Sunday, February 12, 2012

Looking Ahead to the Spring Garden

Hello everyone,
     Well, we had a winter storm last night and some people here on the Island lost their power but we weren't one of them. I was thinking it was time I shared some garden photos or my little blog will lose it's garden status! 
I don't have a foal in our garden but we do have lots of birds,butterflies and some regular visits from Mr. Fox. Some of you have asked in the past if we have deer in our garden and the answer is no-there are no deer on the Island.
The bottom left pic snuck in there it is a july photos,not spring.

Orange is not a color I like in our garden except in spring.

Love Lilacs!

We have over forty lilacs bushes in our garden however,some are still quite young.

I hope you enjoyed looking ahead to spring but for now enjoy winter!

I am joining Show off Your Cottage Monday at the house in the roses today.

Have a good evening,


Linda said...

CAROLYN these pictures are just what I need to warm things up. IT IS COLD AND SNOWY HERE TODAY. BRRR.
Your pictures are so beautiful.

A Garden of Threads said...

Hi Carolyn, I did enjoy a peek at spring. I cannot wait. Winter has made a quick appearance this weekend, cold and snow:( Take and have a wonderful week.

Terry said...

You have an art for beauty and it not only shows in these pictures but in your photography throughout your blog. Can I ask what program you use to edit your pictures in and especially what program you use to make the collages.

Lavendelfryd said...

Beautiful pictures :o) I would love a garten like this. Hopefully mine will get there eventually. Thank you for bringing the summer to me allready :o)

Maru said...

Dear Carolyn, máte přenádhernou zahradu! Také čekáme na jaro... u nás je sníh a mráz -23 st.C.
Krásný dny! Maru

Bonnie said...

You are inspiring me Carolyn. What photo editing service do you use? I am struggling in Picassa. I loved Picnic and now they are leaving!!!

Your gardens are exquisite! I would LOVE to visit.You do have a HUGE green thumb.

Have a great day!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Your gardens are so beautiful, Carolyn! I know, some Spring, I will miss the gardens we left behind in New York. I won't miss the maintenance! I am planning some container gardening here. I wasn't a big fan of reds or oranges in my gardens, preferring more the pastels with pinks, purples, whites, which is probably what I will go with here around the condo and in containers.

Hulda said...

Great photos! I feel the Spring inside me when I look at it. Lovely nest with birds, and all the flowers. Love it!

I have been looking at some episodes of the last season of Road to Avonlea this weekend. The series are so cute, warm, and a bit sad too. :)

Love your photos!

Cindy said...

Oh my goodness, your garden is incredible. I love your statue of the woman carrying the big pottery jar, she's wonderful, and i'm so jealous of your lilacs. Here in North Carolina very few lilacs grow. This one lady up the street has one that is amazing though, and when it was in bloom the whole block was scented with lilac... they're heavenly


Linda said...

I think the orange is stunning and brilliant, Carolyn. A great wake-up call in spring for the garden! These pics are very lovely.

Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Pamela Gordon said...

You have me really longing for spring on this very cold February night. Beautiful!

Katy Noelle said...

Carolyn! (after just leaving two other comments), most of all - holey moley! I forgot what green and growing looked like. What a BEAUTIFUL sight these pictures are. Very welcome as it's bitter cold outside, right now. Perfect for dreams - I don't have the energy, right at the moment to garden; so, I'm glad it's a ways off, still! ;)

Katy Noelle said...

I mean....holey moley about the gorgeous sight of your garden - wow! =]

Sarah said...

Beautiful images to dream of spring on this cold, cold night. ~ Sarah

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

I soooooooooooooo needed that, Carolyn. You must have known.

Thank you, so beautiful!

Susan said...

Oh, glorious, glorious photos, Carolyn. I sniffed and sniffed HARD to try and get a whiff of sweet spring flowers. Ahhhhhh, thank you, my dear Carolyn. Susan

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Very beautiful. My daffodils are just starting to bloom ~ love them and they are so dependable.

Two Cottages And Tea said...

Beautiful spring flowers. We do get deer in my garden, lots of them. They love my tulips so have to grow them inside my front fenced in area only.
Happy Valentines Day to you and your family.

Sonia said...

We are getting snow tonight..I so want Spring to hurry!
Thanks for sharing your gorgeous pictures!!!
Just a nice pick me up with all our gloomy weather!
Miss Bloomers

"Alone again.... naturally!" said...

Those are amazing photos. I love your garden so much and especially with the added animals. But you are fortunate not to have deer, they are beautiful, but, terribly destructive!

cathy@home said...

Beautiful mosaics

Rowan said...

I've definitely enjoyed looking ahead to Spring, it will be wonderful to have colour in the garden again and to be able to sit out in the warm sun.

Nette said...

"Enjoy winter!" you say. Sigh, I have had enough. Pictures like yours make me long for spring even more so.

By the way I linked to your blog yesterday and am happy to say that your garden and pictures have made a lot of people dream gardendreams in my part of The World :-)

Have a wonderful week!

It's me said...

I need spring !!!

Barb said...

Hello Carolyn,
Your pictures are beautiful. I must look amazing when all your lilacs are in bloom.
God Bless
Barb from Australia

The Rosegarden in Malevik said...

Hi Carolyn
What a DREAM :)
Just LOVE your photos.......and YES, now we want SPRING :)
Your Friend

Anonymous said...

Que jardim encantador, lindas flores, como é bom tê-las sempre ao redor. Uma boa semana para você!

Rosewalk Cottage said...

Beautiful spring pictures Carolyn! I loved the collage of the animals. The fox is just too cute. Happy Valentine's Day!

Deborah said...

Carolyn your gardens are a joy !
I adore lilacs too...the scent is heavenly!
Oh you've made me long even more for spring and summer...hurry spring!!
Have a great week dear!

Deborah xoxo

Landbohaven said...

Rigtig gode billeder.
Hvor har du dog en smuk have og så mange skønne blomster. Det er lige før jeg kan mærke duften af syrenerne.
Tak for rundvisningen.

dizzyizzy said...

Oh Carolyn,
I love your garden. It is so lovely. We had snow yesterday as well. Although, this has been an exceptionally mild winder here in Utah, I am still longing for spring. Thanks for the lovely tour.

Blooming Rose Musings said...

It is chilly and damp here in southern California today so your photos are just what I needed! Your gardens are absolutely exquisite and all the photos of the animals are delightful. And, I did notice the picture of a very precious little girl.
We have lilacs here but they are not the same as the lilacs I grew up with on the east coast. Ours are very pretty but they don't have the wonderful perfume of the lilacs back east. Just seeing your pictures I could almost smell the flowers. Beautiful!

C G said...

C'est un plaisir de voir ces photos printanières alors que l'hiver glacial est encore à notre porte...
Le Jardin du Clos

Jan said...

Awesome garden ...beautiful photos.

Sanna said...

Hi Carolyn,

Looking at your spring garden make me long for spring even more! If only my garden would look as pretty as yours too.


Canela Castela said...

Oh my God! what a beautiful garden. Very romantic and well maintained. Congrat´s. You know I have a cousin who lives in Toronto Canada. And he says it is very cold. I'm from Brazil and here is very hot in summer. I'm following you.
Hugs dear

Bella said...

Hi Carolyn,
Lovely! I always love your mosaic groupings, so beautifuly put together! Love the first one in greens, springy greens!!
Just what your storybook garden needs, a fox! wow how exciting, Mr. Fox is a beauty!