Thursday, September 1, 2011

Special Ladies for Tea and a Tour

Hello everyone,
     Today was another beautiful day and I had some very special ladies for tea and a tour of the garden.
So, I quickly made some cranberry scones and set a table for tea in the terrace.
A bit of a pink theme today.

an old vintage tablecloth and some pretty teacups.
Some comfy chairs with pillows.
I did some tidying up in the garden-mainly deadheading.

Hoping it will still look pretty for them as by September it is past it's prime you know!
I picked some flowers for a bouquet for our table.
Dahlias,petunias and hydrangeas.

And here they come now the nicest ladies you could meet.-Mary (left) 94 years.Myrna, Erna 93 and Edith 95 years old.Myrna is Erna's niece and she was the driver today but a couple of these oldest ladies still drive a car.Erna has been my neighbor for many years and I admire her greatly. She is a wonderful gardener and has made many beautiful quilts and would always be the first to help a neighbor in any way she could.When I made my first quilt she drove down to help me put it in the quilt frame on a cold and blustery night when she was about eighty years old.What a great role model she is. Now, the other ladies are lovely of course too but I don't know them as well as they don't live in our community.
They joked about getting married in the garden if they could find a suitable fellow!
We enjoyed tea and a visit.
We toured the garden cottage and they thought it would be lovely for a honeymoon-IF they could find the right fellow! Oh, they made me chuckle with their wit and spunk.

So, that was my fun for the day and I hope your day was good too!

Tomorrow night we are having our grandchildren and their parents up for a family camping night. We are planning a bonfire,boat rides(rubber dories) in our new duck pond(still duck less but it is only a few weeks since it was made).Some of you commented on it from my last post -it was made by Ducks Unlimited in our field and we are happily planting some new trees around it. Now back to our plans- an old fashion game of hide and seek when it is almost dark should be fun. I think it will be a fun night for everyone! I also have a request for some peach cream pie and breakfast on the porch -hm! what should I make? The weather is supposed to be lovely but the evenings are getting cooler so the season will  be grinding to a halt soon so I want to enjoy it while we can. I do love all  the seasons but summer is sometimes a little hard to let go off, for me anyway and it always goes by so quickly.Before we know it we will be talking about Christmas!

I am joining Show and Tell Friday at My Romantic Home.

Thank you for visiting me today.



once in a blue moon said...

what wonderful ladies, such a pretty setting and wonderful time for everyone.

Linda said...

What a beautiful group of young ladies, Carolyn! I love the story about Erna and the quilt - she must have been a good teacher, too. Isn't it wonderful to have friends like that? And that is so cute about the garden shed as a potential honeymoon getaway! It certainly would be romantic! You made me chuckle...LOL

Christmastime really IS just around the corner, my friend - in a blink it'll be here! I've already been talking about it on my blog as you know! SMILE.

I'm thrilled that you have been enjoying my past several posts - with another to come - on your magnificent gardens!


Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Those ladies look adorable. Your dahlia's are gorgeous, mine have foliage and NO blooms this year?

HOPE said...

How charming...sweet elderly ladies for tea..and I can hear the giggles about a gent!

Such a lovely tea place. I love the beautiful flowers.

Thank you for the moment.


Pamela Gordon said...

Those dear ladies must have had so much fun having lunch in your garden! I think that is so special to entertain them. My mil is 94 and in a nursing home. We visited her yesterday with our grandson and she didn't have any idea who he was or who we were but loved every minute of it! So sad. But when I see these photos of these dear elderly ladies I think it's wonderful! Have a fun weekend 'camping' in your yard with your grandchildren! Hugs, Pamela

FABBY'S LIVING said... of those gorgeous days, the company, the tea cups, and stunning sorroundings, filled with nature's beauty with gorgeous flowers! Wish I could've been there! Hugs and come over to visit. FABBY

Bella said...

Hi Carolyn,
What a beautiful tea for the lovely ladies, I hope they find fellows deserving of all their spunk :)
The Petunia is a beauty, I haven't planted any in awhile... I'll have to add it to next years want list!
I have been been looking at your new duck pond and even had to show my husband... who is very jealous :-) It is amazing!

Teagarden said...

What a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing! I hope we will all have such days in our 90th...


Sandie said...

What a smashing afternoon you and your lovely ladies had!

Sandie xx

Riet said...

What wonderful ladies. I hope to be so good at that age. Beautifu garden and settings for the guests who still hope to find a suetable fellow. Great! hihi

muhabbetsofrasi said...

tabaklar,fincanlar, çiçekler, ortam....

harika hepsi :)

suzeeez said...

What a beautiful tea party table and garden ! Such pretty teacups and setting and chairs with pillows. All of the ladies must have enjoyed that ! I can't believe they are all in their 90s!
Good for them & what a special day you made for them :o)

lory said...

un'atmosfera magica !!!!!!!!!! complimenti di cuore lory

podso said...

What an amazing afternoon you must have had, and how you blessed those dear ladies! It sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead of you!

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

What a great group of ladies to share tea with! Your weekend plans sound like so much fun! I wanted to ask you about your doll you have the inside furnished? I have the exact dollhouse. My granddaughters have so much fun playing with it!~Hugs, Patti

Linda J. said...


La Table De Nana said...

Those girls a stunningly gorgeous a nd glowing with health.You did them proud Carolyn..
WE can all only hope in our hearts of hearts to be like them..

Everything is just perfect as always Carolyn.Thank you for this treat.

Carolyn said...

Hi Patti,
Yes, the dollhouse is furnished but not elaborately.The little ones really enjoy playing with it when they visit though.

Thanks for visiting everyone!

Have a lovely day.


Fixing My Thoughts said...

Carolyn, your garden, tea table, and company all look splendid! (Did they all dress in blue deliberately?) :o) I have found women of that age to have marvelous wit and insight, too, and they are some of my favorite people. Thanks for sharing about such wonderful ladies. Bess

Deanna said...

Carolyn, It is always a delight to visit your place in cyberspace. I truly think you are a special lady with such a beautiful blog.

Such a nice time you must have had with these sweet ladies over tea and fellowship.

Christmas is on my mind....the details of gifts and decorating! Soon, the winds here in Kansas will begin to blow in cold weather and the radiator will have to be turned on. I have got to clean them this September.

May you have a wonderful week-end with Family!
God bless.
d from homehaven

Fróni said...

Dear Carolyn! I'm Veronika from Hungary. I speak just a little English-I'm sorry! Your garden, your your "world" are amazing! So beautiful!I'm very glad I found your blog.Are you sure I'll be back many times more!Please check if it is to me a little time to:
Have a nice weekend!Best regards from Hungary!Fróni

Judi said...

Greetings from Ontario!
Your gardens are absolutely beautiful. I love the dahlias...beautiful colours and lovely pictures.
The ladies sound to be so witty and fun...spunky... :o)

I adore the beautiful pictures with the white...sweet.
thank you for sharing...
I hope you are having good weather your way...I've never been to the east coast but would love to do that.
have a great weekend and come by and visit when you have a chance.