Monday, August 23, 2021

Yellow Garden Roses

Happy Monday!

I hope you are enjoying the
start of a new week as August
is quickly slipping away.

I love these David Austen English
roses as well as this pretty teacup.
The teacup is Rose Cameo Peach
by Royal Albert.

Still picking fresh blueberries
from our garden.
I enjoyed them in my breakfast
smoothie this morning.

Golden Celebration Rose is pretty
hardy in our zone 5b garden.

                           Well, I am supposed to be out deadheading
                                     in our garden so I better get back to work!

                                                       Thank you for visiting,


Friday, August 20, 2021

Seaside Blue & White Tea

Hello everyone,

We are enjoying these beautiful
summer days here on the Island.

    It has been hot so the ocean breezes
are just what we need to stay cool.

I decided to have our tea today
by the water so we can
enjoy the view as well
as the breeze.

I am using blue & white
as my tea theme for today.

I love these Spode teacups.

This has been a great year for
blue hydrangeas but as much
as I love them I haven't had
a lot of blooms on mine so
I am a little envious of the
many shrubs that I see on
our drives in other peoples
gardens .

Anyway, I decided to make the
best of it by making a small
bouquet and photographing
them 100 different ways to
enjoy them all season!

We are enjoying the blueberries
from our highbush blueberry
bushes in our garden.

You can pick your favorite teacup.

I made a batch of blueberry scones 
for us to enjoy with our tea today. 

I hope you enjoyed our
seaside tea today.

Thank you for visiting,


Thursday, August 12, 2021

A Summer Garden Tea

Hello everyone,

It has been hot here lately so it is
a good time to enjoy tea in the garden,
especially in a  nice shady spot.

So today we are enjoying our
afternoon tea in our garden
terrace. The terrace is covered
with virginia creeper which
makes it shady and cooler.

Shades of pink for our
tea today.

A pretty pink quilt covers the
table and of course I picked
some flowers from the garden
for bouquets.

I love these garden chairs that I
bought at Winner's several years

I almost forgot we to bring out
some sweet treats for our tea.

                                                               I hope you are enjoying your summer.

                                                                    Thank you for joining me for tea
                                                                    in the garden today.



Thursday, August 5, 2021

Beauty in the Garden

Hello  everyone,

  It has been awhile since I posted and summer
here is passing by quickly.
The garden has been doing well and  it has
lots of color right now.

The phlox is blooming now and I have
many varieties in all different colors.

The annebelle hydrangeas are blooming now
as well and over the years I have divided and
moved them around the can
never have too many hydrangeas!

The daylilies are still blooming,adding
lots of color.

Clematis on the arbor that my
husband built.

    Sunshine and pretty!

Audrey is watching over
the garden.

A good place to sit and
relax for a bit.

The allee garden arbor is covered with
a grapevine and a clematis. It looks a bit
wild but I love an overgrown look.

I hope you are enjoying some beautiful
summer days  wherever you are!

Take care,