Saturday, September 4, 2010

Island Romance

Hello everyone,

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. We had two of our grandson's celebrating a birthday on Saturday so we had a family party to enjoy. Also , Earl did not do any damage here as he was just a tropical storm by the time he got here but we did lose power for a few hours and thousands are still without power in nearby Nova Scotia. The humidity is gone from the air now so that is a good thing.

Anyway, last week we took another drive to Rustico again as it is just so beautiful there on a lovely summer evening so I wanted to share some of the beauty with you.

There is a lovely boardwalk along the water with benches to sit and enjoy the view.

Rustico is a charming fishing village about a half hour drive from our home.

Rustico also has a lovely beach.

Now for the romance part, my nephew Nicolaas was home from the other side of the country (Vancouver) with his girlfriend last week. They enjoyed the evening there with us and later that evening Nicolaas proposed to Laura, and of course she said YES! I am happy for them and pleased to have shared in a little bit of their ' island romance'. Now, if we can just talk them into coming here for the wedding!

Maybe, you would like to come too for some island romance???

Thank you for visiting,



Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hello sweet lady...

Ohhh good! I was hoping and praying that you would be okay with that storm moving your way! Sorry to hear that you were without electric for a awhile but it could have been much worse! Living in Corpus Christi, Tx. for many years...I have been through a couple of hurricanes! So scary! happy to hear from you, my friend!

I really enjoyed your beautiful photos of Rustico! What a gorgeous place...yes, I would love to visit!!! It certainly is the perfect place for a marriage proposal! Best wishes to the newly engaged couple!

Well dear lady, I did receive your last email! Thanks so much for sharing your photo/camera info with me! I am still undecided as to what to get! Hehe! But there is really no rush! Enjoyed hearing from you!

Warmest wishes,
Chari @Happy To Design

joy said...

Beautiful pictures. What a place to live! And what a place to propose!! Congrats to the couple! Thanks for your beautiful blog, I love it so much! Love, Joy

Heaven's Walk said...

Oh my goodness, Carolyn!! You live here? It's absolutely breathtaking! Like something out of a movie or something.....(sigh!) I'm going to have to definitely add PEI to my Bucket List of places to see. Thank you for posting such beautiful pics, and congrats to the sweet couple! :)

xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

A Garden of Threads said...

So glad you came through the storm just fine. What a beautiful seaside village to visit, in the pictures it looks so peaceful.Congrulations to the new couple. Your garden would be a wonderful place to hold the wedding. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and take care.

Dianne said...

Hi Carolyn...the pics with reflexions are just glorious and I especially love the name of that boat "Plum Crazy" what a beautiful area you live in!

Deanna said...

Carolyn, Pleasant place to relax and see!

Congrats to the love birds...this is wonderful.

God bless and may you have a sweet week,

Susan said...

Beautiful place, Carolyn, and awesome shots. Warm congratulations to your nephew and his lovely "girl." Much happiness is wished for them. Susan

vincent said...

What amazing picture of Rustico, I don't know how you take such beautiful pics. Carolyn, my wife Cathy is looking for newer camera. Could you give me some advice on which camera to choose from..
Some good new East Coast Gardener had taken pics of my garden in July and are going to be publish in Nov/Dec issue. Take Care Vincent

Elzie said...

What a beautiful place. I love the boats laying there, just waiting for something to happen. And they look so clean!!

An amazing place to propose to the one you love. Just wish I could go to your island some day.

Hope you have a nice day.
Love Elzie

Angel-Smile said...

Dear Carolyn,
so I understand, you where been in danger with a storm? I`m happy that happend nothing to you!!!
Your pictures are very beautiful as always:-))

ღ M@ddy ღ said...

Immagini superlative...

...e congratulazioni a Nicholaas e Laura !!!!

♥ Maddy

Georgianna said...

Thank you so much for sharing more gorgeous images of Rustico, Carolyn. It really is so photogenic – I especially love the late light and reflections of the boats. Congratulations on your nephew's engagement and I'm very glad to hear the storm didn't affect you. Have a beautiful new week! – g

Islandsparrow said...

Your pictures are stunning Carolyn! and what a sweet story! A perfect place for a romantic proposal. Congratulations to the happy couple!!

We didn't lose any power at all - just a flicker or two - but we did lose a spruce tree in the back yard.

Sarah said...

Carolyn, I would definitely like to return to PEI for a romantic getaway. My husband and I spent a night on the island a few years ago. It wasn't enough time. I want to return to explore this beautiful spot. Your photos are awesome!
Glad to hear that Earl did not damage. There is another storm brewing in the Gulf so we might get some much needed rain. ~ Sarah

Entertaining Women said...

Gorgeous photos...thanks for a mini vacation in my mind's eye. Cherry Kay