Sunday, March 20, 2011

Welcome Spring!

Hello everyone!
     Can you believe spring has officially arrived? We still have snow here but it is sunny and melting and I hear more birds singing in the garden lately so that is all good.
  I thought I would share a few pictures from our spring garden in previous years. There are perennials and bulbs popping up in the garden as soon as the snow melts as we had no frost but it will be weeks before we have this color in the garden this year but time passes quickly so I am enjoying the anticipation while I get some spring cleaning done inside so I will be ready to move outdoors as soon as weather permits.

Looking forward to beautiful tulips in the garden again.

Fringe tulips
Our hillside garden at the south of our home.
I have seen a couple of robins in the garden again last week-so soon they will be busy making their nests and feeding their young.

Virginia Bluebells
I love these beautiful daffodils and I see some are up a couple of inches already.

Now,I have a  confession to make about my lack of computer knowledge.I accidently deleted ALL my pics on my Christmas blog and some pictures of this blog by deleting my web albums because I did not know they would be deleted off my blog too! Ouch!!! Well, at least I now know what NOT to do. So, just in case some of you did not know this either and free up space in your web albums by deleting them just make sure they were not used on your blog-but maybe everyone else in the world knew this but me!
I am joining The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sundays today.

Take care,


Mieke'S said...

Mooie foto's!
Lente mag komen!

Parkvegens Hageglede said...

Beautiful pictures of spring flowers and plants. Thank you!

Shabby soul said...

Darling Carolyn when I saw your images I couldn't believe my eyes! Last post there was so much snow and now... full of blooming flowers!
But then the mystery cleared up...
Your garden is so beautiful, and I do love Martha's garden also in spring.
Have a nice day

Linda said...

Oh how beautiful Carolyn, thanks for the taste of spring.

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

Carolyn: Isn't it great that the spring is officially here. Your flowers from last year were so beautiful. I can tell you I lost all my pictures off of my blog last year after Picassa said I ran out of space. I did not know that I was using picassa to enter pictures on my blog. I thought I was just grabbing them from my files. I downloaded the picassa and away went all my pictures from my posts. It was a hard lesson for me too. Valerie

Mariette said...

Dearest Carolyn,

These photos are lovely and I'm so glad for you that spring officially arrived on the proper date! Sorry about your pictures... there is so much to pay attention to as a blogger and writer/photographer.
Please do have a look at my blog about my Japan adventure of July 2007 to the area that is now hardest hit. Our host families are fine though; thank goodness. I finally received word from them and went ahead with posting this. Not knowing anything made me hold back for several days... They were out of power for a week; thus no internet.

Lots of love,


Larry said...

I truly enjoyed these wonderful photos... thank you! Larry

Lavender Cottage said...

Hi Carolyn
Soon our gardens will look like your photos!
We had a beautiful weekend here although I was inside at Blooms for most of it.
I'm afraid to delete anything in case my photos disappear.
How sad that your Christmas blog was affected.
It would be nice if someone could explain all this blog stuff to us that are not understanding it.

Kelsie From Our Country Home said...

These photos are all so lovely...I am always so glad to enjoy your garden while we are still planting and planning ours.

Sorry to read you lost some of your photos.

Have a wonderful week...Blessings Kelsie

Giga said...

We dream all about one thing - about the spring and colorful flowers. Let us hope that soon they will. Problems with photos is probably not the Only you have. I, too, so I did, but luckily I had it in your album or home and can send back to your blog. Yours

Shirley said...

Dear Carolyn,
Is there a secret to Virginia Bluebells? I have tried once before to grow these and failed. I need to try once again..any help?
Thanks and Happy Spring!!

Rosetta said...

Carolyn,la tua primavera è stupenda,gli uccellini dolci!Ciao,Rosetta

Vintage Gal said...

Oh my ~ your gardens are so lovely ~ I would love to take a stroll through them ~ well, not through them but next to them ; -)

Emily said...

Your gardens are breath taking! I would spend all my time in them and not get a thing done indoors. :) I've posted a "happy spring" poem on my blog that I think you'd enjoy.

Maggie Ann said...

I am loving the discovery of your beautiful blog and have put it in my sidebar to enjoy often, and also linked to you in a current post. I want my blogging friends to come and experience your wonderful photos too. I appreciated and love your tribute to Japan. It touched my heart. Time to go, warm wishes for a blessed Sunday evening. Maggie Ann

Karena said...

Fabulous gardens!! I am so excited for spring to arrive!!

Art by Karena

Bernideen said...

Carolyn, If it helps - I learn everything the HARD WAY! This photos of last spring are so lovely. At first, I thought it was now. We have had so little snow that I watered today for the sake of the tulips and daffodil bulbs I planted last fall. As always, your blog is a delight!

A Garden of Threads said...

I am patiently waiting for all that spring colour. Our snow has all disappeared, but the main colour here is brown. Love your spring garden. Jen


Gorgeous garden...soon enough it will look like this! Thank you for making me happy to see all the beautiful flowers! Hope you pass by.


Joanne said...

Gorgeous Spring post!
Welcome Spring indeed!
Blessings to you Carolyn~!

Rosy Inspiration said...

Your garden always looks so neat and tidy, those photos are absolutely divine. Looking forward to your Spring photos this year.

afternoon tea said...

Yes! Spring! I so look forward to it also. The snow is melting way too slow and yesterday the weather had the nerve to drop a little more snow!

Your flowers are beautiful. I will probably be coming back to this post a few (lots?) of times to ogle the flowers.

I'm having a hard enough time getting my posts up without deleting pictures before I'm finished. Thanks for the warning. Now, what is Picasa?

Dianne said...

Spring is such a pretty season - I'm sure it won't be long before your garden will be ablaze with delicate flowering bulbs.
Love the birds nest - so intricately woven. xx

Sarah said...

Carolyn, what a gorgeous garden. I can't imagine having such a beautiful springtime garden such as this. Makes a long, cold winter worth the wait. Thanks for sharing. ~ sarah

Georgianna said...

Hello Carolyn! Well, we all really needed to see these beautiful images to welcome spring. Wonderful to think your garden will look like this soon!

I'm sorry about the photos. No, they don't tell you about where they are hosted. But you can replace them, just time consuming.

Have a lovely week! – g

Pétales de fées said...

It's so marvelous to see the new flowers of spring ! I love your tulips ! Have a good week !

Denise said...

Oh my! Your garden is incredible! I posted about it on my blog - I did use one of your photos, but linked to your post. I'll remove it if you want me to. I hope you don't mind!!!

Beverly said...

Anticipation is wonderful, and soon to be rewarded. I know you can hardly wait.

We have camellias, daffodils and dianthus blooming. The iris is up, so I guess it will bloom in the next month. The dogwood and azaleas will be bursting forth soon.

Everything seems a little early to me this year.

Lacy said...

Your garden's are so pretty! I'm sure every robbin fights for a chance to make their nest there.

The Tablescaper said...

Oh Carolyn, such golorious photos of Spring. At first I was amazed that you could be so far along with your growth and then realized they were last year's photos. That is an amazing Spring garden.

I'd love to have you link your post to Seasonal Sundays. The link is open unitl late Monday night. I've got a new button - in the shape of a teapot!

Sorry to hear of the photo deletions.

- The Tablescaper

Sherry said...

Beautiful photos Carolyn. I am so sorry you lost your photos. I actually did this over a year ago (in Picasa) and it worked, but I bet they have fixed it where it now deletes you blog photos. Yikes. Happy Spring!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Carolyn,

Oh that's really rough to have lost all those pictures. My son actually warned me when he saw me deleting pictures a couple of months back that this would happen. I wish I would have posted that, for I don't know much about computers either. I'm so enjoying your Spring pictures. They're just breathtaking. Hopefully in another month, the weather will warm up. The pictures of the robins especially are adorable.

Have a wonderful day,

sweetbay said...

So beautiful ~ the close-ups as well as the profusion of color and bloom in your garden!

evcilik said...

They are very very sweet Photos..
Thanks for the scharing...I felling, lıke a peter Rabit's tale...
Have a nıce day...

Lusikka said...

Oh my dear Carolyn, I love your garden! This is paradise, I´m sure! L