Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mid Summer Night's Dream

Hello everyone,
We are having a lovely summer here on the Island but it is hard to believe summer is half gone already. So to celebrate our warm summer nights I have created a little spot for you to relax and enjoy a mid summer nights dream!
The iron bed from the veranda has been moved into the garden terrace just for you!
It is only afternoon yet but what a nice place to relax with your favorite book or magazine and a cup of tea.
There is some quiet background music playing and a gentle Island breeze.
I gathered up some pretty linens.
As evening is approaching I lit the candles for you.
It is getting dark but the moon is rising and the fairy lights are on.
You even have a candle chandelier.
Well, look at that it is morning already and another beautiful sunny day. I hope you enjoyed a beautiful mid summer night's dream.
Thank you to all who have visited me and left such lovely comments-I am sorry I have not got back to all of you(not only is summer too short but our days too!). Also, thank you to all of you who have become followers as well-I really appreciate your visits.
I would like to mention again that we are hosting a tour of our garden for any of you who can make it. The tour is this Saturday from 2-4 . All the money raised goes to Muscular Dystrophy Association of P.E.I. and tickets can be bought at the gate. If anyone is interested and needs more info you can email me.
Thank you for visiting,
Enjoy your day,


A Garden of Threads said...

Hi Carolyn, What a perfect place to have a nap or a sleep out on a warm evening. I wish you luck with the garden tour. Take care.

Rose Garden Malevik said...

Really Like Your Style :)
Hugs from Sweden

Marigene said...

What a nice serene setting for an afternoon nap!

Mari said...


Denise@alloverroses said...

So very lovely! You are so amazing...I love coming here! Thank you for always brightening my day!

Denise@alloverroses said...

Hmm spelled my own name wrong! You don't notice until you have already clicked enter! lol

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Enchanting! Jacqueline

Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

"This is enchanting", I most certainly would love to nap in your garden, BUT then I wouldn't be able to drink in all this beauty. So I will choose to sit up all night and we can exchange silly stories over sipping tea until the sun rises... Donna

Peninia / Gosia said...

Hi Carolyn:)
Wow...So very lovely:))

september cottage said...

That looks like THE most romantic setting...beautiful!!

Have a lovely day!


Kom Achterom said...

Hi Carolyn,
OOOh i come over!!!
i lay back and take some tea with a nice book and i never come out of this loveley garden!!
I wish you a verry verry verry nice and sunny week

Unknown said...

A beautiful place to dream! Love it.

Brenda ~ The Heminger Farmhouse said...

Hi Carolyn :) It looks like you created a little piece of heaven! What a beautiful setting you chose to place that charming cozy and comfortable....I soooo want to come over and relax on that bed, lol :) I always enjoy my visits to your beautiful blog!

Have a wonderful and relaxing day :)

Warmest hugs, Brenda

Susan said...

Enchanting, Carolyn. Simply enchanting. No mosquitos, though? Oh, good. In that case, I'll sleep there tonight. Susan

Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyn, It looks just like a beautiful dream.Words can't say enough....Kathy

Patti said...

Enchanting...stunningly beautiful...gorgeous..and any other lovely adjective you can think of.

Patti (Fill My Cup with Beauty)

Carolyn said...

Hi Susan,
Nope,not a single mosquitoe=I checked it out for you!

Thanks everyone for your kind words.


ღ M@ddy ღ said...

Posso solo dirto: GRAZIE, CAROLYN !!!
Nessuno sa farmi sognare come te!

Un abbraccio ♥

♥ Maddy

Bonjade said...

Oh my dear....
I am living in a dream here.....;)
Fine evening

Georgianna said...

This is almost too perfect to believe, Carolyn! But then, it is a DREAM, isn't it? How marvelous of you to take the time to create this fantasy for everyone to relish and delight in. Truly one of your most beautiful and awe-inspiring posts! – g

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

You've made a beautiful place for some restful relaxation Carolyn. I love the magical ambience that takes effect at dusk.
I hope to one day visit your gardens as we want to travel east again one summer.

Antique Shows said...

The place is dreamy.... You have a beautiful blog.


Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

HI Carolyn...

I love this setting. It's just what I want for my room!!!! I LOVe the outdoor settings the best. You should check out Mary Jane's and magazine. She's famous for her outdoor camping and doing similar things like this :) :)

I noticed the one photo with the Victoria magazine. That's been my favorite magazine since about 1994. I love how the magazine has returned to focusing on Victorian things!!!!

Have a lovely rest of the week. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Carolyn said...

Hi Judith,
That would be lovely-it's nice to meet blogging friends!


Lisa ~Suburban Retreat~ said...

Can you say N-A-P!!! How dreamy. Beautiful, as always.

Lisa@Suburban Retreat

Cottage Rose said...

OH OH OH..... Such a Beautiful spot to Dream away... it is just lovely...I am so in awe of it all...


Victorian1885 said...

Oh Carolyn..I could lay there forever and daydream! What a beautiful relaxing retreat! Thank you!!


Sheila said...

Wow! Simply amazing!

I'm curious about your quilt on the bed and the embroidered pillow as well. Could you tell me the source?

Thank you!

I remember my own visit to PEI fondly.

The Tablescaper said...

Oh Carolyn, such an extravagance - moving that glorious bed to the garden. It's a dream come true!

- The Tablescaper

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Hi Sweetie~ Oh my that is stunning! You did a fabulous job. If that doesnt produce sweet dreams, nothing can!

Crystal said...

How beautiful!! Certainly a dreamy place to be or night! Keep the lovely posts coming!


Enjoy, Brook

Bella's Rose Cottage said...

Hi Carolyn... This is breathtaking! The soft lighting in the gauzy canopy makes me swoon:-)

Anonymous said...

An enchanting spot for beautiful dreams ! Definitely fan.

projecantasi said...

Wooooow! 8-O

Excellent, excellent, wonderful idea!

Sanna - My Blueberry House said...

Hi Carolyn,

Just beautiful! It is a really nice dream.

Have a good day,

sylvia said...

o my goodness...this is heaven!!

Marie said...

Oh Carolyn...what an absolute dreamy set up you have there, especially at night. It's just so romantic and timeless!

Simple Home said...

I wish I could visit your garden. What an enchanting place! It's beautiful.

Madelief said...

Oh Carolyn, this looks so romantic! Especially the photos taken in the dusk with the candle light! To me it is the perfect place to take a nap.

Good luck with your tour the coming weekend!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Booklinks said...

Hello Carolyn,
I just found your beautiful blog
and I love to follow!
I have also a bed on the veranda
but yours is so very lovely!

Arlene Grasman said...

So incredibly lovely and romantic! The food also looks delicious :D

Bohemian said...

What a fabulous place of rest, truly magical!

Dawn... The Bohemian

Garden Cats + Crafts said...

What a dream! Sleeping under the stars. In such a beautiful environment. Simply wonderful Carolyn.
xoxo Birgit

Commonweeder said...

This is such a fantasy post! Lovely. Breakfast, lunch or dinner on our piazza, usually with grandchildren or rioutous friends, aren't as pretty, but just as enriching.

Susan (Between Naps On The said...

Carolyn, Thank you for all you do to create such a gorgeous place for us to dream. I would love nothing better than to tour your amazing garden...wish Georgia wasn't so far away.

Unknown said...

Hi Carolyn..

Such a beautiful & lovely setting,really admired.

Soo lovely & sweet indeed=))

Kindly frm Qatar


Denise said...

All I can possibly say is WOW.