Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Little Girls Tea Party

Hello Everyone,
       This morning two of my little granddaughters came for a visit and we always enjoy a tea party. We gathered up some pretty dresses and tea things and went off to the garden cottage to enjoy.
That tea sure is good!
Have a little more tea?
Little sister Abby
Big sister Olivia

The girls had great fun changing dresses, sipping 'tea' etc. but I am not sure who had the most fun them or me!

I am joining Susan with our little tablescape today at Between Naps on the Porch.

Thank you for stopping by!



Crystal Rose Cottage said...

What a special time for you and your granddaughters! These are the things that they will always remember when they grow up! The collage photos are beautiful!~Hugs, Patti

Marsha said...

What beautiful granddaughters in their lovely dresses. The pictures are wonderful. What a calm and peaceful morning with your girls!

Pink Piccadilly Pastries said...

This is just precious Carolyn!!! What gorgeous photos!!! My daughter and I were having a tea party together yesterday! What is funny is that she did'nt even want a cherry scone with cherry whipped cream!! She was enchanted with having a small teapot all her own, pouring the cream and spooning in the sugar! She drank tea until the pot was empty! How lovely to have tea with your granddaughters! Thanks for sharing! Jina

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

They just couldn't be any more precious!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

So sweet to see your little darlings at tea. I'm sure they love it as much as you do! And what a pretty table you have set for them! Lovely photos as always!

Doni said... sweet! Those faces are so pretty!!! I just grinned and grinned seeing those photos. Thanks for sharing such a memorable time. As always, beautiful!!!
Blessings, Doni

A Garden of Threads said...

Lovely pictures of your beautiful granddaughters Carolyn. They look so cute in their dresses. hugs, Jen

Pamela Gordon said...

They are the sweetest little girls in their gorgeous vintage dresses. Beautiful photos. One of the organza dresses reminded me of a pink one I wore as a flower girl. I also like the cute teapot. Just lovely!

Linda said...

What amazing pictures of your sweet granddaughters tea party!

They were just beautiful!

Thanks for sharing!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Pam said...

Carolyn, Can you possibly post anything more precious! Darling granddaughters in beautiful dresses. Everything about this was lovely. Pam

Rowan said...

What lovely little girls and so nice to see them dressed in pretty dresses too. I love the photos with your grandadughter wearing the hat:)

Lola Azul said...

Lovely pictures with real princess!. Congratulations!

Wonen in wit said...

How cute is this!!
makes me want to be a little girl again
they are so lucky to have a grandmother who loves to do this with theme, {and you are so lucky that they want to do this with you:)}

from the Netherlands

Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

Goodness! I can eat those beautiful little children up! And the gorgeous little girl dresses? Absolutely amazing. And how precious for them to enjoy the tea party and change 'outfits' -- what good little girls! You are one lucky grandmother. :)

Talibra said...

Piękne zdjęcia, śliczne młode damy, cudowne chwile.

1717 said...

Carolyn, you have lovely granddaughters!! their little world is so beautiful...
greetings from Warsaw:o)

podso said...

I see that you have taught them to put their finger on the teapot lid when they pour. It's fun to see my little 3 year old granddaughter do that, no matter if the tea gets in the cup or not. :-) Such a lovely post, the dresses are sweet and your granddaughters will have wonderful memories of these special times with their grandma!

Jenny said...

Oh my they are perfection! What beautiful memories you are making together!!
I am new to your blog and I love it!
Jen xo

Camille said...

Your granddaughters are beautiful, Carolyn. And their dresses are lovely. It reminds me of a quieter, more gentle time.

La Table De Nana said...

More than cute:) I love everything about your posts with your children and grandchildren..

Brilliantly beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Dear Carolyn,

These little girls look like angels or fairies !
They are so pretty.
Ravissantes !

You are blessed to have such beautiful grandchildren.
A treat to look at them.

Lana K. W. Austin said...

Beautiful. Angelic. Sublime.

And I'm talking about your gorgeous granddaughters!

The tablescape/tea party is, too!!!!

I have thrown two tea party birthdays for my daughter and I just love it!!!

Lana In Italy (until September!)

Margaret said...

Carolyn, how adorable, you are truly blessed to have these little angels as grandaughters. They are beautiful as is your garden and all your photo's.

Susan said...

What a charming affair, Carolyn. Your granddaughters are so beautiful. You must cherish them with all your heart. Thanks so much for sharing. Susan

Emily said...

This tea party is the sweetest thing I've seen in a long time. These little granddaughters in their little dresses, so pure and innocent. Those sweet faces, it is precious. Your photography is beautiful and I loved each and every photo. This post is so charming, and your are such a blessed grandmom...........Thanks for sharing you darling girls.
I look forward to more of this, when I take the tour of your blog.

The French Hutch

La Vie Quotidienne said...

So adorable...they must love dressing up and having tea in their beautiful dresses. What great memories for them, and you too.

Deanna said...

Sweet Summer blessings to you!!!
Precious little girls in darling clothing sipping tea at the cottage....Carolyn, wish all little girls could have this experience to embrace!

Lovely time to have.

Have you ever thought of having a little girls tea party for the public? Oh would be outstanding in your garden. So delightful.

God bless,

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Oh, aren't they precious and didn't they have a wonderful time; making memories with Grandma! Beautiful photos, my friend!


~Tablescapes By Diane~ said...

Hi lovely lady.
Your granddaughters are Beautiful sweet little girls Aiken. I love your photos of the Tea party for them. I always love coming over to see your new tea partys. I hope you have a Great Week with your lovely family. Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my Tablescape for two.
XXOO Diane

Alex aus dem Gwundergarten said...

How sweet is that! Wonderful, the girls must have had great fun. What a petty that you aren't my grandmum :o).
Take care

Cindy said...

I have a feeling that you had just as much fun as they did! They will probably grow up to be just like you. I love all of the sweet dresses and the tea things.
Very lovely.
Hugs, Cindy

Shabby soul said...

I thaught it was not possible to find things sweeter than your marvelous flowers.
I was wrong.
They DO!!
They are stunning!
Have a nice day darling Carolyn

Favo de Mel said...

This bolg is one of the most beautiful that I often visit, congratulations on your perfect job. kisses

Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch said...

Oh my that is so adorable. I am a new follower. Those girls are too cute.

Victorian1885 said...

So precious Carolyn! Your granddaughters are adorable.. Have a wonderful evening.


Tess said...

Your granddaughters are beautiful and I'm sure had a wonderful tea time. This is something that will make a happy memory for them and for you.

Just so sweet and adorable!

Wendy@Once upon a rose haven said...

So sweet and tender! I love it!
Hugs ~Wendy

Trish - Sweetology101 said...

treasured memories and the most stunning of photos. Precious!

Sarah said...

Or us! This is a fun post, Carolyn. I can only imagine all the giggles and delight of changing into each pretty dress. What darling little models! ~ Sarah

maría cecilia said...

I so adore this lovely post Carolyn, and your grands are the cutiest!!!!
hugs dear
p.s. well, I do adore everything you post....

Entertaining Women said...

A special day making beautiful memories. I think that they will one day make a point to create the same glorious opportunities for their own grandchildren. Olivia is the hat...priceless! Thank you for sharing your delgihtful design. Cherry Kay

Anonymous said...

love this lil girls tea party. I have annual tea parties with my lil girl and my many nieces. They always look forward to it! absolutely love all your pictures. love your blog, one of my fav's!