Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mosaic Monday

Hello everyone,
I hope you enjoyed your weekend. We have had a return to winter as many of you as well. We did get several inches of snow and the temperature is colder but we are enjoying the sunshine!
As it is Mosaic Monday I made the above mosaic from some flowers that I have blooming now.
On Sunday morning the moon was still shining so i took a few pictures-I read on some where that this is the brighest moon of the year. You can see it over the roof of our little garden cottage. The bluejay was enjoying the sunflower seeds.
For those of you who like dishes I made this mosaic.
And for those of you that are tired of winter-I made you a mosaic of peonies!
Hope you are enjoying Mosaic Monday at Mary's Little Red House.
Thank you Mary for hosting
Thank you for visiting me!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pink Saturday

Hello everyone and welcome to my Pink Saturday. Today, I am sharing one of my favorite pink collages made from photos I took last summer of pink peonies,a pink rose and a soft pink hollyhock.

Tulips are so beautiful and I love treating myself to a bouquet this time of the year.

Hints of pink!

I took this photo yesterday morning as the snow was really coming down. I love to sit here on a snowy day with a cup of tea, all snug and warm!

Aren't these the most beautiful shade of pink?

I thought I would end with another small collage.

Thank you for visiting me and I hope you are enjoying Pink Saturday at Beverly's How Sweet the Sound.Thank you Beverly for hosting again.

Take care,


Friday, January 29, 2010

Bath and Beyond

Hello everyone,

Yesterday I mentioned that I have been working on some projects around the house. Today I am sharing some photos of one of the projects. I have been wanting to give our bathroom a bit of a makeover for awhile so this week I finally got started.

I painted all the woodwork and trim and the shelf above.

Love my candles

add some fresh flowers

We have an old iron claw foot tub


I painted the tub too.

I made a skirt to go around the old sink.The previous one was flowered-I couldn't find a photo of it.

This is the before photo no major changes but I am really happy with the new lighter look for very little cost.

Now for the beyond-we have returned to winter here.Several inches of snow came down in the last 18 hours and I think the winds are picking up. I do like the cleaner look of snow but does this mean I am done" spring' cleaning for awhile.

I have a few other projects to share later and tomorrow is Pink Saturday and I am joining in. Now, I better go and visit with my Mom before the wind plays havoc with the snow!
I am signing up with Cindy again at My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday-there are lots of participants so enjoy checking them out.

I hope you all have a great weekend,

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Hello everyone,

I am busy working on some projects-I think this mild weather is making me think it is spring cleaning time! So if you are not too busy tomorrow come back and I will show you what I have been up to!

Hope you are having a lovely day!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sh! Please do not Disturb

Please come quietly in,

There is a beautiful fox sleeping on my doorstep!

Ophs! I think he heard us but he is not afraid so that is good.

This fox stayed on our veranda for a couple of hours yesterday while it was raining-wasn't he the sly fox!

Now while you are here I will show you this very old needlepoint pillow I found in an antique shop-it was in need of a new back,stuffing and trim and so I spruced it up. I only paid $5 for it.I love to find handmade treasures.

I also found this pretty chintz teacup at Coulson's in Summerside. I had one the same years ago but I accidently broke the cup so I was happy to replace it.

Now that you are here can we share a cup of tea before you go?

The fox is gone now so you can make as much noise as you like-hopefully some happy sounds!

Take care,

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Now and Then

Good Morning!

We are having a wet and windy day here this morning. I can't believe it is January. However,i wanted to show you a little project that I have finished.

I bought three of these chairs at a thrift shop for $5 each and painted them 'almond paste' which is a creamy white paint.

I covered the seats with a black and cream toile that I had in my fabric trunk.

Isn't this a cute little bag-another thrift find.

This is what the chairs looked like when I bought them.

Now this is the view out our door this morning.

And then ,this is what it looked like last year about the same time- prettier but maybe not as practical especially if you are the one to shovel!

It is pouring rain here now and a little fox just curled up on the mat to sleep out of the rain so I am off to try to get his picture!

I hope you have a good day
Thank you for visiting me,

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bird Watching!

The last few days I have been trying to improve my photography skills by taking some shots of the birds in our garden. I find taking photos of these little guys hard to do as they move so quickly if they see any movement etc. and I am not used to using my zoom lens yet so practice,practice and more practice!

The bluejays are so pretty and fun to watch. Last year my bird photos were blurry so I am pleased to see that these are better. I read some good tips on Robins Nesting Place and enjoyed seeing the beautiful bird photos that she took.

A few days ago there were dozens of robins here in our garden. That has never happened here before in January. We count it as the first sign of spring here when we see the robins bopping around the garden! What would a bird feeder be without a squirrel?

This is my favorite bluejay shot!

It is Mosaic Monday so there will be lots to see at Mary's Little Red House again.
Thank you for visiting!

Have a good day,

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pink Saturday

Hello everyone,

Another week has gone by and it is time for Pink Saturday again.

So I am sharing a few of my pinks again .

If you have visited me before,you know I love china!

The tea is ready!

We are getting a few flurries here now but the temperature is going up above freezing for a few days the first of the week . We have had a much milder winter then last year-thus far anyway.
I am off for my walk and then I have a few projects lined up for the day but later I plan to enjoy all the pinks at Beverly's How Sweet the Sound.
Have a good weekend,