Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Rest of the Story

Today I am back wih the rest of the story of my little collection of days gone by. This old wicker chair I found several years ago in a junk shop. The cute little teddy bear is from a thrift shop and the old baby boots were one of the boys when they were little.

These old boots are bookends.

Another old picture that I found somewhere.

I got this old doll pram at Coulson's last week and it was cheap so I knew it was meant for me!

Our granddaughter Jessie playing with the doll carriage my youngest daughter played with.It is a replica of an old one.

Ending with a collage again.

It is a beautiful sunny day here and even though our nights have been cooler then normal I am still thinking summer. I love fall too but I am not ready to give up summer yet so I am still hoping to squeeze in more summertime fun. I have neglected the garden lately so I think I better do a little tidy up today.

Hope you have a lovely day.



~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

These are the precious things I love to see. I love your soft and romantic! Have a nice day!

Becca's Dirt said...

Good morning Carolyn. Love the old photos and old 'stuff'. Hunting for those bargains and finding them gives one a good feeling. Have a nice day.

Cass @ That Old House said...

Oh I am with you Carolyn -- not ready to kiss summer goodbye!

Lovely images; I love the b&w ones, the one with your granddaughter at the baby doll buggy could have been taken decades ago! It's lovely.


Deanna said...

Dear Carolyn,
I'm always blessed by your friendship and your beautiful Blog!
I'm having morning coffee while visiting your site.

These are sweet pics and you have some wonderful finds here. What a treat and I'm glad for you,
HomeHaven d

Mary said...

I'm also a summer girl, Carolyn...fall's nice, but summer is just full of sunshine. Love your beautiful photos of family and heirlooms...and precious granddaughter! Your photography brings out the beauty of all that you surround yourself with. I can tell you are a woman of depth, both from what you say and the way you choose to live with the calm of nature. Happy Wednesday! Mary

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

I'm not ready to give up summer yet either! Your treasures are just what they are; treasures! Your photography is splendid! Still offering those hydrangeas? Maybe some late afternoon or evening early next week? Enjoy the rest of your day!


Kathy said...

So absolutely sweet, xoxo~Kathy.