Friday, January 13, 2012

A Beautiful Gift for a Tea Lover

Hello everyone,
     It was a lovely day here made even lovelier for me by a very kind and generous reader Lauriane  from Brazil who sent me a beautiful gift-well several gifts really. 

Lauriane sent me this beautiful handmade shoulder bag specially made to match the colors she knows I love.
These beautiful tulips are grown here locally by Vanco and I look forward every winter to their arrival in the grocery stores.
Here is a peek at the beautiful place mats also  from Lauriane. I love the little tea cup hand stitched on them and they are a pretty shade of pink.
And this lovely pink victorian toile make up bag was also in my parcel.

When I opened my parcel I was so excited I had to have a tea party!
Can you see how pretty the pink placemats are with my pink dishes.
A close look at the shoulder bag-I love the lace heart.
And even a cute little teacup that belonged to Laurieane's grandmother was included.
and wonderfully scented soap!
Can you believe it,there was more- a beautiful tea themed hand painted wooden tea chest! .
It didn't take this tea lover long to fill it up with my herbal teas-it is perfect!
Why don't we have a cup of tea? I think I will have peppermint-what about you?
Love these glasses from Homesense.
Well it was a great day for me and to top it off my thoughtful sister sent me a new Tea Time magazine and to think all my brother got in the mail was a speeding ticket from his vacation in Las Vegas last month!!!

Thank you so much Laurieane(pop over and see more of her lovely handwork on her blog)-I am so amazed that some one I have never met would send me such a beautiful gift all the way from Brazil .It really made my day!

I am joining Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound today.

Thank you to all of you who come to visit me,



Tracy said...

Oh, the gifts are so beautiful! Love the pink glasses & tulips, too! :)

Yayi said...

Me encanta el rosa. Es todo una maravilla. Te felicito.

Linda said...

Carolyn, Carolyn!

You are one lucky girl! And, how thoughtful of that appreciative reader to send you those gorgeous treasures! People, even 'strangers', are so good sometimes! What a nice surprise for you and us! The pinks are absolutely fabulous. Did your reader stitch even the make-up bag?! And, your sister also knows the way to your heart. How lovely it all is..

Hope your lunch at Leonhards was lovely. I haven't had time to email lately since I've returned to work but will soon, promise.

Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

What beautiful gifts, Carolyn! I'm sure she knew you would enjoy and appreciate all of them!

Victorian1885 said...

Have a great weekend you lucky Girl! Enjoy your gifts!


Pamela Gordon said...

Very beautiful gifts! So pretty. I saw tulips in the store the other day but it was too cold to bring them home. I thought they might get chilled. Maybe tomorrow. Enjoy the weekend and your lovely gifts.

"Alone again.... naturally!" said...

Very thoughtful! Enjoy and have a great weekend! Cathy

My Little Home and Garden said...

What a surprise of the gifts must have been for you!
I adore tulips and can appreciate why you would purpose the lovely pink ones. I'll be buying little pots of spring bulbs soon. Meanwhile, the snow finally arrived last night and I'm thrilled.

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...


How incredibly thoughtful of her to do that. Each and every item is absolutely lovely - and perfect for you, Carolyn!

You made up such a beautiful tea party............I only wish Lauriane could have been with you in person for it.

WOW. You know people's random acts of kindness really amaze me sometimes.

it is so nice to learn that sweet things sometimes happen to sweet people, too. This is just lovely.

my cup of tea said...

Your Pink Teapot is the prettiest one I have ever seen! What lovely gifts you received!

Susan said...

Oh my GOODNESS, Carolyn. Those were delightful gifts from Laurieane. What a fabulous surprise!

I loved all the pink, of course.

Well, you deserved the gifties. After all, your blog adds so much beauty to our world.

It refreshes, inspires, and is always a joy to visit.

Take care and have a super weekend with all your new and well deserved treasures. Susan said...

Hello Carolyn,

What a delightful suprise and lovely gifts! If she made them all, then you have a very talented and thoughtful fan! If Laurieane has a blog showcasing her beautiful items, please let us know. Enjoy!

Unknown said...

Happy Pink Saturday!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

The hand painted wooden tea chest is just so pretty, lucky you

Barbara said...

Those acts of kindness can make you feel so special especially when picked so carefully just for you! I love your pink glasses - I have the same ones. Thanks for all the beauty you spread with your blog.

Rowan said...

What a marvellous gift! I especially like the toilet bag - so pretty.

Sanna - My Blueberry House said...

Wow, that is so kind and thoughtful! Beautiful gifts.

Have a nice weekend,

Andi's English Attic said...

How did you manage to get TWO Christmases????

What wonderful gifts. I especially like the bag. Love the way the colours and patterns are put together. xx

Carol at Serendipity said...

How lovely. The fabric in the makeup bag is wonderful. You are a lucky lady. I would have peppermint and two cookies.


Maria said...

What a lovely gesture! The fabrics on the bag are just beautiful!

Karen said...

Hi Carolyn
Its a real treat to read your blog.
You really set a beautiful table. I love your home and beautiful garden.
Kind regards

Anonymous said...

дуже мило, ніжно і гарно )))

vanilla143 said...

WOW beautiful! And did she sew them all by hand? The stitching on the hand bag at least on the top is hand stitched and pretty evenly at that! What a generous soul. Happy Pink Saturday! And peppermint would be a lovely cup of tea right now!

gilda said...

I love the color pink ....:)
these cups and glasses are a dream ... congratulations!

Elzie said...

So beautiful pictures. Pink is one of my favorite colors too. And the bag she made just for you. Lovely!
Hope you have a nice weekend and that the weather is good. Here it's almost storm again, I can't even count all the times we've had storm this winter!!
Love Elzie

Keity said...

Oh, the pictures are breathtaking! Especially the first one;)

Katherines Corner said...

What a beautiful gift of pinks! I always enjoy my visits to your lovely blog. Happy Pink Saturday! Hugs. P.S. I hope you will stop by and say hello and enter my Pink Poodle giveaway :-)

Barb said...

Carolyn, all the gifts are so gracious. The tulips are divine!

Happy Saturday,

Edith DUTERTRE said...

quel douceur dans tout ce service
à thé rose
le thé est-il aussi à la rose ??
bonne fin de journée

Ale said...

Lucky you!Very beautiful gifts!I love them all!

Thuis Thuis said...

I love your pink post.
So sweet she made you a beautiful bag in your own colours.
Have a nice cup of thea.
love Annette

Rose Garden Malevik said...

Oh My Go.......
Just LOVE this POST :)
I say it again,,,,,,,,, :)
and do not miss.....




It´s FUN :)
Håkan ( The Roseman)

LV said...

Your Brazilian friend certainly treated you very well. All the gifts are great. I think it is so nice having friends from other countries, even if they do not send gifts. I have two very dear ones in Sweden. I love what this blogging world does for us.

Yasmin Smith said...

What an "eye-candy" post this is today!! I loved everything, because I am a "pink gal", too. Your friend certainly gifted you with some gorgeous items...and lots
of them! The hand-made purse is so nice, the colors are so happy!!! And the placemats, tea pot and other pretties are gorgeous! Those pink tulips popped out at me and made me smile...who can resist tulips??? Especially when they are a pale pink!!
Thanks for sharing your new treasures with us
Francy (Yasmin)

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Hi Carolyn
Lucky you to be thought of so well all the way from Brazil.
The handcrafted items are adorable and helped make your pink themed tea the perfect occasion to invite us all.



me sinto presenteada também pelas lindas fotos que tirou dos presentes que te enviei e dos comentários carinhosos.

Obrigada a todos.

Lauriane - Macaé - Brasil

*Maristella* said...

Hi Caroly.
Tu vivi sull'Isola dove è ambientata "La strada per Avonlea" che io amo molto!!
Wonderful....Tu sei fortunata!!
Il tuo blog è splendido! :):)
Un caro saluto, *Marustella*.

A Cozy Cottage in the City said...

Oh my goodness! I can't tell you how much I so enjoyed this post - so many beautiful lovelies to be had!!! :) Thank you for sharing & Happy Pink Saturday to you! :) Thank you also for stopping by my "pink post." Am now signing up to be your follower and would of course be honored if you decided to follow along as well {if you like what you see}. :) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


cassandrasminicorner said...

You have gorgeous pink stuff. I like the pink tulips. Just like you I am always looking forward to see tulips:)

Visiting for Pink Saturday! Here's my share- hope you cans top by:)

Shabby Brocante, Karen said...

Everything so pretty and sweet.

Maison Marie et Florence said...

Mooi ,ik ga je zeker volgen!
grtjs uit Belgie

Tanya Anurag said...

Pretty pink!!

Cindy said...

Blogging friends are really the BEST!!! She sent you some very thoughtful gifts, she obviously reads your blog and takes note of everything very carefully. She is a real sweetheart!
Hugs, Cindy

Beverly said...

Carolyn, these were such lovely gifts, and they most have made you feel very special.

And, you created a wonderful tea party to share with all of us.

Happy Pink Saturday.

Katy Noelle said...

This post is filled with everything sweet and pretty. Honestly! It is so inspiring and soothing - a bit of cheeriness for this girly who's wondering how she wound up in winter, again. I really mean have no idea how uplifting it is! =]

So, I was about to publish the comment but have paused because I am thinking....Laurieane's gift has exponential properties. I got some of the overflow. Nice! =]