Friday, May 13, 2011

Rhapsody in Pink

Hello everyone,
      It is hard to believe that it is the weekend already! I think we have had rain or drizzle everyday this week with more to come.I hope this pattern changes soon.

  A few weeks ago I found this  tea cup at a local thrift shop and it was too pretty to resist. I picked some pink hyacinths from the garden  and I have a pretty pink cookie to go with a cup of tea.

Might as well curl up with a garden magazine for awhile.

The beautiful wooden painted box was part of a giveaway that I won from Tatiana all the way from Greece.I love the beautiful flowers that Tatiana painted  and I will  show you the rest of the giveaway that I was lucky enough to win later.Thank you again,Tatiana for this lovely gift.

You can sit here and watch the rain for awhile-we seem to be getting lots of it! At least the grass is green and lush now and the leaves are slowly unfurling.

I do love teacups-don't you?

A little more pink for you.
Soft and sweet pinks.

Today I am joining Cindy at My Romantic Home for Show and Tell and Beverly for Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend,



GrannySue said...

That cup is just fabulous. I love the setting you did. It is truly a rapsody!!! I am drooling over that wonderful tea cup find.

~Shabby~Prim~Delights~ said...

Our thrift shops never have anything pretty like that, it is gorgeous. Now a question for you...the rose in the piccy with the green tinge to the dont happen to know its name by any chance? I have been hunting everywhere for it.

Linda said...

Ohhh these pictures are sooo pretty! I love all the soft pink flowers ...and the teacups are very pretty.

Thanks for this vision of loveliness!!!


Jil~Say It With Roses said...

Hello Carolyn....What a lovely blog and beautiful post!
I am afraid I will never find a beautiful treasure like your cup and saucer here! I have to travel a ways to get some really good finds!
Your bed by the window is so inviting. Your pink flowers my favorite shade of pink!
Happy Pink Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Your blog post is a delightful getaway with its lovely photos. That tea cup is so pretty. Wishing you a wonderful weekend Carolyn.

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Fabulous! The teacup is gorgeous, what a treasure. As always so inspirational..hugs ~lynne~

Shirl said...

Happy Pink Saturday! Beautiful post, georgous teacups! Cookie looks delish, your pictures are beautiful!
Shirls Rose Cottage

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Really lovely photos of some beautiful soft pinks! The teacup is gorgeous!~Hugs, patti

Susan said...

Honestly, Carolyn, that cup is a heart stopper. If I ever saw anything like that in a thrift store, I'd faint right on the floor. Ohhhhh,everything looks so wonderful . Thanks for sharing. Susan


Gorgeous cup, I probably wouldn't have passed it up either! I love the way you set this up, it's so romantic and inviting!
I'm also at Pink Sat., hope you come over. Have a nice weekend.

Atelier de Charo said...

All is so pretty, so sweet pinks for today!

Happy Pink Saturday!


Anonymous said...


It is truly a pleasure and an honour to walk through your glorious garden via your blog posts!!! You must have the greenest thumbs on the planet. Gardening is truly a passion and your love for it shows in the culmination of all your dedicated hard work. PEI's bees must consider you their Queen. Smile. I believe we share many common interests and I am excited to visit with you among the flowers time and time again...Thank you for taking the time to share your loves!


joy said...

Lovely! I adore pink!

~Shabby~Prim~Delights~ said...

Thankyou Carolyn for the name of that rose. I have been hunting for months and months..ever since I bought a bouquet of them from my supermarket and no one has been able to tell me the name. Now as soon as rose season starts at the nursery (next month) I can order one. Thankyou again you have made my day.

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

You must live in tea cup country! Such a pretty cup. I've actually been on the lookout for some. They just don't turn up much. So nice to see your green. The thought of rain made me nostalgic. We're in a drought here. But then we don't get much anyway. I enjoy your posts very much.

Anna at the Doll House said...

Hello Carolyn

Your pinks are so pretty and feminine and don't you think tea actually tastes better from a pretty, porcelain cup? I love to read about your tea parties.

Here in the north we mostly drink coffee. However, when tea is on offer it is often fruit or herb tea. Otherwise, Earl Grey seems to be a favorite.


Maleviks Rosenträdgård said...

Hello Carolyn
LOVELY cups...I LOVE them :)
I really like your blog, it´s the BEST :)
ok...I said it again :)
and do not miss




Håkan ( The Roseman)

Rowan said...

What a wonderful find - the thrift shops in my area never seem to have pretty things like that.

Hélène Flont ✿Fine Art said...

My favorite rhapsody!!! happy pink Carolyn!

lory said...

hi carolyn, your soft pink is very very nice... a good w.e. for you lory

Marydon said...

Carolyn, your tea cup is gorgeous! & your photos are exquisite. What alovely tea & setting.

Have a beautiful PINK weekend ~

5 Day GIVEAWAY, pop over

Anonymous said...

As always, you make my day !
My favorite rapsody, pink of course.
Happy Pink saturday to you.

Have a lovely weekend.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Good morning Carolyn,
Your tea cup is just beautiful! You find the most lovely things out on your travels! Your collage of pinks is stunning; dreamy! I still haven't learned to make a collage. Duh! Congratulations on winning that lovely display box all the way from Greece! A truly wonderful gift! Enjoy your weekend.


Trish - Sweetology101 said...

I am a new and SO happy follower. This blog is so dreamy. The pink cup is wonderful. I adore the little flowers in the bottom. I am excited to see the other wonderful future posts from you as I have added you to my blogroll. Stop on over for tea with me anytime!

Katherines Corner said...

one word....Gorgeous!

Olivia said...

Oh wow! This is probably the prettiest tea cup I have ever seen! And oh that bed is just gorgeous! Love your post today. Happy Pink Saturday!

Bernideen said...

Oh how beautiful and what a lovely painted box...all very wonderful as always!

Lavender Cottage said...

Hi Carolyn
Your new teacup is pretty, a great find. It would be nice to have a cup of tea with one of your delicious looking cookies.
Have a great weekend.

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Wow, I have never seen a teacup like that in a thrift store! May I ask the name of it? Just gorgeous!
Love all of your beautiful pinks! Happy Pink Saturday!


Shabby soul said...

Darling Carolyn what a lovely images!
This little pink heart sandwich is fantastic?
What is made it with?
Have a nice day

HWIT BLOGG said...

What a lovely lovely blog and lovely lovely pictures!!
Best wishes from Sweden and Titti

Anonymous said...

Your home & gardens are so amazing!! I've been reading your blog for hours and felt like I was there in person :) I also love to collect china and like you I have a weakness for red staffordshire. Thanks so much for sharing and have a lovely weekend, Jannet

Pamela Gordon said...

It's just beautiful Carolyn! You'd hardly know it was raining from your pretty pink pictures. It is so dreary here too but I was glad to have yesterday to work in the gardens. Enjoy! Pamela

Madelief said...

Dear Carolyn,

What a beautiful teacup! I would have taken it with me as well if I had seen it in the thrift shop.

I wish we had the rain you have. It has been dry in Holland since the beginning of April. Big cracks are appearing everywhere in the garden. I took several plants with me from France, but I can't do anything with them.....

Perhaps we can swap. I will send some sunshine your way :-)!

Happy weekend & lieve groet,

Madelief x

La Vie Quotidienne said...

What a beautiful cup and saucer! All of the pink is so pretty and you put it all together so wonderfully. Super pictures...the mosiacs ~ oh my!

Carol said...

This has got to be the prettiest pink post ever.
Beautiful teacup, box, flowers, magazine, linens, daybed....just gorgeous!

Heaven's Walk said...

You know, Carolyn, every time I visit your blog....I sigh. Your home is just so beautifully welcoming and cozy and peaceful....

xoxo laurie

The Tablescaper said...

This is just lovely. I'd love to be there sipping tea and enjoying that beautiful tea cup.

It would be great to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

- The Tablescaper

Catherine Denton said...

Rain would never seem dreary sitting there drinking tea.
My Blog

Georgianna said...

It's just all so pretty, Carolyn. I really love the cup – so sweet with the flowers in the bottom. I enjoyed seeing the peak at your garden, too, with the narcissus coming up. And that painted box is really a lovely gift – what a treasure.

I hope you get sunshine soon!

– g

maría cecilia said...

Beautiful tea cup Carolyn!!! and so pretty wooden painted box you won... and, well, as always your posts are the most romantic ones!!!
hugs my dear

kimmie said...

What a lovely tea cup - I so wish I had the space to store all of the gorgeous tea cups I run across! I think I'll have to live vicariously through you for a while. =)

Pondside said...

Pink is just the antidote to all the grey sky and rain here today. You know, I have that same pink cup and saucer, from my grandmother's house. I inheirited a large collection of cups and saucers and love to set a tea table by colour - and my favorite is pink.

Vlaďka said...

Hello Carolyne,
your new tea cup is beaufiful. I love tea cups or collection of different cups...Och!
Your pictures are beautiful.
Have a nice day Vlaďka

Victorian1885 said...

Good afternoon Carolyn
Spring has finally sprung in Saskatchewan this last few weeks. We are having to water the lawns today and are enjoying a 21 C degree day. The man made Wascana lake that is a block away had some water rising issues but it has gone back to normal for now. Our Farmers in the province aren't able to seed much of the crops as the fields are so wet. We are looking forward to a nice warm week ahead so I hope it reaches you soon as well. Our home is being viewed again today for a second time by some Out of Province buyers so we are keeping our fingers crossed for a sale this week. I will truly miss the character and charm of an older home but am ready to part with allot of my collections and get ready to travel more in the upcoming years. I so wish you lived closer as our tastes are so alike and my treasures would find a lovely new home. Have a wonderful Sunday and I hope your sunshine arrives soon so you can get out into your beautiful gardens.


Sarah said...

How are blessed!

HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Carolyn.

No one makes beauty quite like you. I am always showing my husband your exquisite gardens and photos.

mypinkprettiesaboutme said...

Beautiful treasures that you found and was made for you. Thx for sharing with us



Phyllis said...

Oh, how lovely your Pink Rhapsody is.....the photographs are so delicate and so softly romantic. I love everything about this post!