Friday, October 8, 2010

Heavenly Sunshine!

Hello everyone,

I think we all love a nice sunny day even if we can't be outdoors and I know I feel uplifted just seeing the sunshine streaming into our home so i thought I would share some of my photos taken over the past year of some 'Heavenly Sunshine'.

Well , not exactly indoors but our veranda(screened in) decorated for fall.

I love how warm and cosy our bedroom looks with the sunshine - it takes on such a warm glow.

You have probably noticed I am a big toile fan!

Is that more toile? this is part of our dining area and it has been changed around several times.

This is the same window area now but I am changing it soon for winter.

I took this photo this morning and the sun was streaming in but I didn't capture it very well!

Lucas! You little ray of sunshine, how did you get in here? Well, our grandchildren really are the sunshine of our lives aren't they?

Sunshine flooding the stairway from the bay window on the landing to our bedroom.

Love that sunshine.

Sunshine in our little sunroom upstairs off our bath.

Sunlight flooding the porch with warmth.

Our bath with sunlight coming from the sunporch windows.

I cleaned the cottage up for our last two home and garden tours next week and so I took a shot of it flooded with sunshine.

I am not great at doing picture pile ups but it is fun trying.

Well, I hope wherever you are, your life is filled with 'Heavenly Sunshine' !

I am joining Cindy at My Romantic Home for Show & Tell Friday again.

Have a wonderful weekend,



Tretswelt said...

Hallo Sunshine...i like toile...wonderfull!Beijos.Luciene

Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyn! Sunshine is coming softly into your beautiful home! I love every space you have! Just so gorgeous and romantic.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Rose Garden Malevik said...




Hugs from Håkan :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Carolyn,

So lovely photos of your sunny romantic home. Thank you to share with us.
Here too, the day was warm and sunny like an Indian summer. It was a very pleasant day for pottering in the garden.
I wish you a nice weekend.

P.S. Thank you very much for your comments on my post about Country and Country mag.

Hugs from France

♥ Hélène Glehen - a French artist, fond of roses and romantic stuff ♥

De Ruijsbroekjes said...

Oh wow I enjoyed your very sunny pictures, you have a lovely home !

La Table De Nana said...

I love light..We both have LUCAS lights♥ They are the best light even on a rainy day..

However..all your photos are lovely..and airy and toiley:)

He's a doll.

Cindy said...

Such beautiful photos with the gorgeous sun shining in.
Hugs, Cindy

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

After seeing your beautiful pictures my life IS filled with heavenly sunshine! Thanks for the lift!

Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings... said...

LOVE your sunshine!!!!
and little Lucas too!
We have a Lucas also...3 yrs. old.
Your right, truly the sunshines of our lives.
xoxo~Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Susan said...

Hello Carolyn....Your photos were filled with, well, sunshine! Lovely! SUSAN

My Cozy Corner said...

Hi Carolyn
I love the sunshine post.
Beautiful as always.

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

A sunny hello, Carolyn! Yes, the sun is shining brightly at my house today too! It was sorely missed the last 5 days. Lovely looking at pics of your beautiful home!~Hugs, Patti

Teresa said...

Beautiful sunshine, beautiful home....
and I agree grandchildren are pure sunshine.
Thanks for sharing your sunshine with us...

Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyn, Everything looks so beautiful!Your grandson is so cute!!Have a weekend full of sunshine....Kathy

Erin | Bygone Living said...

Oh, my... WOW... this is definitely my favorite post of yours, by far! You have such an impeccably stunning home! ♥

Gee said...

Hi Carolyn,

Its really nice to have you to visit me. All this while, I have been admiring your blog and all your collection. Thanks so much.

A Garden of Threads said...

Wonderful photos of the sunshine, you did a fantastic job capturing it. Take care and have a great weekend. Happy Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Carolyn your pictures of the sunshine pouring through your beautiful home are majestic! I would love to be one of the lucky people to tour your home:)

Heaven's Walk said...

Oh Carolyn....what breathtaking photos - not to mention your home! Have you ever had your home featured in a book? Have you ever thought of publishing a book? You soooo should! Your home is just stunning! Thank you for all that sunshine today. :)

xoxo laurie

Bohemian said...

That White Cottage Bedroom is SO inviting, bright and beautiful!!!

Dawn... The Bohemian

Alex aus dem Gwundergarten said...

What a lovely home you've got! You just brought the sunshine into my computer and my home. So romantic! Take care and enjoy your heavenly sunshine.

ღ M@ddy ღ said...

Cara, ciao, hai ragione, il sole ci illumina l' avrei tanto bisogno in questi giorni, in cui purtroppo ho avuto un lutto in famiglia...e invece qui il clima è freddo e grigio...
...pazienza, mi tuffo nei tuoi post e rinasco!

Grazie, dolce Carolyn...
...felice weekend a te *


miruku said...

Carolyn!!! Your house is so WOW!!!!! Lovely home!!

Hélène Flont , french illustrator said...

What a radiant house!!! Quelle maison radieuse!!!!I dont know if in english i can use the term for inanimate objects, but everything seems to me so warm and you have a real gift Carolyn to make everything so alive and elegant.
Love every rooms.

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

What a fabulous tour in the sunshine, Carolyn!
I love toile as well, but you take it to new and romantic heights.
What an amazingly beautiful post! My daughter is home for the weekend, and I can't wait to show her your stunning home in all it's sunshine glory!

Sanna - My Blueberry House said...

Hi Carolyn,

Today we are having wonderful autumn weather. The sunshine is beaming through our windows.

You have a beautiful home.

Happy weekend,

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Hi Carolyn
You will probably want to look at this post over winter a few times when we won't see the sun so much.
Love looking through your home.

Betty said...

Your pictures are so lovely. I love seeing and feeling the sunshine in the windows of our home. It just makes the day.


Susan said...


~CC Catherine said...

Carolyn, I "ADORE" your Heavenly Sunshine in each and every photo...What a lovely home you have! Yet, more precious is Lucas, and yes...our Grandies sure are the Biggest Blessing of Sunshine in all our lives., aren't they! He's just precious! Hugs friend~ ~CC Catherine

Kirsti said...

Beautiful, beautiful pictures!!
Kirsti from Finland

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Carolyn,

Looking at your home, it is evident that you love light as much as we do; the same French doors and bay windows as we have for guiding the sun-rays into our lives. That makes all the difference; it is so uplifting and it extends the garden into our homes...

Sunny greetings from Georgia,



Dear Carolyn,
it's been a long time since I visited you but I read your comment on my blog and I thank you!
We are so happy!
When I look at all the pics of your home, well, it really feels like paradise! So peaceful , so beautiful, so romantic!


So beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing your lovely home and sunshine. I want to come for a tour :)
~ Julie