Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Fall Garden Tour

I thought it was time we went on another tour of the garden since it is Fall now and the garden has changed a lot in the last couple of weeks. I made the above collage with some flowers that are blooming now so you wouldn't get tired of me dragging you all around the garden.

this shot was taken about a week ago and I wanted to show you the long view of the pergola that my clever husband built. We have decided to leave it unpainted and let it age to gray.See, I do have one practical bone in my body after all!

Looking down the other end. I am hoping to get some vines growing through the lattice.I did plant a wisteria a few years ago that i hope to prune and train along the top. Any suggestions for the other side?

This is another project Andrew finished this summer. He is definitely a keeper! I think it has already started to age into the garden. I planted a sweet autumn clematis on one corner and a jackmani on the other but I also planted morning glory on each side for a quick fix,

The darker Bonica rose is putting on a pretty good show again.

Martha's garden a couple of weeks ago.

Martha's garden now-you can see the Virginia Creeper is starting to turn now. We have had frost a few nights already.

A new clematis blooming

The cone flowers are putting on a good show still.

I like this color combo. the rose is Linda Campbell and the geranium is the ever blooming Roxanne.

David phlox is still blooming.

joe pye weed is a nice late bloomer

our elderberry bushes are loaded with berries for the birds.

Autumn joy sedum and Karl Forester grass with Bright Eyes phlox

Still a few daylily blooms around here.

the Japanese anemone is starting to bloom

this pee gee hydrangea can't hold up his head the blooms are so heavy

a mix of phlox and sedum.

Dr rupple is still putting out some showy blooms

This is the side view of pergola a week ago

A closer look at Linda Campbell and Roxanne..

I hope you enjoyed seeing our fall garden .

Thank you for touring the garden with me.

Take care,



Kathy said...

Carolyn, you are amazing. The beauty of your gardens every season exceed the one before! Everything is spectacular, as always! I love stopping by to visit you because you always have the most beautiful photos of the most wonderful things. Thanks so much for stopping by Mimi's Garden today as well. xo...Kathy

One Shabby Old House said...

Oh Carolyn,
That was just beautiful. Is there a flower or a bush that you don't have??? Everything is just breathtaking.

Martha said...

I love watching the garden turn from summer lushness to fall -- and like the squirrels that live at Linderhof, we, too, are putting away forthe winter.

Marsha said...

Carolyn, I just enjoyed this tour so much! Your fall gardens are full and lush and so very beautiful. I love the structures your husband has built - he is a talented carpenter!

Just breathtaking!

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

It is always lovely to take a stroll through your garden!~Patti

Anonymous said...

We have high winds and snow today, so your garden tour was a delight! Please "drag me" around your garden anytime - it is stunning!

Enjoy your day,

Millie said...

Your garden is still lovely. The hydrangea is one of my favorites.

Southerncook said...

Carolyn, your Fall garden is just as lovely as any other time of the year. That is the goal of all gardeners and you truly have achieved that.

I have a climbing vine on an iron arbor that you might like to look at. I posted a few pics of my Fall garden in my Outdoor Wed post. The vine is called Coral Vine and I have no idea if it would do well in your area. It dies back in the ground here in N FL when we get a freeze but comes back each year. I know your freezes are much more extreme but it would be worth looking into concerning your zone. I love this vine in the Fall.

Enjoyed your photos of your garden as always. Coming to your blog is always uplifting and inspirational.

Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

OH my! Your gardens are simply breathtaking in their beauty! I'm so happy that I found your blog!

And yes, isn't it nice when our husbands are so talented. Mine is a woodworker too. :-) And a fix-anything guy. I found a really old [for my decorations] decoration broken. And he fixed it. :-) Very nice to have someone with that ability too.

Happy Autumn!

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Beautiful as always! The hydangea is of course one of my favourites! The pergola would be a lovely place to have a wedding. Thanks for the tour and have a lovely day.


Jonell said...

Such breath taking beauty..makes wonder how MANY YEARS did it take to get to this?
This is one of my fav stops on the net..the music just transports one to a wonderful place.

Deanna said...

Dear Carolyn,
So beautiful...all of it, everything. It's beyond words to describe the peaceful and calm that permeates from your garden, home, tea and refreshments!!!

I enjoy your blog so very, very much.
d from homehaven

Madelief said...

Hi Carolyn,

Lovely to see that you still have so many flowers in bloom. The colours are beautiful. Thank you for showing us! Fijne avond!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Lee Laurie said...

Your gardens and home are just so beautiful! I loved all of it. It makes me want to get out and work in my yard!

nannykim said...

Everything is so beautiful!! You were right not to paint the thingy (I won't attempt to remember how to spell it)---it is one less chore and will look natural. You have so much flurishing in your garden now--beautiful

nannykim at spindle cottage

sweet bay said...

Your garden looks so lovely. The views under the new pergola with the phlox on each side are just beautiful.

Mary said...

I enjoyed every single picture, and could have looked at many more...they are gorgeous! You live in a beautiful place that you have made more beautiful with your tender loving care!


Anonymous said...

Carolyn.. that pee gee hydrangea is something that I've been looking to add into my garden some day.. just a lovely showy piece yet with this heat I wonder how it'll do.

I took notes as to other plants too! As the temps drop here and more rain to arrive.. I'll get out and rearrange.

Hugs my dear


Frances said...

Carolyn, I cannot wait to get home and see what you have waiting for us. I hope you will share some of your secrets on growing your pretty flowers. Also, I tried to go back into some of your older pictures, but they will not show up. I hope you can bring them back to us. Thanks for taking the time to share your garden and home.

Sage said...

Your gardens and your pictures are just beautiful.It gave me goosebumps;I love Fall; it seems eveything reaches a glorious peak before winter snow and cold comes across;thank you for sharing.

dianneseavers said...

Your garden is so very beautiful. You seem to have the perfect life in the perfect setting. I so admire you and I know it takes a lot of work and talent to achieve all that you have.

Mrs. G said...

Wow, I came by from Google Images to ask if you minded if I used your Award and Tag Free button on my blog and am overwhelmed by the beauty of your garden. It is so gorgeous, I must go back and check it out more.
Anyway, would you mind if I borrow your button?
Thanks in advance,