Monday, October 29, 2012

Sunny Autumn Respite


                         Come on into our garden and enjoy a quiet respite on this warm  sunny afternoon.

                  I have a comfortable chair for you with a cup of hot organic apple cider. Relax and enjoy a peek through a nice magazine or just enjoy the beauty of the falling leaves.

                  An old birdhouse on the post that a squirrel has taken up residence.

                                               Autumn garden scenes this past week.

   Hope you  enjoyed a quiet autumn respite among the beauty of nature.

Today, I am joining Rose Chintz Cottage for Tea Time Tuesday and A Delightsome Life for A Return to Loveliness.

  I pray for safety of all in the path of Hurricane Sandy and for those who have already suffered loss and devastation. My heart goes out to all of you.

Take care,


  1. Such loveliness! Your photography skills are astounding, as well!

    Hoping you are well...


  2. Carolyn. Simply just beautiful. I feel very relaxed just looking at it..Happy Monday..Judy

  3. Ciao, sono Stefania, questi colori sono meravigliosi, sembra un posto forse lo è...
    Buona serata

  4. It's so beautiful in your gardens in fall. I think it might be my favourite season there because of the warm colours. I see the squirrel chewed around the hole into his new house so he could fit inside. :) Have you picked up the new Christmas Cottage issue? I got mine a week ago. Pamela

  5. Carolyn, lovely pictures again and such rich color. I love your autumn scene. It seems like you were just readying your garden for the spring and summer. Time is flying by!

  6. What a a beautiful serene place to take up a cup of tea! May I ask about your mums- do you buy these beautiful pots like this or grow them? I would love to have beautiful full pots of mums like this without spending the fortune to buy them each year.

    bee blessed

  7. Carolyn:
    Truly a place of calm and serenity with the storm brewing all around us! love and light Anna

  8. These pictures are simply stunning! So lovely atmosphere you have created <3 Your are truly a master to decorate:) I love it!
    The birdhouse is so sweet <3 <3
    Have a blessed week. Hugs from Norway.

  9. Carolyn, your pictures are just lovely. I really like the first one with your father's bicycle in it. The colours are just stunning! Sweet birdhouse too. Hot apple cider sounds really good about now. Thank you for joining me for tea and I hope Sandy doesn't do any damage to your lovely property.


  10. Such a pretty, welcoming gate. Your tea settings are always so sweet. The colours today are beautiful.

  11. Lovely images, Carolyn. So relaxing. And the hot cider? Delish! Thanks.

    So far so good in Western Massachusetts. Lots of wind and rain but we are safe and hunkered down for the night. Hoping for the best. Susan

  12. The photos are fantastic. that nice place!

  13. Your gardens still look good Carolyn, the gate is charming.

  14. Carolyn, this is just such a dreamy setting. The colors of nature are stunning. Your photos are just spectacular as always.. Thank you for sharing such beauty with us.

  15. Love, Love, Love this, Carolyn! Did I make myself clear? I said, "LOVE THIS!" Hehe What else can I say? LOVE. That's all.
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  16. So beautiful and relaxing. I always enjoy spending time in your lovely yard.

  17. So beautiful and colourful in autumn, you have a lovely garden. Best Wishes Karen.

  18. I should like to sit over there in that chair at the gate with hot apple cider looking around me and enjoy the lovely autumn colours, and than I should forget the beautiful autumn cottage magazine but keep that to read at the fire in the evening.
    What a beautiful garden!

  19. Lovely... and such a nice relaxing place! Have a nice day, greetings Diana

  20. hello,
    toujours aussi beau
    et plein de couleurs
    les petits nichoirs sont sympas
    bonne journée

  21. You have had a great autumn up north my dear.. just stunning colors and weather.

    After this storm finally passes (working on day 5 here) most of the just turning leaves will have been blown away. So let me sit back and enjoy your views instead.

    warm hugs,

    Cotton Peony

  22. Beautiful! Love the garden gate and the wreath. What a wonderful, sunny spot to have tea or apple cider! Happy Tea Day!

  23. This is just beautiful! The essence of a beautiful Autumn Day!~Hugs, Patti

  24. wish to be there!
    we had alady the first snow here. so please enjoy the beautiful automn for me too.
    grüess Pascale

  25. Truly lovely!

    I pinned your top photo. Such beauty!

    :) Hope

  26. Mi unisco anche io al pensiero dell'uragano!!
    Complimenti per le tue foto e grazie per questa ospitalità,è sempre un piacere passare da te!!
    Un abbraccio con il cuore!!

  27. Postcard perfect!!
    It's so messy here after the storm, this was a delight to look at!

  28. Hi, Carolyn,
    Your pictures are so beautiful.
    Can you please tell me the info on the book you are showing, author or ISBN#. I tried to look it up under "Autumn Cottage", but came up with nothing.
    Thank you.

  29. This speaks serenity. Love the beautiful fence and the Adirondack chair with the mums - beautiful autumn colors - Autumn definitely looks beautiful in your garden. I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  30. I've told you so many times but...let me tell you once again:
    your home, garden, cottage look like if they came out of a fairy tale. It is always a pleasure to visit you.


  31. Oh, I think this is fall perfection! Every details is just amazing. LOVE the leaves and mums and pumpkins and throw and wreath and bicycle... fall perfection!

  32. Beautiful! As always, you have featured a vignette that has captured the peace and serenity of the season. I continue to admire that wood chair with the big round back, and found myself drawn to the throw. It looks like it's knitted from Lion Brand Homespun (my favorite for chunky rich-colored afghans, shawls, etc.). But I haven't used that colorway yet. Hmmmmmm......

  33. Stunning !!!
    Oh my goodness Carolyn, your place is just beautiful in autumn too...I would love to join you right in that chair by that gorgeous fence with a hot cup of cider!
    It would be splendid sitting there with you xo

    Deborah xoxoxo

  34. Absolutely beautiful, and I think that top magazine was the best they have published in years. I have looked at it time and again.
    Thank you for the nice cup of tea and a little R&R...I was in great need of that :^)
    Blessings to you,

  35. How absolutely gorgeous! I really love that wreath on the gate and the hot apple cider sounds just right for an autumn day.

  36. Hi Carolyn,

    You have captured the warmth of autumn very nice. Lovely photos as always! We have had frost several days now and a very chilly air, making the trees bare leaving sticky brown leafs in piles on the ground. It even snowed one day last week. Winter is coming.

    I want to congratulate you on being featured in Franciska´s Christmas book. It looks wonderful. I think I have to order a copy.

    Have a nice day,

  37. Your photos look like magazine covers!!! Beautiful warm colors, stunning photography and such a relaxing cozy place!

  38. Carolyn, the last some nights I was on your blog. Your pictures and comments are so wonderful and you are the fantastic lady.
    Lubica from Slovakia

  39. I have been enjoying your garden's so much this summer. And now I have a question. Do you plant bulbs every fall? Can you tell us about your fall plantings?
    Thanks for your lovely blog. I enjoy it for inspiration and relaxation.

  40. What a lovely spot! I am envious, but in a happy way +: )

  41. Complimenti per il blog è meraviglioso...fa sognare!Baci

  42. Such a beautiful spot...To sit and just be....Thankyou Dear Lady for such beautiful inspiration...Blessings


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