Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Seasons in Time

Today, I am cheating a little and sharing some mosaics that I had made earlier in the year and some I even showed before. But I am hoping you will enjoy seeing the seasons in time here on Prince Edward Island. I took these pictures last winter-we had a colder winter with more storms last year then this year unless the best is yet to come Ha!Ha!

Oh! Spring- too early for me to be thinking of it yet but I sure do look forward to the return of the garden!

It is so beautiful to watch the sun set on one of the many beautiful beaches here on the Island.I can almost feel the warm gentle breezes and the sound of the seagulls as the sun goes down-can't you?

In summer I enjoy being at home in our own garden much of the time but of course I enjoy an afternoon at the beach too.

I hope you are not tired of my seaside shots because you don't have to go far in any direction to see the beautiful ocean here on our small island.

Fall is also a beautiful time to explore around the Island.

Am I starting to sound like a tourist advertisement?

And here we are back to winter-it doesn't take long for a year to go by does it? So we better make each day count for something good!

Well , it's getting late so I am off for a soak in the tub with a good book before bed.



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Lavender Cottage said...

Hello Carolyn
I enjoyed the island through the seasons. You certainly have much to be proud of in your province.
I was just thinking today about this time last year how high the snow banks were and now, there's not much at all.

Lynn said...

What stunning photography! Your island must be beautiful. Have you lived there all your life? How large is the island? Love the sunsets, your flowers, the winter pictures and your romantic yard. Actually I love them all. Your photography takes my breath away? Are you a professional photographer? I am a fairly new blogger since October, so I am just getting to know people and your posts of your home and the island are truly inspiring and beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Sanna said...

Your photos are wonderful as always. I appreciate the seasons, but I must say that it looks even better where you live.

I´m in love with lighthouses, so thank you for showing!

Have a nice day,

Darla said...

These mosaics are beautiful. It's never too early to be dreaming of spring!

Carolyn said...

Hi Lynn,
Yes our Island is beautiful. It is about 140 miles long and 40 miles wide at the widest point and 4 miles wide at the narrowest point.There are aprox.140,000 people that live here.
We do get a lot of tourists here in the summertime.
No,I am not a professional photographer but thank you for the compliment!
Both my husband and I were born on P.E.I. and we only lived off Island for a year when we were transfered off for work.
Thank you all for your lovely comments.

Anonymous said...

Awwe.. thank you Caroyln for your kind words!!

I my opinion.. 'cheating' mosaics are the best here. From every season you've captured, I can still look at these photos from a different view and say... "heaven". God sure does know how to treat us special, doesn't He?

My Grandfather painted watercolor.. I wonder if I've got that talent in me. I can finger paint like the best of em.. but watercolor is a whole new story there.. but gandering northwards just might awaken this hidden gem.

with love,


Lynn said...

What a lovely way to start my day - just beautiful, thank you for putting together the mosiacs. I'll be daydreaming about those sunsets and the ocean all day.

Suzann said...

I so enjoy your photos.
They are so beautiful and calming.
I so hope to visit your island someday.


Wonderful mosaics! Each one shows a different kind of beauty. Love them all. Blessings!

Anonymous said...

SOOOO lovely. I often long to move to the island (I'm in New England right now, but I have visited PEI many times). In fact I recognize the house in the middle of the second mosaic as one that was for sale in Summerside last year. We saw it on and I was ready to move right then and there! Still need a job and work permits though!

Thank you so much for such beautiful images of PEI. Makes my day!

Federica said...

Carolyn you are such a talented photographer! Thanks sooo much for your comment yesterday.

Marie said...

Carolyn, Prince Edward Island is absolutely stunning, winter or any season. I wish I could visit someday but thanks for sharing your lovely hometown with us.

Cari Skuse said...

Carolyn - I want to tell you how much I like reading your blog and how beautiful your home is! You are so lucky to live on P.E.I. I hope to visit someday. Thank you so much for sharing.

June said...

Just look at all these glorious pictures! I'm so glad to have stopped by to see all your beautiful seasons in such an amazing place in this world. Carolyn, I am so glad that I count you as a friend. Coming here always makes my day seem more beautiful.
Your photography is the best in blogland my friend.

Linz said...

Wish we had seasons here. I especially love the gauze canopy/umbrella for the summer mosaic. Beautiful.

divinephoenixegg8 said...

Carolyn, Happy New Year - Marjorie

The Tablescaper said...

Just lovely, in any season.

- The Tablescaper

sweet bay said...

Such wonderful images! I believe Prince Edward Island and your garden may be the most beautiful places in the world.

Anonymous said...

Carolyn - I just have to tell you that I saved some of your photos from this blog to my screen saver folder. Now when I come back to my computer I'll see some beautiful pictures of Prince Edward Island to remind me of my dream home.


Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Carolyn....Your photo mosaics are gorgeous! Maybe you should consider a job with the tourism department! ~Patti

Cindy said...

Wow! Stunning scenery. What a fantastic place to live. Gorgeous!!!!