Monday, January 31, 2011

Mosaic Monday

 Hello everyone,
       It is a beautiful sunny cold winter day here on the Island but can you believe January is over already. The sun will feel stronger soon and the days are already noticeably longer so spring will be here before we know it! I am starting to go through my garden photos with pen and paper nearby to write down little improvements that I want to make in the different areas of our garden. So, as I was going through the garden photos(and I have thousands of pics) I put together a few mosaics to share. Above are some peonies from the garden- I look forward to picking some bouquets of them again come June.

These were some of my favorite shots.
Although I enjoy winter it is a season I am never sorry to see it over so I can see the rebirth of our garden. There is such a thrill to seeing the first shoots poking through the ground, knowing color is about to burst to life.
I love this shade of green in the summer garden!

Well, all this talk of gardening makes me want to get some little projects done in the house so I will be ready to get out in the garden when the season arrives. When I look outside our windows though, I know I will have to be patient for awhile yet.
   I am joining Mary at the Little Red House for Mosaic Monday. There are lots of mosaics to enjoy there.

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Blast of Color!

Hello everyone,
   I just popped in to share some colorful pictures of our garden that I took mostly last summer but a few are older ones. I see from reading blogs that many of you are starved for color so I thought I would give you a little shot of color today. I am starting to get excited about the return of the garden but living in Canada I know I will have to be patient for awhile yet, but still I enjoy looking back at past summer with a cup of tea in hand.
The photo above is our allee garden path- the lovely blue is six hills giant nepeta .
The arbor that my husband built several years ago.
Graham Thomas - a beautiful David Austen English rose.
The rose blooming here is Therese Bugnet- a hardy no fuss rose.
our garden  in June.
Phlox gives a good shot of color in August and September.
Lots of color in the mid summer garden
I love these tree peony blossoms- they are the first of many peonies to bloom in our garden.
Love that first shot of color in the spring garden!
How I look forward to lilac season!
I am looking forward to picking bouquets from the garden again.
Love this Japanese peony but sorry I have forgotten the name so I call it beautiful!

How I love those big beautiful peony blossoms.
The garden in full bloom.
Miss Kim lilac standards in the foreground and a Canadian lilac behind.
Vile de Lyon clematis growing up around a birdhouse.
August has so much color in our garden.

One last blast of color for you- a beautiful bouquet!

Well, now since you probably already know I love to show off our little bit of garden paradise I am joining Hakan (who has a beautiful rose garden paradise) for Show off Saturday over at Maleviks Rosentradgard in Sweden. This is my first time entering and there is so much beauty-garden and otherwise to see.

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Pink Saturday!

Happy Pink Saturday!

        I think some of you know that I love teacups and have a pretty good assortment of them. So since it is Pink Saturday I dug out a couple of pretty pinks.

I love the sunshine that we had today after the storm yesterday, it wasn't really a blizzard type of storm like we used to get in the good old days but I know a few little ones who were happy to have a day off from school anyway!

I went up to the sunroom today and gave it a little spring color and enjoyed the warm rays of sun in there. 

I took my pretty pink and white china out of the cupboard in there and had a lovely cup of tea.
Those poor little tulips are on their last days but they are a couple of weeks old so it is time for a fresh bouquet.

I love this dainty creamer.

This hyacinth gives of such a sweet fragrance and reminds me of spring.
Don't they look pretty in this cloche?

The pink and white flowered teacup belonged to my husband's aunt. so it is a little reminder of the good times we had with her. The other teacup is one I found at a thrift shop and I love it too.

Usually I am asked about the dark pink teacup when I show it so this is the markings on the bottom.

I do love making collages- maybe you noticed!

Well Happy Pink Saturday and I hope you have enjoyed visiting other participants at How Sweet the Sound. Thank you Beverly for hosting!

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dream in Cream

Hello everyone,
   We had a stormy day here where schools and work were cancelled for most people. So we enjoyed a cozy day at home like most people.
     My theme today is creamy whites so I have some pictures that I took in our home some recently and some last year.

This amaryllis is called nymph and it is a creamy color with rose touches of  rose and green. It is a double and has a shorter stalk then many.
This is in the guest room upstairs and when I went up to take a photo of the snowy scene outside this caught my eye. I like the creamy tones of it and you can see the snow out the window.
I found the wire basket at a thrift shop and it holds some creamy facecloths and French soaps.

An older picture of the same pitcher.
Creamy white teacup .pearls and a rose.

Two creamy white pitchers from Winner's.

Little granddaughter Jessie in her cream smocked dress having a tea party.

creamy white milk.
A cream pitcher of roses

As some of you know I love birdhouses and have a pretty good collection of them.

creamy white tulips
cream beaded purse

And a dreamy creamy breakfast in the sun room.

Well , I guess that is it for me today but there is lots more to see at My Romantic Home as Cindy is hosting Show & Tell Friday again.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend,