Thursday, August 30, 2012

Touring the Late August Garden

                                                       Hello everyone,
                      It is a nice day for a garden tour so let's go shall we!
                            This is my favorite part of the garden right now. It is the Allee garden leading to the pond.
           This part of the garden is a new extension last fall. It filled in quickly as we divided heathly sized clumps of perennials from other parts of the garden for the most part. The hollyhocks I started from seed and they have done well considering the dry summer.
                 We have so many varieties of phlox in the garden that put on a good show in August.
  This shrub Clethra not only looks pretty but has a wonderful fragrance too.

                                               Martha's Garden (above& below)

  The Allee garden again
  Out by the road.
  You can see this is my fav,right now.
                             The virginia creeper covering the arbor going to the front door.
  A different angle of the new extenion.
                        Russian Sage with Julia Child rose on hillside garden.

                             Cosmos make a cheerful filler in the new border.

                              Coneflowers on hillside.
                                        A view of our Chelsea garden
The Gardener's Cottage

Now you might want to go inside and dream for awhile of sunny summer days.

 Thank you for taking the tour with me,now we are off the have dinner with friends.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Porch Vignette

                                                      Hello everyone,,

        Today we are getting a little taste of Fall which is nice for getting some badly needed garden chores done. Now that I have given you our local weather report again we can move on.
                               I took a few shots of this vignette in the porch(entryway). Did you notice the shabby chic braided rug on the floor- a $2. thrift find. I love the colors in it.
               I always love to watch lace curtains blowing gently in the breeze in the porch.

            Some old tea cups.
       There is something so fresh about blue and white. Annebelle hydrangeas sitting on the windowsill in a pretty blue and white vase.
And of course a collage to finish off.

Thank you for your visit,

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Summer Garden Tea

Hello everyone,
I thought we should have tea in the garden again while the weather is still warm enough. I choose this shady spot in the garden under the trees by the hostas and annebelle hydrangeas.

           The blue and white gingham tablecloth looks pretty with the china.
 This is a Skye McGhie pattern called Rose Brocade.

                  I picked up three of these teacups at a second hand store for $2.
                                       A bouquet of flowers from the garden.

   The Rose Bouquet teapot.

   I hope we can squeeze in a few more summer garden teas before moving onto Fall.

           I am joining Rose Chintz Cottage today for Tea Time Tuesday and Bernideen's Tea Time Blog for Tea in the Garden.

          Enjoy your day!


Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Beautiful Day at the Beach

                                                     Hello everyone,
                    It was a beautiful beach day again yesterday so my husband and I headed to the beach later in the afternoon. After enjoying reading for awhile, listening to the waves coming to shore we went to Richards in Covehead for Fish and Chips as someone told me they had the best on the Island-try them you won't be disappointed!
  Andrew took a few creative shots with my camera while we were at the beach. Covehead Lighthouse is in the background.

  We watched a beautiful sunset.


                                Softly the evening came/ with the sunset/.
                                                                                 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

 After a lovely day at the beach -a stop for icecream and I was "good to go"!

  I am joining The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sundays.

Thank you for visiting,


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Shades of Pink

                                                            Hello everyone,

                   I hope you are enjoying your weekend. We had a beautiful sunny day here so we went to the beach and watched the sunset, It is supposed to be sunny and hot again tomorrow-such lovely summer weather we are having.
    Anyway, I have an assortment of pretty pinks for Pink Saturday.

 The photos above were taken in our Gardener's Cottage when it had pink touches added to it last year.
                      Pretty pink china.
                              Shades of pink flowers in a bouquet.
                                      more china and flowers.

                  Two little cousins enjoying tea.
                                   Pink hydrangea

                                        Pale pink geranium
                                          Pink depression glass

                                     Another pink tea cup

                    Beautiful Mary Rose
                               Vintage linens

Well, that is all for today-enjoy the rest of your weekend.

      I am joining How Sweet the Sound for Pink Saturday today.

 Take care,