Saturday, May 29, 2021

Spring Color in our Garden

Hello everyone,

It has been awhile since  I posted as spring
is such a busy time here in the garden.

The garden is coming along well and ai
feel we are a little ahead of  some years

Our daffodils will soon be past and
our tulips are are in full bloom.

The lilacs have lots of blooms on them
this year and will soon bloom.

I love this time of year with new leaves
on the trees and lush green grass along
with colorful bulbs in bloom etc.

These photos were taken almost two
weeks ago and already the garden
has changed .

I hope you are enjoying your spring.

I am sorry that I have been so lax here
on my blog but time is flying by .....
I will pop in when I can spare the
time and I am sure you are
busy too!

Thanks for visiting,

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Happy May Day and Pond Reflections

Happy May Day!

Wow! can you believe it is already
The garden is definitely coming to
life and all our daffodils are starting
to bloom along with other early
spring bulbs like hyacinths etc.
Our white star magnolia is also
starting to bloom . So,our
spring garden show is beginning.

We have put in lots of hours in
the garden and will soon have
most of the beds cleaned up
and I have moved a few
plants around.

How about you are you busy
in your garden too?

I am sharing a few different
shots that I took of our pond
over the past few years.

A misty morning shot.

A good place to relax and enjoy the beauty
of nature.

Pond reflections

I love the spring beauty as the
serviceberries and crabapple trees
bloom around the pond.

                                                   I enjoy reading a book
                                                   on the dock .

And watching the Canada geese with their
young is always relaxing.

I am looking forward to lupin season again.

Even in early winter I love
to walk around the pond and enjoy
some reflection.

                                                 Hope you have a wonderful
                                                 weekend! I am hoping to get
                                                 to a couple of garden centres 
                                                 today to see what is new and

                                                          Thank you for visiting!