Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Beauty to Behold !

I am glad you came as it is a lovely day to take a stroll through the garden to see all the late blooming beauties!

The roses are still giving us some late season blooms.

The fall anemones are putting on a good show

This Jackmani clematis was later blooming then the others so it still has a few blooms on the terrace.

There are still a few blooms of shasta daisies around.

This is a tall fall aster- I enjoy having these late bloomers in the garden to extend the season.

I also love these late blooming monkshood as they add good color and are very hardy.

Another tall aster -different color.

You can see the frost has browned the limelight hydrangeas. Our garden is low lying with a brook going through the woods making it more of a frost pocket then some gardens on the Island.

This Elmshorn rose has lots of late blooms.

This is a short aster and the bees are loving them.

Pretty foliage colors add to the fall beauty.

Cimicifuga Bugbane is another plant I like to have for the fall-it does look good in bouquets also.

An aster that was a gift from a friend.

I picked this beautiful dahlia bloom that was almost lost in the garden-I will have to dig the dahlias soon but so far they have only been touched by frost. One night soon we will probably get a killing frost turning all the leaves black.

I love the delicate beauty of it- next year the plant should be bigger and better then ever.

This Julia Child rose is a hybrid tea rose and I don't normally grow them but I did fall in love with this rose when I saw it at Fanningbank so I ordered it from Pickering Nursery in Ont. I will cover it well for our cold winters and hopefully it will make it through if not it still didn't cost as much as a bouquet of roses and I have enjoyed it.

This is a more washed out shot but I wanted to show you how pretty it looks with the Autumn Joy sedum behind it.

Can you tell it is my pride and joy in the garden this week at least!

Thank you for coming around the garden with me again today-I've been thinking wouldn't it look beautiful to have a fall bed with all these plants blooming together along with some grasses. Surely,we have room for one more bed somewhere!

Enjoy your day!



PAT said...

Incredible images!

Becca's Dirt said...

Beautiful and oh that rose is stunning. I can see why it is your favorite.

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

YOur title was perfect for this post! These blooms are truely Beautiful! What wonderful photos!
I would love to have a big bouquet of them in my home!

Maddy said...

Ciao Carolyn,
conosco pochissime persone che, come te, riescono ad avere un giardino ancora così splendidamente fiorito ad ottobre...

Un bacio!


Maleviks Rosenträdgård said...



Your Garden is incredible......
Specially the Roses :)
Hugs from Håkan

Alex aus dem Gwundergarten said...

Wow, your garden is a dream!!! The combination of the sedum and the rose Julia Child is great... you just inspired me. Thank you for taking us along your fall garden.
Take care

Anonymous said...

Julia Child is a blazing one. Just right to enlight the flower-beds coming down.

Pétales de fées said...

Que de belles fleurs dans ton jardin ! Les teintes subtiles et douces font encore rêver à l'été qui finit.

David & Kelsie's Country Home said...

What a delightful visit to the garden...So glad you shared it with us before Father Frost forces your lovelies to bed for the winter...I love that last rose also...Such a gorgeous color.

Here I am pondering if I have the time and energy to still get some plants in the ground this year as we do not get our first deep deep frost for a few more months yet...Will depend how far down the to-do list I can get in the next few week lol


Regina said...

hi carolyn,
your garden is a dream!!!!
i love dahlias and roses,too!!
hugs from regina

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Beautiful Fall garden, Carolyn! Hope you're having a wonderful day.


Susan said...

Hello Dear Carolyn....If you asked me to pick my favorite flower from your garden, I would be unable to do so. They are all exquisite. Susan

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

Your garden is still looking incredible. I was out planting a few bulbs today and pulling out the annuals hit by frost. I was hoping they would last until after Thanksgiving but not to be.

Peonies & Magnolias said...

Your flowers are stunning as is your garden. Thanks so much for taking us through it. Have a wonderful day.


Mariette said...

Dearest Carolyn,

That's a surprise that you too got roses from Pickering Nurseries Inc.! We got several from them as they have such a huge collection and especially for their antique and rare roses.
Love your monkshood flower; perfect color blue! All roses and other blooms look pretty too. That breaks your heart when the killer frost comes in to do the 'browning' trick...
Sunny greetings from Georgia,


Angela said...

Love love love your blog and your gardens. I view both frequently as I have been following for a while. I have a dilemma today though. I have recently viewed a blog post, made a mental note to go back to it, then forgot which blog I was on. So, my question is have you recently posted a blog about a new rug in your kitchen? Thanks.

Betty said...

Beautiful. I see your
anemones are just like mine. Thank you for giving me the name of my mystery plant. I was visiting a historic home this weekend and saw some pink anemones. They are fabulous. I come over to your blog everyday and enjoy your garden and I loved the tea yesterday.

"All things French" said...

I have so... enjoyed my walk and I would have to say the highlight was seeing that beautiful clematis ~such a gorgeous shade of deep purple. Thank you for the visit ~ It was most enjoyable.

Lavender Cottage said...

I can't decide which flowers I like best Carolyn, they're all so beautiful.
The Julia Child roses are a pretty autumn colour and would look lovely in any seasonal bouquet.

Bella said...

Hi Carolyn... Your gardens still look fabulous!! I love the monkshood and don't have any (yet:-)... I have never seen Julia either and she is a lovely rose!!

A Garden of Threads said...

Oh yes, there is always room for a new bed. Wonderful photos of your beautiful garden.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, you've had frost already? That always makes me sad! We usually get a light frost in mid October, but last year we didn't get a killing frost till early December. It was amazing to still have roses in December! I'm hoping for that kind of all fall again, but certainly not counting on it.

Jen said...

Those are well taken cared of flowers. They're all wonderful and made my day just by looking at it. Soon I'll have them in my garden.

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