Monday, August 29, 2011

A Misty Morn in the Garden

Hello everyone,
    I hope all is well with you after Hurricane Irene passed through-here we escaped with only a windy day and some rain but I know some of you were hit harder but maybe not as hard as anticipated.
  One morning late last week we arose to a very misty morn so I grabbed my camera and took a few shots around the garden. I loved the look of the angel above with the mist around giving a mystical look.

The roses look so pretty in the mist.
I will let you wander around the garden -enjoy the soft mystical  look as you go.

 We have seven of our grandchildren here for a couple of days so we are enjoying the sound of giggles and happy excited little voices in our home once again.
 We are supposed to have beautiful weather here all week so we will happily take it!

I am joining Cielo for show off your cottage Monday at the house in the roses.

Thank you for visiting me,



A Garden of Threads said...

Ohmygosh Carolyn, the garden is very serene in the mist. Stunning!!!

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Georgous, georgous, georgous ~ you are completely surrounded by beauty.

Have a wonderful time with your grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

Oh Carolyn your misty morn pictures are divine! I wish I had a fraction of your beautiful garden at my house.



June said...

Carolyn, I just sit here in awe over these photos and the beauty of your gardens. I can't believe how beautifully all your plants grow there. I would love to see the hydrangeas grow so tall here.
I am so thrilled to hear that you were included in Jo-Anne's new issue. I still think that you have got to be published in Victoria someday. Your whole blog reminds me so much of it.
I'm so glad you didn't have any damage from the storm.
sending hugs

Kim Gillian said...

Beautiful garden images. Love them!-Kim

Joanne said...

Just so stunning and gorgeous Carolyn!
Thank you for faithfully sharing and blessing your reading audience with such lovely visuals!
You are gifted indeed!

CIELO said...

Truly a fairytale place... my kind of Paradise wrapped in mist. Lovely! Thanks for participating in our Show Off Your Cottage Monday!


Candylei said...

Jawdropping photographs. So very beautiful and dreamy. I also know how much work it is to keep up gardens. Yours looks fantastic!

Emilka said...

I can't believe how beautifully garden have you. This is a magical.

Vores have said...

Super flotte billeder.
Rigtig flot blog du har. Jeg har tilføje mig som følger.
Ha´en god tirsdag.
Knus Hanne Bente

floremio/decorelle said...

I'm in love with this garden

Landbohaven said...

Jeg kom lige forbi din blog.
Super gode billeder.
Hvor har du en smuk have og rigtig mange skønne blomster.
Flot indgang til haven.
Tak for rundvisningen.

It's me said...

Beautifil all the mist !! and that angel is wonderful !! enjoy a happy week from

Atena said...


Bente said...

I almost have no words. It is so beautiful in your garden in the mist too.

Hugs Bente

Hélène Flont , french illustrator said...

Oh dear Carolyn!! what a lovely walk i did in your misty and poetic garden!!
Thank you for sharing this beauty!!✿◕ ‿ ◕✿


Dear Carolyn,

what a beautiful sense of peace through these pictures.
Thank you for sharing this!


skimmia said...

What to write here :-) beautiful garden
I found your blog by accident and just fell in love with me :-)
Such beautiful pictures of the mysterious and fairytale.
greetings from Poland

La Table De Nana said...


We have the same angel:) Not the same gardens..I did not know you had water..pond? lake? So beautiful..Enjoy those seven little angels..I know you do:)

Such a pretty pretty post!

Millie said...

Each photo is more beautiful than the next! I'm happy to hear that Irene didn't do too much damage.

Sentimental Living said...

Pictures from Secret Garden or Paradise??? Beautiful and amazing!:)

Vivi said...

You have a very beautyfull garden, and i love your pictures.

millefeuilles said...

Isn't life wonderful? These photographs capture pure magic.... and damned fine photography skills too ;-)

Your blog has been giving me joy and inspiration for a while now and I wanted to let you know that, as a garden lover, I am hosting a giveaway which would be of interest to you. I would very much like you to have a chance to win....

Greetings from France.


Kansas Amy said...

So beautiful! When I visit your blog I feel almost like I am there and on a retreat. Thank you so much for sharing!

Elzie said...

So lovely pictures. Just love the angel with the mist around it. And just to look at your garden makes me want to try to get one alike it.
I'm so glad that at least you didn't have to see your garden lost in that weather.
Love Elzie

HOPE said...

Hi Carolyn... I just found your blog and sooo HAPPY I did.

Your photography is captivating and so BEAUTIFUL. Congratulations!!

Oh how lovely it is there...and what a blessing to live amongst such beauty!

I will enjoy visiting often!!

Blessings to you

Georgianna said...

I always love your misty photos the best, Carolyn! And so relieved that you didn't have any trouble with the storm. I kept watching the map and seeing it was moving away from you – thankfully! Look forward to more misty photos! – g

Beverly said...

Carolyn, I love the look and feel of these photos. I could imagine walking around in my bare feet and enjoying the quiet.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Carolyn, you have such a fairy tale garden. I cannot imagine what it must be like to wake up each morning surrounded by such beauty. It truly is a haven! I've said it before and I'll say it again; I could move right into that little cottage of yours.
I'm glad the storm didn't cause any harm to your property. The wind broke off some of our Glads and that's about it. I'm not going to complain. Enjoy the little ones.


Camille said...

You have such a beautiful house & garden, Carolyn. I especially love the vine growing up by the chimney and all the beautiful flowers. It all looks so peaceful. You are blessed to live in such a place.

Cindy said...

Gorgeous photos, you ought to enter them in a photo contest or else write your own book and fill it with your garden photos.
Hugs, Cindy

Linda said...


You've managed to capture a moment in time so beautifully. I love the mystical quality to your photos. You have such an eye for the perfect shots!

Midge has a suggestion for the name of your new 'old' wooden boat - "Lady of the Lake"...SMILE.


Lavender Cottage said...

Hello Carolyn
The misty landscape adds a real ambience to your gardens. Just beautiful!
Enjoy the grands, I'm sure there'll be a tea party at some point. ;-)

Susan said...

Visiting your garden is like taking a little stroll through heaven, Carolyn. Thanks for the tour. You must be an angel! Susan

Ida - Garten-Keramik said...

I've just now discovered your blog, your fantastic beautiful garden. What a dream.
Warm greetings from Switzerland

Anne-Marie S said...

Hello Carolyn, there are some months that I visit your blog without leaving message (my English is not very good). But I can stay no longer without say to you my admiration in front of your magnificent garden! Which romanticism, and this light fog adds some more of mystery... "Bravo" for this attractive blog and this wonderful garden. Amicalement.

podso said...

You did a great job of capturing the mist in your garden. I could feel it! I know you are really enjoying your garden as fall sets in...

Terri said...

so peaceful and beautiful!!! Very Happy to hear that Miss "Irene" did not bring harm your way!!!! Thank you so much for sharing.... Love the music as well.... Terri

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

A stunning post!!


Mother Nature at her best!


AndeM1 said...

Carolyn (was my mother's name and is also my daugther's middle name...lovely)...I just found you through pintrest.....I am nearly in tears your gardens are so beautiful and cant' wait to go through each of your post tonight when my children are fast asleep....I have to know....did you build your arbors? They are amazing...amazing.....along with your garden.......Andrea in ILlinois......

Carolyn said...

Hi Andrea,
My sweet husband built the arbors in our garden and thank you for your kind words.


Suanna said...

Thanks for a trip down memory lane. I could literally smell and feel the misty morning. WOW!

Creative Choices Interior(s) said...

You have the most beautiful gardens!! And I absolutely love the picture of your house with the boat and pond in the foreground.