Monday, March 29, 2021

A Tale of Two Cottages ~ Ocean Song Cottage

Hello everyone,

    I hope you had a great weekend.
We have had a lot of rain here lately.

     With the arrival of spring I look forward
    enjoying our little Ocean Song Cottage
once again.

     As some of you know a few years ago
we fell in love with the possibilities of
this little seaside cottage.
So after we bought it we set
about putting our mark on it.

A June view with the lupins blooming
on the lane down to Ocean Song Cottage.

We made sure we always had time
to relax and enjoy the view!

This little nook used to be an open
porch but my husband and son
enclosed it so we have a cosy
nook with a view and the sound
of the waves.

Tea time with a view.

Our grandchildren enjoy the

We added to shingles that will age
to grey.

A new floor and a lot of
white paint gave it a 
summery beach look.

A friend of my daughter's gave us this island
and some pantry cupboards which we
painted white and I think they are
the perfect addiction. The island even
came with a propane stovetop.

A hammock for relaxing on those beautiful
Island summer days.

We painted the cupboards and added
some to them with a new countertop.

We bought an old antique cast
iron tub after we enlarged the
bathroom. I enjoy the view of
the sea even from here.

The inside of the boathouse got a couple
of coats fo white paint and a couple of
sleigh beds in the front and a cosy
little single bed in back as well.

Oue son and granddaughter enjoying
some time on the beach.

The back room of the bunkie.
We put in the long window to
give more light. It was a french
door in a previous life.

The nook again.

Another shot of the bathroom

Our cottage has an open plan as 
we removed a couple of walls
so we could enjoy the view
from all sides from here.

We built on a good sized deck
so we could enjoy our meals out
here and or just relax.

A winter view...we can't stay
here in winter but we do enjoy
visiting for a couple of hours on
sunny days.

We enjoy watching the sailboats going by.

I love moonlit nights here with
the moon sparkling on the water.

New linens for a change.

I am not sure which I am looking
forward to the most ~ cottage
season or garden season!

When we bought our cottage there
was an old vacant cottage next door
      that went up for sale the following year
        so our daughter and her family bought it
and gave it a lovely makeover so if
you come back later this week
I will share the story of Eventide
Cottage with you.

Have a beautiful day!

Take care,

Friday, March 26, 2021

Welcome Spring!

Hello everyone,

I am happy to see the arrival of
spring here. We have had lovely
sunny mild weather here all week.
Today, however we are getting a lot
of rain.

I am sharing today some cheerful photos
that I took in previous years that bring
a smile to my face.

Love these garden tulips and daffodils.....
can't wait until they bloom again.

 Daffodils and coffee cake.

A Spring tea


Spring in the garden


Appleblossom time.

Love lupin season 

This is making me hungry.

Time to relax by the pond?

I do love lilac season!

I am so looking forward to
color in the garden again.

Happy Spring!

Thanks for visiting me today
and take care,


Friday, March 12, 2021

Hello everyone,

   I hope you have had a good week.
We had a beautiful spring like day
here today and my little snowdrops
came back out from the snow in
bloom,,,,always love a little hint
of good things to come in the garden.
The above photo of our Gardener;s Cottage
was taken a few years ago on a winter day.

A blog reader asked me to share some shots of
our little cottage so I gathered up some to share.
Thank you Sandy for your interest.

It is just a small one room cottage that we built
about 20 years ago.

A summer view

Over the years it has had
different looks .

Christmas in the cottage

Pretty in pink

Blue and white is a favorite

The other side of the cottage
by the garden doors.

The little enclosed garden at the south
of the cottage by the garden doors.

                                                          Same garden but ready for lunch.

Well, that gives you a little peek into
our Gardener's Cottage over
the season's.

Thank you for your visit and
have a great weekend!