Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fall Relaxation

Fall is definitely in the air here on the Island lately so I have been changing some of the colors to be more in keeping with our season.

It is still lovely to sit outside with a good book to relax and take in the colors of fall.

How about some hot apple cider and a juicy apple ?

As some of you may remember this was my Dad's old bike.

I found this birdhouse on sale at a shop in Moncton last week. I love the color and design of it.

My husband and I have been busy painting our house this past week. It is coming along good as the main body of the house is almost done so we just have the trim to do and then decide what to do about the shutters. The color is called wooden swing and it a little more gold then I had expected but it certainly fits the fall theme and in the spring we can always paint it spring green-JUST KIDDING! I like change but not that much. Do you like the color? It was taupe before and starting to peel in spots so it definitely needed to be painted and it was time for a change of color too but it still had to match our moss green barn(burgandy and gold trim).

The birdhouse with some fall blooms from the garden.

It is windy ,cool and showery today so I am enjoying cleaning the house-which was a bit neglected lately- while the aroma of a big pot of oven roasted vegetables rafts though the house. I do enjoy getting out my favorite recipes for fall as soon as the weather gets cooler. Well, I am off to visit my Mom for awhile so I hope you have a good weekend.



Sonia said...

I do like the color...your plants will have a beautiful neutral warm background to accent their beauty! It's always hard to pick a color and then see it all big!! I think it's lovely! Have a great weekend! Miss Bloomers

The White Bench said...

Oh my, Carolyn!
It is fabulous! I wish I could sit there and enjoy Fall!

Deanna said...

Have a blessed week-end!

Your pics are always lovely. Such a talent you have for composition and color. Always a joy to view your lovely blog.

Went a shoppin' at a near-by town's city wide sale...lots of goodies!

God warmly bless you,
d from Kansas

Jonell said...

OOOOOmy I just have to get busy creating some of that FALL;
It's not really fall in south Alabama yet and I just caught the longing for it!

Your site is one of my most enjoyable "STOPS" as I wander "down the lane and around the curve" and end up at "my grammas house"..too cute,huh??

maría cecilia said...

Hello Carolyn, yes, I do like the new color of your house, and love the fall spot you´ve created, and that bike with the flowers in the front.
Maria Cecilia

podso said...

I actually like the new color of your house. It looks warm and inviting---like, --come in! Also it has been fun "knowing you" this year to see the changes in your garden through the seasons!

I wonder how you can concentrate on a book with all that beauty around!

June said...

I love all your fall accents in the garden. I love the big gate that your husband built. When you talk roasted vegetables, you have my full attention. I made a great soup today from some veggies from the garden.
I really like the new color!

Kathy said...

What a beautiful fall yard...I loved "The Shack"...great read! Your house color is perfect...everything looks great. Such a lovely setting, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Linda said...

Wow Carolyn to have your dads bike.!!I think that is just great. Don't you just love fall. Have a nice visit with your Mom.

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

I do like the colour! And your father's bicycle is especially nice with its basketful of blooms. Love the birdhouses too. Enjoy your weekend.


sweet bay said...

Yes, I like the color! Colors with some warmth are always nice. I love the shot with the hydrangeas.

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

Love the fall color. Love the color of your house. I feel cooler just reading your post.

Barb said...

Love the color of your gate and furniture.
And that birdhouse.. awesome

barbara jean

CatHerder said...

SO PRETTY! I bought a gallon of apple cider yesterday so we can make hot spiced cider for sitting around the firepit now that the evenings are getting cooler

Anonymous said...


Can you send your hubs this way to plant some of those gorgeous endless summer hydrangeas!!

Okies, so you see that wee red bird house in a few of your photos?? Now that's something hubs can do this fall I think!! I need a few more and wanted something sweet with some old world charm.. and this is it.

Once again Carolyn, you've done it again. Huggers my dear!!!!


Madelief said...

Hi Carolyn,

You made some beautiful fall compositions in your garden. I wish I could come over and have a glass of hot cider with you. I like the colour of your house. I have never seen it before, but it looks good! I have taken out my recipe book as well. Made my first bowl of pumpkinsoup today, with pumkins from the garden. It was so delicious! Hope your mother is well. Have a good weekend. Love, Madelief

Jenny said...

Very pretty vignette in your garden. I love the house color, very nice.

Interesting to see how just a couple weeks ago, you had perennials in full bloom that were done here in early July - yet your fall is earlier than ours. Makes your bloom season so much more condensed. Can't wait to see how you spend your winter blogging time, since I've so enjoyed this summer!

Chany said...

Que precioso, y que paz se siente aqui, muy bonito, te felicito!!


Chany said...

Que precioso, y que paz se siente aqui, muy bonito, te felicito!!


Rhondi said...

Hi Carolyn
I know you showed us some beautiful spots to sit in this post but I don't think you actually ever sit down :) You always seem to have some project on the go. We are starting to have a few signs of fall here so I am having a welcome fall party on Tuesday, the first day of fall. Maybe you'd like to join in.

*Ulrike* said...

How I love fall and all of its colors! I wish I could sit outside with a cup of hot apple cider, but we have been having rain for 2 weeks!! So I will just enjoy your photos!


Gorgeous autumn colors! It's delighful to view your lovely pictures.


Aranka said...

Anne Green of Gables is my favourite film I like her youngful optimism. Your garden is very calm and cosy.