Sunday, September 21, 2014

Welcome Autumn

                               It is time to welcome autumn and although I  hang onto summer
                              as long as I can I am ready to welcome autumn in all it's glory.
                                This old bike belonged to my Dad. He rescued it from going to
                                the dump many years ago and used to ride around town on it.
                                  It is 19 years since my Dad passed away and I was thinking
                              how much he would have enjoyed the 70 mile yard sale as I think
                             I inherited my love of junk/treasure hunting from him. Dad also,loved
                             gardening and got me started over 20 years ago with some of his
                             plants. I wish I could walk around our garden with him now...I
                             know he would be proud to see how well those plants are doing!

                                                           Autumn colors.

                                                   A cosy spot to enjoy a book and a
                                                   cup of hot apple cider.

                                                       The knitted throw was a thrift shop find.
                      Well,as many of you know.yesterday was our 70 mile
                                yard sale day on the eastern end of the island. I had a couple of
                               tours and didn't think I could go but as luck would have it
                              one of my tours changed the time to 10:30 so we struck out at 7
                             and beat the crowds and came home with a car load of treasures!
                             I will share them later.

                                                  Wishing you all a happy fall!


Friday, September 19, 2014

Vintage Style and Garden Bouquets

                                                                     Hello everyone.

                                        We are enjoying these beautiful last few days of summer here.

                                        Yesterday my friend Snow and I spent a few hours
                                         giving the Gardener's Cottage a vintage makeover.
                                         Snow has a great collection of all things vintage ~
                                         so just a quick peek today at the change in here.
                                             Vintage curtains and laundry on the line.

vintage aprons
                                                   A lovely bouquet from the garden
                                                   in a beautiful pitcher and a hand
                                                   embroidered tablecloth.
                                          The beautiful hand painted box is a
                                          treasured gift from a blog friend
                                          several years a go.

                                                 Love this little vintage pink alarm clock.

                                                           Bouquets and an April Cornell tablecloth
                                                          give a pretty late summer look.

                                            I have a few tours coming again this weekend.

                                            By the way,this weekend is the 70 mile
                                            yard sale.......I can't go until late in the
                                            day so if you go be sure to leave some
                                           pretty old dishes and linens for me!!!
                                       Enjoy a cup of tea before you go.

                                                I hope you have a wonderful