Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Now and Then

Good Morning!

We are having a wet and windy day here this morning. I can't believe it is January. However,i wanted to show you a little project that I have finished.

I bought three of these chairs at a thrift shop for $5 each and painted them 'almond paste' which is a creamy white paint.

I covered the seats with a black and cream toile that I had in my fabric trunk.

Isn't this a cute little bag-another thrift find.

This is what the chairs looked like when I bought them.

Now this is the view out our door this morning.

And then ,this is what it looked like last year about the same time- prettier but maybe not as practical especially if you are the one to shovel!

It is pouring rain here now and a little fox just curled up on the mat to sleep out of the rain so I am off to try to get his picture!

I hope you have a good day
Thank you for visiting me,


Elzie said...

You can hardly believe it's the same chairs you're showing. They really looked dreadful earlier, and now so nice! Just love the creamy color you've used. And the little bag is just lovely too.

I can tell you we have plenty of snow here in the south of Sweden, we hardly ever get any other years. And this morning we had below 0F here. Brrr, it's cold! And tomorrow we're getting more snow. I'm tired of it now!

Hope you have a nice day.
Love Elzie

Cindy said...

Those chairs look so beautiful! What an amazing transformation!!! I can't believe they were only $5 each! What a deal!!

Sanna - My Blueberry House said...

Hi Carolyn,

Amazing what a little bit of paint can do. They look very nice in their new outfit. I´ve read through other blogs that spraypainting is very easy and recommendable. What do you think?

Indeed we have had milder weather but still a lot of snow. Now it´s getting colder again and I hear more snow is coming our way.

I like your birds :)

Have a nice day,

PAT said...

Beautiful makeover, Carolyn! I love the almond paste. Wonderful color.

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

What a great transformation...love what you've done with the chairs.

To me, the view out your door is so beautiful, but then again, I'm in Florida!

Stay warm and cozy,


GwendolynKay said...

What a gorgeous transformation. I love the white, the lace, all of it. Wonderful job!
I also love your bluebird pictures.

Susan said...

The chairs are fabulous, Carolyn. Just a great job all around! Thanks for sharing. Sincerely, Susan from writingstraightfromtheheart.blogspot.com

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hello sweet lady...

My friend, what a lovely transformation of those pretty chairs! You got a great bargain at just $5 ea. They are absolutlely gorgeous in the creamy almond color and I adore the black and white toile! You did GOOD, my friend! Ohhh, and the little knit bag...adorable! Beautiful photos, Carolyn!!!

Oh my...hasn't the weather been strange this year? It seems unusual to me that you would be having rain in January where you are at? Last weekend, we had rain and believe it or not...a huge thunder storm! I have never...ever...heard thunder in January here! It was kind of freaky! Hehe!

I also took a peek at your fabulous bird watching photos...I do love that beautiful bluejay! great photo shots, my friend! You always take the best photos!!! Well Darlin', I do hope that you're having a wonderful week! I'll talk with you later!

Warmest winter wishes,
Chari @Happy To Design
PS...hope you get some photos of that little fox...I would love to see them!

FEDERICA said...

Hi Carolyn,
your chairs look amazing! You did an excellent job!
Thanks so much for posting about my giveaway!

Karen said...

What a beautiful transformation you have accomplished ... especially with those chairs. I love your ideas and creations.
Ladybug Creek

podso said...

What a great job you did. Love toile any time! They look very nice, wonderful transformation. I can't believe the difference this year in your snow.

Ldy ~~ Dy said...

The chairs came out beautiful! Is the finish a kind of matte or satin finish? The toile is perfect. Looks very nice the way you have it all set up. I would love to see a picture of your little fox visitor. Have a great day!

Sandy said...

I just found your blog and love it. I am a follower now! What a wonderful touch you have to take something so ugly and make it so beautiful! And I love black and white toile.

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

Beverly said...

Ah, Carolyn. The chairs look fabulous. I sure would like to do something with all of the wood tones in our dining room, but my husband has the typical male aversion to painting wood.

I can hardly wait to see the picture of the little fox.

Laurie said...

Beautiful metamorphosis, and I do like the paint color. We received more snow, too, and it does look nice. I am looking forward to seeing your photo of the little fox!

June said...

Your chairs turned out beautifully. I love the fabric you chose.
Our Winter is going much the same way. Not nearly as much snow as last year. That could all change, but I hope not. I'm not minding this lighter snow year at all.

Linda said...

Carolyn where can I find such a good buy? Love those chairs....And the block toile fabric....

Desiree said...

Beautiful transformation!!! They remind me of the chairs I am in the process of transforming. 6 of 8 done-2 more to go. Phew.
I hope you are able to catch the little fox-way too sweet. Enjoy your snow day...

Monica said...

You did such a fabulous makeover! And for $5 each, they were a great deal too. Love the toile you used, and the thrifted bag is so very pretty!
Have a beautiful rest of the week,

Anna said...

what a Amazing change!!!

I just bought old chairs last weekend, I want to do them over too! I hope they get just an amazing change too!!!

is in dutch but I have a translatebutton

Treasia Stepp said...

What a gorgeous transformation on those chairs. They are lovely now. Like the thrift store bag as well.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Carolyn, I love your chairs! Love the black and cream toile! Your plate looks so nice above too. What a cute fur-trimmed bag!


Joanne said...

Hi Carolyn I have meant to ask for some time now do you ever get your photos published? If not why not they are always so delightful it is like looking at a House and Garden magazine popping over to your blog but better because it is your blog.

Miss Jean said...

You were certainly a visionary with those chairs. I would have passed them by. You were smart enough not to. They turned out beautiful. Good job!

Islandsparrow said...

They're gorgeous Carolyn! Way to go!

Thanks for letting me know about the Northern Flicker. He hasn't returned but I'm on the lookout for him.

The Charm of Home said...

I love what you did to the chairs. The toile looks fabulous on them. I really love that lace tablecloth too!

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Carolyn....Wow! Nice job on the chairs and what a great deal you got! They looks so pretty with the tablecloth!~Patti

Anonymous said...

GREAT redo! I love things like this. And Caroyln.. do you think the ground hog will see his shadow on the 2nd where your at? Looks to me like an early spring heading your way.

We've got the nasty wintry mix slated for this weekend.. ewwwe.

let's hope not.

with love,


Suzann said...

Love the chairs. They look so much prettier now than before!

We don't have much snow here in Chicago either.

But gosh darn it's cold!

Naturegirl said...

Carolyn those redo's of the chairs are magical!! Your creative spirit impresses me a lot!
What a difference in the amt. of snow...here we also have had a record mild winter with very ((little)) snow! Gasp..a fox..quick get that photo!
love and light anna xo

Kathy said...

LOVE your gorgeous chairs, Carolyn. An amazing transformation! Have a beautiful new week...Kathy

jninecostumes said...

Hard to believe they are the same chairs. It's no better in California. Been raining for two weeks. Thanks for sharing

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Your chairs turned out beautifully. I love the toile.. perfect touch. I sure hope you got a picture of the fox..hugs ~lynne~

Shirley @ Kokken69 said...

Carolyn, this is outstanding. I really admire you for being able to see potential beyond the drabby appearance of the old chairs. What you've done with them are absolutely amazing.

Rosy Inspiration said...

You really did a magical job with those chairs, and wow! $5 each, what a bargain. Love the toile too. You really saved those chairs, I'd say.

Andi's English Attic said...

The transformation is amazing. Was spraying the backs difficult? I could imagine the holes getting clogged with paint.
I love the lace cloth on the table. xx

parTea lady said...

Your chairs look great - I love toile fabric. That little white sweater bag is adorable. I must visit my local thrift store more often.

Anonymous said...

Your chairs are a success indeed and for a so cheap price. Sometimes it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to create something beautiful.

Elissa said...

How lovely! I'm inspired to find an old chair like that, and redo it for my room! I desperately need a new one for my writing desk, and something like this would be prefect!!
Thanks so much for the inspiration!!

Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

Ouuu I need a set of chairs too! :-)
The make over makes them just perfect!

I have that same lace tablecloth....I folded it in half over a curtain rod and have it hanging in our princess suite window!
I love it!

Thank you for sharing your wonderful treasures with us!

Hugz, Dolly

Stay warm