Thursday, January 19, 2012

In the Bleak Midwinter!

Hello everyone,
       I love the beauty of winter-well until March anyway when I am more then ready to welcome spring ! 
No,it was not me that made that snowman peeking over the roof!

We enjoyed skating on our pond but now we need some rain and then a freeze with no wind before I can enjoy my skates again.
Some of these photos are last winters and some are from a few weeks ago.Right now,we only have a little snow but it was cold today-bleak even, last night anyway as the cold wind howled around our home.

I hope you are enjoying these 'bleak' midwinter days.

I have been featured on a lovely blog from Norway today- Fru-R.  I am honored and hope you will have time to pop in and say hello. It is always fun to see what pictures someone else would choose.

I am joining My Romantic Home for Show and Tell.

Take care and stay warm and cozy!


Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Beautiful winter wonderland!

I so love your little cottage out back with all its snowy loveliness.

Everything is so pretty. Sigh.

Pamela Gordon said...

It's a different winter this year isn't it? Oh well. Are you getting snow tomorrow? I hear next Tues. and Wed. we're getting a bit of a storm. We'll see.... Have a great weekend. I hope you can get out on the pond again soon.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Your snowy photos are beautiful, Carolyn! I can enjoy the beauty of days like these when I am home safe and sound {and my family is, too}. We had a cold day here today and some flurries floating around. It's been off and on this afternoon; we may get an inch overnight. I'm in no hurry for Spring. I like the "down time" of these months until March.

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi Carolyn,

We don't have snow here on the ocean :( However,your photos are lovely and that little cottage just looks dreamy with all that fluffy white stuff falling from the sky :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

Heaven's Walk said...

We're in the bleak midwinter, too, Carolyn! Getting lots of snow this week. I can't get over how amazingly beautiful your property looks in every season of the year! ♥ So peaceful! :)

xoxo laurie

Susan said...

OHHHHH,I just love the little cottage in the winter. It looks so warm and cozy.

Loved all the winter shots, Carolyn. It's quite beautiful there, as it is here. Susan

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

The winter shots are beautiful. Your gardens are beautiful in any season.
Barb - Formerly Barb & Dell Designs

Gisela said...

Beautiful Winter-Impressions! I like your lovely posts and pictures! Thank you for showing!

:-) Gisela from Germany

C G said...

Ces photos de neige sont vraiment belles ! Pas de neige encore cette année chez nous...

Thuis Thuis said...

So many beautiful photo's.
It looks just like a fairytail.
Love Annette

Rowan said...

Those photos don't look in the least bleak - they are lovely.Everything looks so fresh and pretty under fresh snow.

Veronica said...

Unas estampas maravillosas,
parecen postales!
Saludos desde Menorca.

Los mundos de Nika vintage.

It's me said...

Beautiful winter !!!.......happy from

Ale said...

Thanks for coming to my blog!I'm so happy!I'm not a winter lover but these pictures are amazing.Have a happy week end,

Lavender Cottage said...

Hi Carolyn
Your place is as lovely in the winter as it is in the other seasons.

La Table De Nana said...

I love the beauty of winter..You make it shine!

Willow said...

The pictures are breath taking. Makes me like winter now.

sabrymagic said...

Dear Carolyn see your house full of snow, is a show for me ....
And 'beautiful!
Here in Italy where I am I have had only one snow day for the past two years ......
I'd enjoy it more ......
These photos are full of charm and beauty!
A warm embrace

Fixing My Thoughts said...

Lovely views and lovely photos! Bess

Catherine said...

such beautiful views!

Madelief said...

Your photo's look magical Carolyn. Wish we would get some snow too. It's been grey skies and rain here in Holland for the last two days. Skating on the pond sounds very romantic. I hope you will have some good ice soon!

Happy weekend,

Madelief x

Larachaika said...

Very beautiful photos! Fantastic winter!

Rustic and White said...

This pictures are breathtaking and make me wish that I liked winter:o)
Thanks so much for sharing such beauty!

Blooming Rose Musings said...

What beautiful pictures. A stark beauty. The photo of the snow covered branches looking down the snow covered road reminds me of a scene from Dr. Zhivago.
I hope you will be ice skating again soon.

Marjon said...

One Word......this is my Dream.....beautiful....greetings Marjon

Elzie said...

It looks lovely but I sure don't want to sit in those chairs, lol. Lovely pictures as always. Just love your garden, both winter and summertime.
Here we get snow now too. Not something I'm looking forward too.
Have a nice Saturday.
Love Elzie

Riet said...

THat is really winter wonder land. We have no snow nor ice here yet, maybe it will still come.

Sanna said...

Beautiful winter photos Carolyn! I hope the pond will freeze again so you can enjoy the skating once more.

Happy weekend,

Evi said...

your cottage is enchanting all wintery.
But I am not a fan of snow and hope it disappears soon. Yet it can look magical.
I love the skates. Can't wait to see your garden in spring.
Have a nice weekend,

Katy Noelle said...

This is pure magic, Carolyn! So pretty! The snowman on the roof is very, very funny. Do you know that comic strip, 'Calvin and Hobbes'? Calvin's snowmen are a bit macabre but soooooooooo funny! heh, heheheheh. I just laugh every time I think of them.

Our winter is going the same. I don't know if we have a foot of snow on the ground and that came late - we had bare ground, last week. Then, we've had oddly warm days but, also, a good dose of seasonally and frighteningly, frigid weather. It's so beautifully wintry, today, though. A constant snow globe of small flakes have been fluttering by my window, all day. =]

Happy winter to you!


Katy Noelle xo

Rosewalk Cottage said...

Oh Carolyn! You have such a beautiful winter wonderland. Your photos are always so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Camille said...

The snow is beautiful, so peaceful.

Charlotte said...

Your photographs are absolutely beautiful! The snow, though cold, is so lovely. I hope you stay warm, curled up next to a crackling fire with some hot tea and a good book:)

Susan said...

I miss winter and snow. In South Carolina we rarely have snow. I never thought I would miss the changing seasons, but I do.

Fru R. said...

Good morning Carolyn:)
You have the most beautiful pictures as usual. Here in Stavanger, Norway isn't much snow, it's usual raining away.
I made the blog post today about your blog:)
You can look here:

I hope you will have a fantastic day, and I'm looking forward to your next blogpost, always inspire me a lot!!
Big hug from Mette

Fitra2009 said...

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Jean Tuthill said...

Beautiful pictures, so romantic!

Rita M said...

Lovely vieuws Carolyne :)

Bella said...

Hi Carolyn
I don't think winter could look more lovey then at your place! It is the winter wonderland of dreams! I love that pic of the heavy with snow garland on your little guest cottage... sigh!
Sadly my pretty snow turned to an ice storm, still lovely but not so fun :(
Stay Warm!

Anonymous said...

A dusting of snow here only.. Carolyn,
I love your cottage it's has such a beautiful charm to it.
You have romance down to a fine art my dear!

QuartoSenso Cafe said...

Dear Carolyn, I'm writing you for the first time, your Blog, your world and your pictures are all beautiful !! I'm an Italian foodblogger and mamy of two little kids ... Enjoy your winter and take care. Nice to meet you and I hope to see you soon in my kitchen...Carolina

Anonymous said...

Beautiful looks anything but bleak! I love the snowman peeking over the unique! We only have a little snow here; it's been an unusual winter!

anthony said...

beautiful snowfall shot and i inspire your tea set.

Usmle Step 1

Rusty Hinge said...

Carolyn! I LOVE these photos! You are so talented and your garden looks amazing in the winter!!! I can't wait to see summer pictures of it!!!
Have a wonderful day,