.
Thanks for joining me today.


Rosewalk Cottage said...

Hi Carolyn!
Your post is just beautiful. I love it all, especially the squirrel and bluejay photos.

Diana (Apple pie, love for details) said...

Can I say it in italian?
I love your blog, your picture and your soul...


Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Carolyn: Following you is like a trip to the Secret Garden and Anne's all rolled into one. Even that little squirrel knows the magic that is within..Judy

Johanna said...

Hi Carolyn,
I like the mauve tulips also. All is very charming in this post. And while the animals are looking for food in the snow, I am also dreaming of warm summer evening, sun and flowers outside. But time will come. Thanks for sharing those great pictures.
Best greetings, Johanna

Die Waldfee said...

Dear Carolyn,

cute and cozy you've done it to you.
You feel the same well with you and would like to take the same course
and try your great pastries.
Will you show a beautiful dish Beac
I am delighted by the cute squirrel that sits so close to the wrong window.
Stay calm and relaxed.
Sure they get winter feed such as sunflower and nuts with you; 0)
Totally cute.
Thank you for wonderful inspiring photos.

Dearest greetings,

Merlesworld said...

Hi Carolyn I love the birds in your garden they are so different to ours we have a pet pigeon that lives in our back yard so a lot of wild bird visit sometimes a kookaburra though that is rare. Merle.



pensei muito em você este final de semana, infelizmente não tenho espaço para um jardim em minha casa, apenas alguns vasos com orquideas e flores de maio. Na frente de casa tenho uma arvore de bouganville que está florida e no sábado colhi um galho repleto de flores e coloquei em um vaso na minha sala e me senti muito recompensada por isso. Imagino a ansiedade que está em ver seu lindo jardim florido e preparar lindos aranjos de flores.

Fique com Deus, e obrigada por proporcionar momentos felizes em minha vida.


Linda said...

I spied the Canadian Garden Planner and Diary which boasts a photo of your very own garden on its cover!Love it! You must, too! The squirrel and birdies are so lovely and Midge and I couldn't help but drool over your homemade bread...
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Susan said...

Hi Carolyn....The bread and butter shot made my mouth water. mmm mmm mmm

Your squirrel shot was darling, too. I could almost see that little bushy tail's nose wiggle.

Fabulous photos! Thanks for sharing. Susan

Marge said...

Beautiful and romnatik blog!!:)
Greetings from Finland,

achter-de-linden said...

hello Carolyn,
I always love to see your photo's!
I'm hungry as well! Hungry for spring! To see the pictures of your garden.....Glad to meet you on blogland!
Greetings from the Netherlands!

Margrethe said...

Kære Caroln

Jeg har store drømme og planer her til foråret. Inspireret af dig må jeg bare eje en portal som danner indgang til min have, den du har er bare så smuk. Et rosenlysthus er der også gang i. Dejligt med hjemmebagt brød.
KH. Margrethe

Helena said...

I am sitting on the patio with the Honeysuckle and Carolina Jessamine blooming on the pergola overhead, and wanted to say that your photographs are so beautiful. what a nice place to plan your gardens, sipping your tea and watching the birds.

Madelief said...

Dear Carolyn,

Isn't it fun planning what to do with your garden this year! I am looking forward to see which changes you will make.

I have been digging last weekend. I had a horrible yellow flower in my garden that seemed to take over the whole garden! Still feel my back ;-)!

Your outside table looks just beautiful.

Happy day,

Madelief x

Eve said...

Dear Carolyn, those photos are so lovely, like always :-) love the colors ...the cup with the little flowers... the squirrel so cute ! :-) , it's always a dream to visit your blog.
kisses from Italy


Anonymous said...

Very pretty Carolyn,
I love the mauve tulips as well. With March finally here it sets the mood for the new garden season.
Hugs Rosemary..xx

Anne said...

What a pretty setting.You take beautiful photos.How on earth did you get that photo of that squirrel without disturbing it?

Bernideen said...

What a lovely photo selection and lovely post beckoning spring! The birds are all glad you are feeing them- they say thanks Carolyn!

Sherry said...

I have been catching up on some past posts and this little squirrel caught my attention, he is so cute! I have something new coming for my garden. My first ever David Austin rose. I had been looking through the ones you have and you have some beauties! Can't wait for mine to get here. I have wanted one for years! Maybe someday I will have a garden with the cottage feel yours has. It is so gorgeous!