Sunday, April 25, 2021

June Garden Beauty ~ Last year

    Hello everyone, 

We had a beautiful sunny warm day
here today and the garden is realyy
jumping ahead.

As I was looking at my photos
of the garden from last year I
realized that I hadn't posted
thes photos of our garden
from last year of our
June garden.

June is my favorite time in the garden
as everything is so lush and green.

It is also when the peonies and
lilacs bloom....two of my favorites.

Peonies,hostas, geraniums,
lupins and lilacs.

I love peonies in all colors.

William Baffin is a hardy climber
for our winters.

Sarah Bernhardt peony

We have over 100 peonies spread
out over our garden mixed in
with other perennials.

I love peonies,roses and
lilacs all together.

more peonies

We have spent several hours a day
in the garden this past couple
of weeks and still have several
beds to clean up but we have
our eye on the big picture
and can see the beauty to
come. When the beds fill in
there will be less work to do
and lots of beauty to enjoy.

To Debbie R who asked for a tip
on starting a garden, it all starts
with good soil. We have enriched
our soil with mushroom compost
several times over the years.
Next tip would be the right plant
in the right place, so make sure
you read your tags ....sun
or shade, dry or wetter conditions

Have you all watched the show GardenAnswer
....there is lots of knowledge to be had
from watching it. I watch it on youtube.

I also watch English garden shows
whenever possible as I am a big
fan of their style. I love to get
inspired by beautiful gardens.

As we clean up each bed I
often end up dividing and
moving things around
hoping to make little
improvements as we go.

So far,it has been an earlier spring
then usual and rain is predicted
for a couple of days so things
will really take off!

Thank you for your visit!


Thursday, April 22, 2021

Hello everyone,

We have been busy working in our garden
and I am happy to have some early
blooms in the garden. Today, I picked
my first bouquet, daffodils and hyacinth.

Anyway, today I wanted to tell you about
a beautiful new book available to order.

I have been following Erin Benzakein on Instagram
for months now and am amazed at all the
beauty she creates at Floret Farms.

This book is all about all about dahlias....
a guide to growing and arranging their
magnificent blooms.

Inside the book you will find all the info you
need to grow beautiful dahlias along with 
beautiful images of  so many varieties.

I love that there is a variety finder at the back
that showcases all the dahlias by color
with the variety name and a little
description of them.

 I love the beautiful photography all
through the book. 


Enjoying my tea break with
a good book.

I was delighted when I was given a copy to
share with you as I know that, you too will
enjoy the beauty and info in this
beautiful book.

Floret Farm's
Discovering Dahlias is
available at Amazon as 
well many bookstores etc.

Check out more beautiful
photos on Erin's Instagram
to be convinced that
you will truly enjoy this
lovely and informative book.

I think I need to go out and buy
some dahlias now! I remember
my Dad planted mainly yellow
ones, back in the day when he
enjoyed gardening.
There are so many more beautiful
varieties as this book will
show you, than when my Dad
was a gardener.

In my next post I am sharing
some June photos of our garden
that I took last year but didn't get
around to posting them. Summers
go by so quickly!

Thank you for visiting,


Monday, April 19, 2021

A Tale of Two Cottages Part Two


      Hello everyone,

             I hope you  had a lovely weekend.

              Today, I am sharing Eventide Cottage the 
          little cottage next door to ours that my
             daughter and family bought the year after 
we bought ours.

          It had been empty for several years and 
it needed a lot of work to make it
    the charming little cottage it is now.

You can relax on the new deck
and enjoy the beautiful
view that is always changing
as the tide comes in and out.

Lots of white paint was
used here as well.

A new deck and several new window as 
well as the garden doors were added.

So nice to see it opened up.

Sailboats going by on beautiful
summer days.

                                            Low tide at our cottages......across the
                                            Strait you can see St. Peter's Island in
                                            the distance.

My husband and I enjoy long walks on the
beach at low tide . I love finding sea glass
to add to my collection.

You can admire the view from inside too.

A small bathroom with a washer and
an outdoor clothesline for drying your
laundry in the fresh sea air.

The small bedroom has a sliding
barn door and two big windows.

This little corner outside the
kitchen has a breakfast bar


The antique cupboard was a new
addition here last year.

Another new addition is an outdoor shower
for those sandy beach toes or to 
enjoy the stars while showering
on warm summer nights.

The main bedroom....there is another
small bedroom with bunkbeds as well.

Apple blossom time is so pretty

They put new cupboards in the kitchen
and painted them white.

On the other side of the kitchen is the
full size frig and stove with a pantry

Lots of improvements as you can see

As a gardener I love that there are lots of
trees and flowers to enjoy as well.

Eventide will be available for rent for part
of the season this summer......hoping the
covid situation is under control and any
of you that are interested can come
to visit Prince Edward Island this year.

There are more details on my right sidebar
if any of you are interested as well as my
email address.

Thank you for your lovely comments
on Part one of A Tale of Two Cottages.

Maybe I will see you here this summer!

Take care,


Saturday, April 17, 2021

Spring Tea

Happy weekend!

With the arrival of spring here,
we have spent several happy hours
in the garden.

We had some lovely sunny warm days
last week so we took full advantage
of it to clean up the garden .Today,
however it is cool and even a few snow
flurries. So it is a good day to catch up
here on my blog. I know I promised to
do the second part on A Tale of Two
Cottages but other things got in the way
so that will come next 

This time of year I enjoy having
my tea breaks in the sunroom.

It is nice to use pretty china.

Spring tulips and pretty china
lift the spirits!

A chocolate cupcake for a treat.

Just a quick pop in for today, but
I am getting  my next post ready
now too.....the benefit of
a rainy/ snowy day!

Next week there are warmer days
coming so it will back to the garden
for us. It is so nice to have the garden
centres opening up again and to see all
the birds busy in the garden building
their nests and of course the return of
the garden as so many perennials are
popping up and a few  spring bulbs are
starting to bloom!

I hope you have a great weekend,