Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer Days in the Garden and Big News!

Hello Everyone,
    We are enjoying our summer days in the garden as our temperatures are warm but not hot with enough rain to keep the garden green and lush.- we had a good rain last night. Yesterday,my husband and I spent most of the day weeding,edging,deadheading and even moving a few perennials around because of clashing colors(watered them well).Normally,I wouldn't move at this time but because it is not as hot this summer and there is more moisture I think it will work.
We do have some Island ladies coming for a tour tomorrow evening.
The delphiniums are still putting on a pretty good show.

The hydrangeas are starting to bloom now and I love how they put on a good show for weeks with no attention.

The view from our balcony.

Annebelle Hydrangea with a Jackmani Clematis in the background.

Well,this is some of the highlights of our garden in summer.Next time I will show you the areas I missed today.
Now for my big news.........I am so excited to be included in Jo-Anne Coletti's new Feminine Home magazine that is coming out in August.Jo-Anne has the most romantic and feminine style and so many talents-I know many of you are already fans but if you have not seen her work yet please Check out her blog  Vintage Rose Collection and you can order a copy of her first magazine or pre order her new one coming soon.! Many thanks to Jo-Anne for including some of my photos of the garden etc. but also Thank you to my friend Linda at Beautiful Ideas for sending Jo-Anne to my blog- you should also stop in to see all Linda's beautiful ideas-you will be happy you did!

I hope you are enjoying your summer days too!



once in a blue moon said...

your garden is so gorgeous and lush it just transports me to pure bliss~ said...

WOW!!!!! What gorgeous gardens:) Just amazing how beautiful they are.
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Brenda ~ Shabby Cats and Roses said...

You know I just love seeing your beautiful gardens!! And a HUGE Congratulations for being included in Jo-Anne's new magazine coming out soon!! That is Fabulous!! I'll be ordering my copy of the new one as soon as it's available ~ I already have her first, and I am always looking thru it at all the beautiful photographs inside :)

Warmest hugs, Brenda

Nanniepannie said...

I so enjoy visiting your garden through your blog. You often speak of tours of your garden. If that something open to the public? If so, can you tell me how I can get more information. I would love to visit your island.

Suzann said...

Your garden is so beautiful!!!! Looks so inviting. Congrats to being in Jo-Anne's magazine I can't wait to get an issue!!
Enjoy your day!!!
Suzann ~xoxo~

Carolyn said...

Hi Nanniepannie,
Thank you for your interest in our garden.
If you get a chance to visit our beautiful Island send me an email before you come and we can hopefully make a plan for you to visit our garden.

Take care,

Sherry said...

Congrats Carolyn! I know your home is very magazine worthy! :)

suzeeez said...

Such a beautiful garden and I love the pinks and purples. I'll have to check out that new magazine, looks interesting! :o) Sue

It's me said...

Southerncook said...

I am soooooooo enjoying seeing your garden unfold. My Annabelle's bloomed and are now feeling the stress of our heat and humidity. I do have some Limelights blooming though. Congratulations to you on being featured in the magazine. I will definitely order a copy.

Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

Elizabeth and Gary said...

How very exciting for you Congratulations! I will be keeping my eyes out for this beautiful magazine.
Your garden is glorious!
Have a sweet day and big hugs, Elizabeth

Carla said...

Hi Carolyn,
Your garden is absolutely amazing! Wish I could spend a day in it. Our climate is wonderful but without the rain our gardens just aren't as lush. A visit to your island and your garden is onmy "bucket" list!

Angela said...

gorgeous grounds. Congratulations!

Jeannine said...

Your gardens are so lovely. The blues and pinks together are amazing. The hydrangeas are just about done here in hot California. Nice to look at yours just blooming.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyn, I'm so happy for you!! Your garden is so beautiful.It's pure heaven.


poppilinnstudios said...

Carolyn, each post is so lovely. I can't imagine a more beautiful garden. And, Congratulations!

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

YOur home and garden belong in magazines!! So gorgeous~now I want to know how much time each day are you tending to your garden? I hope it is many, otherwise I am going to be deeply discouraged as to how it could look so beautiful! I cannot keep up with mine, and it is tiny!

Sandy said...

You have the most breathtaking gardens Carolyn! So beautiful and stunning. Congrats on be featured in JoAnne's new magazine.

La Vie Quotidienne said...

So beautiful...the delphiniums, lovely, lovely, lovely. And congratulations on being included in the magazine ~ is is so well deserved.(-:

Gilda - Sweet sweet home said...

Hi Carolyn! Every time I see your garden it's like being in paradise. What a shame to live so far away. Many greetings Gilda

Pamela Gordon said...

Congratulations Carolyn! That is wonderful that your beautiful gardens and home will be in a magazine. I will check it out. Your gardens are amazing and I guess the cool damp weather is really good for them! Pamela

Mrs. Wright said... beautiful and and your gardens were my inspiration when I first started my blog. My garden is coming along sweetly and I had the nerve to host a Garden Tour which went well! Thank you for sharing all that you ARE and Do!

Tea & scones always,

Anonymous said...

Top 10 Reasons to visit Prince Edward Island:

1) Carolyn's gardens
2) Carolyn's gardens
3) Carolyn's biscuits
4) Carolyn's gardens
...You get the picture! SMILE



Cindy said...

Beautiful photos and good for you, I am so glad you are going to be in a magazine! How fun! Your house and your gardens are some of the prettiest in Canada, I guarantee it!
Hugs, Cindy

Larry said...

Your garden is so very beautiful... remarkable really! I love the delphiniums and the trellises.... the wicker reminds me of my time spent on a porch in Vermont looking out to the river... wonderful post! Larry

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I am so blown away by the beauty of your garden. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous pictures.

Jocelyn @

Camille said...

Your photos are stunning, as usual, Carolyn. The garden looks so lush and green. Beautiful!

Victorian1885 said...

Beautiful Carolyn! Congratulations on your publishing news too. Have a great rest of the week my Islander friend!


Wendy@Once upon a rose haven said...

Dear Carolyn,
Congratulations! Your garden and your blog are amazing! Thank you for sharing it with us. It's always a pleasure visiting!

Andi's English Attic said...

Congratulations. If anyone's home deserves to be included in this magazine, it's yours.


Bella said...

Hello Carolyn,
Congratulations!! This is a well deserved honor, your garden amaze me!! I can't wait to see the magazine, Jo Anne does amazing work!
As I said those are the Delphinium beds I dream of!! Beautiful and so well done, Congrats!!

A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Carolyn...I am a big fan of Jo~Anne's and have had the pleasure of meeting her! Having her first Feminine Home I am anxiously awaiting her second and am so happy you will be gracing some of the lovely pages!! Congratulations!

ladonnaincorriera said...

What a beautiful garden Carolyn!!!!Lovely, by Mari

Tatjana Sprenger said...

Dear Carolyn,
what a wonderful garden! I hope that my garden looks so soon ;) We've moved and now everything must first grow..
I will visit your site more often.
Best regards,