Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Summer Boathouse Favorites

   Hello everyone,

   I hope your week  is going well.
 We are enjoying beautiful sunny
      days here with some cooler nights.

      I have been asked  some questions
about our little boathouse lately so
I thought it was time to do a post on
some of my favorite photos of it and
give you an overview of it.

Our Boathouse was built by my husband
    and son about 6 years ago and since neither
of them are carpenters ,I for one am pretty
    impressed with how well they did. Over the
years I think most who have seen it have
fallen in love with it too.

This is the view from across our pond.

This is another angle of the Boathouse so you can
see the bumped out  windowseat and the little
conservatory on the back.
We have used recycled materials as much as we could.
The conservatory was built with old wooden french doors
and an old window on this end that opens in for fresh air.
On the roof  there is an old patio door  for a skylight.
I am not sure of the exact measurements of  our Boathouse
but  the  main area is aprox. 13 ft  by  20 ft. and the conservatory
is aprox 10ft by 4 ft. The roof was built with a higher pitch
to allow for the loft.

First we will check out the covered porch.

It is a perfect place for afternoon tea.

I collected some old doors and windows
from the Restore and  Coulson's.
The door was an old church door.

I loved these old windows that I  bought
from the Restore before our Boathouse was
even a dream but I knew we would use them
some day.I love the peak over them .
I have been asked for the plans we used
but we just picked up an idea here and
there and designed it from there.

                                                               As you come inside the conservatory
                                                               is straight ahead. The french doors inside
                                                               were a perfect find as they are smaller and have
                                                               etched glass which you can't see from my photo.
                                                               They were white but I painted them green.

The big  mirrored shelf over the door
was from a local auction sale.
The conservatory has had different looks
depending on the season...... a garden theme

Lunch in the conservatory with a 
victorian theme.

The nook is one of my favorite spots.....
perfect for reading a book and watching
the wildlife around the pond.

There is a little loft  for the grandchildren.
An old ladder  that was my husbands grandfathers
is used to climb up there.

The loft
Another nook view.

I bought this antique iron bed at the 70 mile yardsale
for  $15.......my favorite treasure of the day.
I am looking forward to going  again this September.

Almost everything in the Boathouse
is from yardsales or thrift shops.....
I do love a good treasure hunt!
The wooden bucket got a coat
of soft aqua green paint and some
beautiful garden peonies.
One of my favorite afternoon teas.

The chairs were given to me and I slipcovered them.....the
toile was a thrift store find and the other one I made
from an old bedspread.
The mantel was from a yardsale and the electric fireplace
insert was from the restore.
The mirror, cupboard and tables were also yardsale

     A vintage quilt and linens on the old ladder.

                                         I enjoy changing the look  with different
                                                    quilts, bedspreads from time to time.
                                                    Now, I have this vintage pale pink popcorn
                                                    bedspread on the bed but who knows what
                                                    it will be next week!

                                                              The Boathouse was shingled with cedar shingles
                                                               even the roof. I have no idea how they were
                                                                able to do the little windowed gable on the
                                                                roof but I think it adds a lot of charm.
                                                                   I think that gives a pretty good overview
                                                                of our Boathouse but if there is anything else
                                                                you would like to know just ask and no I do
                                                                not rent out my husband and son! Ha! Ha!

                                                                   To see the Boathouse White Christmas click
                                                                  here. Or for a Cosy English Country Christmas
                                                                  look go here.


                                                                         Enjoy the rest of your week!


Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Summer Time Relaxation at Ocean Song Cottage

Hello everyone,

We have had lots of beautiful sunny days
albiet some pretty hot ones.
I am thankful that we could relax  at our
little Ocean Song Cottage where there is
always a breeze off the water.
I planted a fairy tale rose  by the cottage
so I can enjoy pretty bouquets all
summer with my tea.

They are so pretty with
a nice perfume as well.

Enjoying iced tea by the roses.

Of course, my Fairy Tale roses are not
the only roses to enjoy at the cottage,
these hardy  roses bloom in abundance in
early summer and then again in September
they put on a show again.
I have planted some hardy roses at the front
of the cottage that are just getting established.

Some days it is nice to enjoy
tea indoors by the window
where we can still enjoy the

The tides are always changeing.

We enjoy relaxing at the waters edge,
just admiring the beauty.

Tea with our sweet granddaughter who turns
thirteen today.....how the time flies!

                                     The evening sky is so pretty and of course
                                                 always changeing.

                                                 We got a new countertop delivered yesterday
                                                  so hopefully by the weekend they will be installed
                                                  and our little cottage will be pretty much complete!
                                                      I will take some pics to share soon of  the changes
                                                  we have made. It hasn't all been relaxing here but
                                                  fun to make it our own little dream cottage.
                                                       Now I am off with a book to enjoy  a little
                                                  more summer relaxation!
                                                                             Thanks for visiting,

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Victorian Garden Tea Party


                                                                     Hello everyone,

                                            I hope your summer is going well......I can't believe how
                                           fast it is going.
                                                A few weeks ago I hosted a Victorian Garden Tea  for the
                                           Mikinduri Children of Hope. It was a lovely day and I met lots
                                           of nice people, both guests and volunteers in the kitchen.
                                               We set up our tables on the porches and the terrace and had
                                            a morning and afternoon seating.
                                                                          I  didn't get a chance to take a lot of
                                                                          pictures but  this table caught my eye.
                                                                           We served tea and scones with devonshire
                                                                           cream and apricot or rhurbarb preserves.

I always enjoy using my collection of
teapots and vintage teacups etc.
Small bouquets of flowers were on
each table. The deep pink rose is
Queen of Denmark and the pale
pink is a Snow Pavement rose.

                                                      I used lace tablecloths on the tables to
                                                      go along with the victorian theme.

                                                           The garden was enjoyed by all who
                                                             I am happy to have been a part of this
                                                            worthy cause and  happy as well that we raised
                                                             over $1500 for the Mikinduri Children of Hope.


                                                         Our heat wave is over and some much
                                                         needed rain is on the way today.
                                                                I will leave you with a pot of
                                                          tea to enjoy.
                                                                      Thank you for visiting!