Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mid October Garden Tour

We were busy painting on our house today. I wanted to leave the vines on this end of the house as long as possible because I love that they turn red or burgundy(depends on the amount of frost). However,we did have some ice in our birdbath this morning so we thought it was time to cut them down in case it turned too cold to paint and we had a two toned house all winter. the leaves will soon fall leaving bare vines anyway.

This was this end of the house last week. Time does march on doesn't it?

I am glad my husband is not afraid of heights-you would not catch me up there. I painted shutters and trim no higher then a few feet off the ground.

We have a list of chores to get done this week. I work so much better with a list.

I did take a few minutes off to take a few garden shots for you. This is my last perennial to bloom it is a late monkshood. This bee was enjoying it too!

A Heritage rose- faded but pretty.

The aster's are lovely fall color.

Annabelle hydrangea and sedum are still pretty

The euonymus alata is so pretty in autumn.


Autumn joy sedum couldn't be easier to grow- in spring you can just break a stem off and stick it in the ground and it will grow.

another bee enjoying a pretty aster

Japanese ivory silk lilac is pretty in the fall too.

my little garden angel came home with me from North Carolina several years ago.

Spirea turning it's autumn colors

Karl Forrester grass

Nelly Noser still has a few blooms

The rosehips are pretty -full of vitamin C

our red oak tree is starting to turn

lots of berries for the birds- the chickadees were singing in this tree while I was painting shutters and then a flock of Canada geese flew over honking away-the sounds of fall as they head south for winter.

The babbling brook in our woods is getting some fall colors around it too. This is a good spot to end our tour as it is a relaxing place to sit for a spell.

Hope you enjoyed our little tour!

Take care,



Sharon said...

Your beautiful garden is wonderful any time of the year, I'm sure. I should be staining the logs on our home but we are having 50 mile an hour winds so I think I will hold off.LOL Sharon

Shelia said...

Evening, Dear Carolyn! Oh, what a difference - vines and then no vines! :) I so enjoy seeing your plants. What are you going to do this winter when you can't garden? :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Anonymous said...

OH don't you just love the wee bees this time of year Carolyn? Their lazy fluttering from flower to flower is just so peaceful to watch.

The sun on my back while I play in the garden here is warm and by 3 I too feel like the bees and wish to seek a nap between flowers.

Hubs there is adventurous for sure and it looks chilly.. still slightly warm here being in the 70's today.. but tomorrow.. chilly and rain.

Thanks for all those great photos.. and next time you come to NC.. look me up sweetie.

Lacy said...

Just Gorgeous! I can't wait til our yard is in that much!

Debbie said...

This is just beautiful, gardens are always pretty but in the fall they just seem to glow. Thank you for sharing your garden and your painting project. Good luck with that.

Millie said...

Those pics are lovely, and I especially like the red berries and the monkshood.

Tracey said...

Stunning...gorgeous...just so pretty!!!

:) T

Mary said...

I always thoroughly enjoy a tour around your house and garden. I just can't imagine having that many beautiful plants! To have them is one thing, but to take care of them and have them thrive the way you do is amazing...I commend you!

God bless,

Rhondi said...

Hi Carolyn
Your garden is beautiful at all times of the year!

Kammy said...

Such beautiful photos and plants - you are so LUCKY !!!!!
Love it !
Hugs ~ Kammy

Deanna said...

My goodness, the house looks so different without vines. I like vines also, but the vineless structure is very pretty this way.

May God watch over your hubby as he paints up there.

Such nice pictures of your property,

Sandra said...

I love your garden. Very pretty.

June said...

So much beauty still to be had in your garden Carolyn. Yikes, your hubby is a brave man. Cleaning up as well over here in Idaho. Much to do, but the weather has been so cold that I haven't gotten a lot done.

Marsha's Mpressions said...

Beautiful photos, Carolyn!

Madelief said...

Hi Carolyn,

I am glad you managed painting the house before the cold sets in. It must have been quite a task! Your garden still looks lovely. All the colour that is in it. I was amazed you had your first frost already. Time goes fast. In Holland the weather is fine today. It is fresh (about 10 degrees), but sunny and it feels good to be outside. I hope you had a lovely thanksgiving. Fijne dag!

Lieve groet,


Anonymous said...

Morning Carolyn

Thank you for the tour, you still have some lovely flowers and colour in the garden.Autumn is such a lovely season. Jackie

Suzann @ The Olive Cottage said...

always the most beautiful place on the web is your blog. Such amazing photos of your home and garden always make my heart happy. Thanks for the amazing autumn tour

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Carolyn.....Your garden is really doing well for being that far north. Beautiful fall photos of your home and gardens!~Patti

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Hello Carolyn,
Your garden pictures are stunning as usual. I love the brook behind your home! Your photo looks so peaceful and I would love to sit near by and listen to its bubbling waters. Have a beautiful day.


Cori said...

Just breathtaking Carolyn! I can't believe everything still looks so gorgeous at this time of year. It's like they all put on their fall clothes.

Joanne said...

I am sure you will be pleased when the decorating is over.

It is so special to find the last of the summer flowers.

Brenda @Cozy Little House said...

Time does indeed continue to march on. Your garden inspires me for next spring. Our lovelies were cut short by brutal heat in June. But time marches on!

Bernideen said...

Beautiful signs of fall - I was thinking how quickly summer has gone here...I am a little sad. I was looking at photos and thought - wow - that went fast!

nannykim said...

Everything looks so beautiful still!!! Glad you are getting the house done!

sweet bay said...

The babbling brook is lovely, as is your garden. The fall colors are beautiful and the Monkshood is gorgeous.

*Ulrike* said...

Our fall is not that colorful this year. All the crazy weather and rain have the weathermen saying don't expect too much this year.
It is so nice see your garden so colorful, and all the flowers you still have!
By the way, I like the color of your house. We have a similar color, but your shutters are darker. It will look so pretty when it is done, and when new color is on it makes everything fresh!