Saturday, February 13, 2021

Happy Valentine's Day Tea

  Happy Valentine's Day!

          On this beautiful sunny winter day, I
     thought I would do a pretty pink 
       Valentine's Day tea just for you my
lovely friends.

Of course, I am using my favorite
pink flowered teapot with
the matching heart shaped
plate with sugar cookies.

Another pretty pink heart shaped
plate . I seem to have collected
lots of pink over the years.

                                              Soft pink teacup and saucer.

I have a quite a few of these
pretty pink vintage  plates.

The table is set and the tea is steeping
so help yourself and linger awhile.

Hope you enjoyed  and thank you
for visiting and to all who leave
sweet comments.

Happy Valentine's Day!

With love,


Friday, February 12, 2021

Happy Valentine's Day !

Hello everyone,

Since Valentine's Day is this weekend
I thought I would share a few romantic
teas with you today.

A big bouquet of peonies
and some pretty romantic

As many of you know I love
dainty vintage tea cups.

More peonies to enjoy
with tea.

I have been enjoying simple homemade
lattes lately in a pretty mug.

Local Vanco tulips are available
in the stores again so I picked
up some pretty ones for my
tea today.

Soft and romantic

My Florence teapot and
cups and saucers is ready
to be served.

A mix and match of pinks.

I love this mix of antique
and new in shades of pink.

Soft pink and aqua are
always pretty.

Now it is time for some lace.

And of course we need some sweet

So, our romantic table is set by the window
so we can enjoy the view of our
winter garden.

I hope you have a wonderful
Valentine's Day weekend!


Wednesday, February 10, 2021

A Cosy Winter Day Tea

                                                            Hello everyone,

                                          It seems winter has arrived here on
                                          PEI as we had a snowstorm on Monday
                                          and it has been colder since then. We are
                                          enjoying some sunshine though so that 
                                          makes it all so much better.

After our walk in the fresh air it
is nice to warm up by the fireside
with a cup of hot tea.

Cosy winter blues

I made some sugar cookies for a treat.

Blue and white teacups are
pretty anytime of the year.

Biscuits and tea

Cosy up

     We did get about a foot of snow giving
            us a good ground cover for outdoor sports.

        Hope you are enjoying your day!

Take care,

Sunday, February 7, 2021

A Winter Day's Drive

Hello everyone,

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday.

We are expecting a storm tonight you
we shall see what the landscape looks
like tomorrow..

We went for a winter drive on Friday
because we had a gentle snowfall the
night before and everything just looked
so pretty!

I took the shot above just before we
left and the sun had not popped out yet.

We drove through mainly rural ares.
I love a red barn in snow and the
miniature ponies were a bous.

We stopped in New Glasglow
to enjoy the River Clyde.
Usually, it would be froze
over at this time of the year
but we have had a mild winter
so far.

A pretty yellow bench to sit
and enjoy the view.

The garden here is beautiful in
summer as well.

Country views

As we continued on to North
Rustico we parked the car
and went for a lovely
walk on the beach.
Yes, you can enjoy the
beach even in winter,
you just need to bundle up!

I think these were my favorite shots
of the day!

I hope you enjoyed coming along
with me today and I hope
you have a good week.

Take care,

Friday, February 5, 2021

Romantic Teas

Hello everyone,

It is a beautiful winter morning
here with a fresh coat of  white
snow clinging to the trees,
shrubs and arbors etc.

Since this is the romantic month
of February I am sharing some
of my romantic teas today.

                                               I love this teapot that I always
                                               share around Valentine's Day
                                               as it was a special gift from my
                                               husband on Valentine's Day
                                               several years ago. 

                                            These beautiful tulips add beauty
                                             to my tea time.

This teapot was a yardsale find and
the beautiful peonies are from our

My cosy  corner in our

Soft and sweet

Hope you are enjoying some
romantic afternoon teas this
month .
I am off for a winter's day
drive to capture some of
the beauty of winter.

Thank you for visiting,