Sunday, July 29, 2018

Summer Time Tea

Hello everyone,

Once again it has been awhile since I
posted here but  I am enjoying these
  beautiful sunny summer days we  are
having here.
            What better way to enjoy a day at the cottage
than to have a good friend for tea.

We had tea on the deck where it 
is  out of the summer sun but
catches the sea breeze and you
can hear the waves lapping on
the shore.

We had some delicious scones with
homemade jam.

Iced tea and lemon merinque pie
was a refreshing treat.

We whiled away most of the day
chatting and relaxing with our
   summer time tea and scones etc.

                                          We are still working  on our Ocean Song Cottage~
                                                      as we added the new window over the kitchen sink
                                                      this spring and shingled the outside of  it. It has been
                                                      hot the past few weeks so it is more conducive to just
                                                       enjoying the beach or sipping iced tea on the deck.
                                                     I hope you are enjoying a relaxing Sunday afternoon too!

                                                                                     Thanks for visiting,

Thursday, July 12, 2018

You're Invited to a Victorian Garden Tea Party

                                                                             Hello everyone,

                                                     Yesterday was a busy day in the garden as we
                                                      had a big bus load of gardener's from Nova Scotia
                                                      arrive in the afternoon as well as our "open garden"
                                                      visitors in the evening and a lovely couple from Montreal.
                                                       So, I had lots of fellow gardeners to chat with!
                                                            Now, I am looking forward to hosting a
                                                      Victorian Garden Tea soon......Saturday, July 21th.
                                                            There will be 2 seatings 10 to 12 am and 1:30
                                                       to 3:30. Tickets are going fast go so if you would
                                                        like to come you can buy your ticket online from
                                                        Gaylene Smith.
                                                        This is a fundraiser for Mikinduri Children of Hope
                                                         and the tickets are $25 each. I am happy to be able
                                                         to support this great cause .

There will be tea and scones with devonshire cream
and lemon curd.

                                                             You can enjoy a stroll through the garden.
                                                              You can check out the photos from my
                                                              Downton Abbey Tea a few years ago here.

Our late July garden a few years ago.

Take a tour of the Gardener's Cottage

Enjoy our little Boathouse that my husband and
son built a few years ago using recycled windows
doors etc.

The Boathouse is a favorite spot with
many of our visitors and I have enjoyed
sleeping in here on warm summer nights.

I love being able to use my rather
large collection of  pretty china.

                                             My friend Janice on our screened porch ,giving the bouquets a final
                                              tweak. I love picking bouquets for the tables
                                             from the garden .

So, if you are free and this looks like
something you would enjoy and support
a very worthy cause at the same time you
can contact Gaylene Smith  for tickets.

For more info on getting your tickets

Hope to see you soon!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Summer Garden Tour

Hello everyone,

We are enjoying some beautiful summer weather
here on the Island.
Our garden is moving right along and the peonies are
in full bloom nowas well as the roses etc.

         The view from across the pond. The lupins are
          pretty much past here now but they did put on a
lovely show for a few weeks.
My husband built the arbor a few years ago.

The view from the screened porch

                                                        Just a reminder that our garden is open to anyone who
                                                        would like to take a tour tomorrow  evening from 6 to 8.
                                                        You can also tour the Gardener's Cottage and our Boathouse
                                                       so come along and enjoy an evening stroll through the garden!
                                                        Our address is  # 67 Mill Rd.  Warren Grove  Please park on the
                                                        side of the road. So far  the weather looks good but if it should
                                                         rain take an umbrella and a pair of  wellies!

                                                                                Happy gardening!


Friday, July 6, 2018

Rose Garden Tea


                                                             I hope you are enjoying these summer
                                                             days. We are having some hot summer
                                                             weather here .The roses in our cottage
                                                             garden are in full bloom and their fragrance
                                                             and beauty are so delightful.



                                                      There is a long hedge of these hardy roses
                                                       that give a sense of enclosure to our little
                                                       seaside cottage.

It is the perfect spot to enjoy
our afternoon tea.

A long row of lupins are in bloom
on the other side of the cottage..

                                               The bouquet of peonies is from our garden at home
                                                          where the peonies are in full bloom..

                                                           Well, I am home now to enjoy our garden at
                                                           home and do some garden chores .

                                                               Just a reminder that we have an "open garden"
                                                           here in Warren Grove this Wednesday evening
                                                           from 6 to 8 pm....rain or shine and all are welcome
                                                           to come and tour the garden and the Gardener's Cottage
                                                           as well as the Boathouse.

                                                                                      Have a wonderful weekend!